Friday, November 16, 2012

staying fit!

it's 2 days in a row here... could i be back in blogging?! yesterday i talked a bit about diet- but i wanted to hit a little on something i think is even more important than dieting- exercise. when i was pregnant, and even before... and sadly for a year or more after- i wasn't very active. dave & i would go on walks from time to time, but nothing major. when dave suggested we do a triathlon to celebrate our 30th birthdays, i thought he was crazy- but then i started working out, and you know what? it wasn't hard- it was actually kind of... fun. now working out isn't always an adventure, but it certainly feels good most of the time, and even better- it makes it a little more satisfying when you want to indulge every now and then. i've posted before on keeping your children active- but what better example can you set for them than the example of you yourself being active. i want ian to see that i tried, and that i worked hard. i love when we pick him up from the gym nursery and he says "momma's 'esser-sizin!'" i love being that example for him! i wanted to share this infographic because i think physical activity is so important, not only for children, but adults as well... just see what only a few minutes extra a day can do for you!!  lack of proper nutrition and activity is a serious deal for people everywhere- it's really scary stuff.  so please, take a look!

Inactivity Infographic
Infographic courtesy of here!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

still strugglin' aka. worst diet ever.

i'm talkin' about mah fitness this week because that's pretty much all i thought about in august... and that's where i've skipped ahead to in my catch-ups...

if you have been reading my blog for a while, you might know that i ate myself to a 45 lb pregnancy weight gain.  not fun.  and, if you've been reading my blog for a little bit of time, you might know that i. can't. lose. that. weight.  ian is almost 3, and I still have 5-10 lbs of that weight depending on what day it is (and how much i pretended to weigh pre-baby).  here is me losing weight- i gain 5 lbs, i lose 5 lbs.  i never weight more than 143... i never weigh less than 137 (there, i said it).  frustrating.  i had been kicking ass in the gym, watching my calories consistently, and still... nothing.  i tried several different calorie intakes- 1200, 1600, 2000 (all recommended by the computer or people) and still... nothing. 

finally, i decided to have my blood work done.  maybe something crazy was going on there- i have been praying for a long time that i have a thyroid condition (not b\c i want one, b\c i want answers).  it showed up normal on the test too- and even a follow-up from my dr. with the 2nd thyroid test showed up ok as well.  boo. 

so i decided to go see a naturopath.  she is a friend of dave's parents, and they had been seeing her for a while, and i thought maybe it would work for me.  we went over my blood work, lifestyle, etc to see what i needed- and that was a whole bunch of vitamins.  low iron, low this, low that.  it's a wonder i was still alive... ;)  plus, i couldn't lose weight.  yikes.  so i got my recommendations and here is what it looked like...

welcome to vitamin world.  in  my kitchen.  5 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon.  plus my other recommendations:

breakfast- protein shake w\ water, enough orange juice to take vitamins.
lunch-  protein shake w\ water, afternoon vitamins, celery with peanut butter
dinner- meat (preferably red for the iron), veggies.

i was allowed to have 1 piece of dark chocolate a day and beef or turkey jerky as a snack.  no pasta, no rice, no beans, no fruit, no dairy.  i also needed to drink half my weight in water per day.

for 4-6 weeks.  yikes!

i actually stuck to this for the first 4 weeks easily.  my weight still went up and down, but it did get lower than before- and i even lost a couple of inches.  around the 5th or 6th week, we modified my diet to complete my triathlon... and once i got real food back into my system- it was all over.  I actually somewhat stuck to it for the next 2-3 weeks, but still not as good as I was doing before.  Just like usual though- I wasn't losing, but i wasn't gaining. 

plus, when you eat so much of the same thing over and over- you get a little sick of it... i can't even look at red meat these days... or protein shakes for that matter- just the smell makes me gag!  ugh!

so now it's been 3 months and i'm in the same exact spot.  looks like i'm doomed to carry an extra 10 lbs for the time being.  for now i'm going to just go back to my regular healthy eating patterns and working out...

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