Wednesday, July 24, 2013

baby #2 week 35- the end is not near, it's here (apparently)

so i have taken a 5 week hiatus from blogging and you may be wondering where i've been (or not b\c probably everyone who reads this knows me).  i got a surprise during week 35- a baby.  it was insanity, and it's a story i will tell eventually, and i feel like i have so much to tell- but i'll finish off my pregnancy first...

how far along- 35 wks (june 12-june 18 (and i only made it to the 17th))

due date- july 20th, or if you're me and my phone- july 17th- either way, i was 4-5 weeks early, and for hospital purposes, my due date was july 20th.
weight gain- i never made it to my appointment on the 18th- but when i weighed myself saturday 6/15 i was up 55 lbs- so i had gained about 15 lbs in the last week or so... i should have KNOWN something was up.
symptoms- same.  acid reflux, heartburn, swollen feet, ankles and calves, tummy issues, terrible snoring and feeling like i can't breathe.  contractions.  i'll get to the rest in another post
cravings- nothing really
aversions- n/a
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  my feet. sleep.  my husband
sleep-  not sleeping well.  plus dave was out of town and we were staying with his parents. 
innie or outie-  still depends on the time of day! 
movement- lots of movement.  lots of low movement. 
doctor's visits- never made it
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  nothing yet.
braxton hicks-  yes, still...
gym-  never made it to the gym b\c it was just me and ian.
what's next-  dave was out of town wed-friday and we were  preparing for a nice birthday weekend.  i watched my nephews on wednesday and took ian to a museum on friday with my nephews, sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  when dave got back friday i went to dinner with friends- and that night was pretty much the beginning of the end of my pregnancy. 

so there's the last week of my pregnancy... how it all went down... still to come

dress:  old navy maternity
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