Wednesday, May 26, 2010


my mom, dad and brother are driving up from georgia as we speak.



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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

week 17/18

so this is about ian's 17th week (may 12-18) and the terror we experienced so far in week 18 (19th-21st) (actually, as i am coming back to finish this post it's already may 25th).  i think at this point i will just make my weekly updates monthly updates unless there is any real news to report!

week 17 was awesome.  ian really got into talking this week.  and i mean really.  he makes the sweetest noises ever- lots of sighs and coos- i obviously can't put them into words.  and of course, he's so sporadic with it, it would be impossible to catch it on film.  he also does this really funny heavy-breathing-type talk (dave and i call it ian's version of "whispering"), so we usually say he's telling secrets when that begins.  we took ian on a trip to milwaukee as well- he did really well, per usual.  it was nice to have a day away from everything here!

monday was a day i dreaded- more vaccinations!  ian had 3 more shots at his 4 month check up.  he also weighed in at 12 lbs 8 oz (down to the 10-25th%) and is up to 25" (down to just the 50th%).  the shots went the same as last time.  silence followed by gut-wrenching screams!  i cried, again.  the rest of that day went pretty well, but the aftermath has left thousands me lying in its wake.  tuesday:  fussy, but manageable.  wednesday: fussier, but manageable.  thursday:  on the verge of a mental breakdown.  friday:  still crazy, but i'm in control.

sidebar:  first of all, i love this blog.  i know every baby is different, but they still develop for the most part on similar schedules.  she has a week by week summary of her daughter's life in relation to the babywise methods.  i will usually compare these with ian's progress, and they're pretty spot-on as far as "typical" baby behavior goes.  friday morning while ian is laying on his play mat screaming at 6:30 am, i decide to check out the weekly updates (i hadn't done this the last 2 weeks).  it's here that i learn about the wonder weeks.  i have been secretly wanting this book for a while because i want to see what it's all about, but it's almost $25- which is ridiculous.  so i decide i'll check out the local library, and sure enough they have it!  so friday turns into miracle day.  since i had been up since 6 am, i feed ian and get him straight back down for his nap.  i follow this up with breakfast, shower, dressed, bed made, diaper bag packed and everything ready to go- all before ian's next feeding.  we head to the library to check the book out and this thing is SPOT ON with ian's recent behavior.  thank you jesus!

but let's forget the low light.  here are the highlights!

ian rolled over- belly to back on wednesday, and back to belly on thursday.  according to ww- learning a new skill is what  brings baby into crankiness.  their entire world changes- therefore cranky.

we have started rice cereal with ian.  nothing fancy- i'm just putting it into a bottle.  i'm not ready to start spoon feeding, and i'm trying to stick as closely to ebf as i can.  his last bottle of the day is breast milk and cereal- daddy gets to get involved by feeding him, and mommy gets a little break.

we received our crib recall kit.  this was awesome b\c since ian started rolling over, he could no longer sleep in the amby.  so husband fixed the crib, and it was ready to become ian's new sleeping place!  he's been sleeping in his crib for  naps and nighttime sleep.  he's doing pretty awesome!

we started cloth diapering!!  more on this later

thanks to my friend, lyn, i have ian on a more manageable babywise schedule.  it's working out for all parties involved.  5 feedings a day and 3 naps.  thank goodness for other friends who have been there before!

we celebrated family birthday time this weekend (me, dave, april, shannon (2 of dave's 3 sisters) and father's day).  our niece annabella is growing like a weed- and much to our delight and dismay- we're going to be an aunt and uncle again!!!!!!!!  shannon is pregnant and due november 29 (btw, annie was due november 27 and born november 17- so depending on how things go- these girls could be less than a year apart)!!  we're so excited that it's not us!!!!  i think poor shannon is terrified.  annie has been a handful!

my mom dad and brother will be here thursday!!!  we're having a baby dedication for ian on sunday. 

lots of excitement in our household!

the ability to roll over brings with it a new sleeping position!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

my hiatus

i'll return very shortly.  it's been a crazy week of nearly pulling my hair out, birthday adventures and lack of air conditioning Pin It!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

coach gifts

a little while back i posted about push gifts, but you really shouldn't forget that special person in your life who brought you to the state of agonizing pain you're about to enter into- your coach.  my husband was the best coach ever.  i have to admit, i wasn't sure how he'd do, but he rose to the challenge and if it weren't for him and my l & d nurse, i probably couldn't have done it!  he was amazing.  we took a childbirth class 10 days before ian was born, and although husband was doubting its usefulness, i think in the end it really came in handy.  we learned a little bit of lamaze breathing, and once i was induced, i forgot all about it.  however, he didn't.  he remembered every step, from finding a focal point in the room to when to do the specific types of breathing (there were short, quick breaths, and slow, deep breaths).  he was also nice enough to put up with my sudden need to watch the food network once the biggest loser ended and kept it on the tv until push time (4 am).  he also helped me drag my iv stand and everything else i was attached to into the bathroom the 10 times i had to go, and when i thought my water broke, he called the nurse.  i'm embarrassed to say my water hadn't broken....  most importantly  he held my hand as i squeezed all the blood out of his while i pushed and growled and everything else, and even though he didn't want to actually see baby come out, when my nurse got so excited that she called him to "come look, you can see the top of his little head!!" he obliged. 

so of course, he needed a little love too, and so does your coach.  wondering what to get him, here are a few excellent ideas.

1.  handheld video camera.  this is what i got for husband, and it came with very simple instructions:  DO NOT FILM ME IN LABOR!  anything else is fine.  and we've used it to capture many wonderful moments, although i wish we remembered to use it more!!

this is the Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black).  it was a little out of my price range, but so cute!

i ended up going with this option instead:  
 this is the Aiptek HD-1 720P High Definition Camcorder with Built-in 1GB Storage (Silver).  definitely more in the desired price range.  it's made wonderful videos and even takes still photos.

2.  portable dvd player.  you may be sitting in the hospital for a while, and the channel selection isn't that good.  we had basic channels, 20 radio channels, food network, 20 spanish channels and 3 "how to care for your newborn" channels.  not a lot of selection.  and depending on whether you have a c or go natural, you could be there 72 hours +.  

3.  a nintendo ds or psp.  if i had things my way, i probably would've gotten this for dave.  how fun would this be?!  in the end though, the camcorder was more practical.  

4.  beer of the month membership.  or a beer making kit.  i know my husband would love this, and he already has a beer making kit, so he'd probably love to try new monthly brews!

you can get started here

basic brewing kit.  love this place.  great customer service!

so those are just a few ideas that your coach might love.  another great idea i just thought of was game tickets- depending on if his favorite sport is in season.  anything else you think might be a good idea, or is something you purchased yourself?  i'd love to know!!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

weight update

last monday i had my annual appointment, and that comes with a chance to hit the scales.  i was fitting into my size 6 jeans, so i had to be down several pounds. . .


only 4 pounds?!  are you kidding me?!?

so i've been moping about this for the last week when all of the sudden it hit me.  you're not looking at this the right way. 

so let's look at it the right way.

i've lost 30 of the 45 lbs i gained while pregnant with ian.  that's 7.5 lbs a month!  and i had lost 4 lbs in 2 months- so that's roughly half a pound a month (and i really haven't worked out much).  so let's say i continue to not work out and lose almost half a pound per month.  in the next 5 months i will lose 10 more lbs! 

let's look at it even better-  say i lose 4 lbs a month.  in 5 months* i will have lost another 20 lbs!  this will either be my goal weight, or i will want to lose another 5-10 lbs (sorry mel, you will never weigh 99 lbs again).  i'll definitely be working out more now that it's warmer- ian and i will be out walking more, there will be summertime activities, and he will be crawling soon- so i'm sure i'll  never stop moving!  i'm making healthier meal choices, making more food at home, and i'm working out more.  btw, i tried out my new jogging stroller and i'm just lucky no one around here knows me because if anyone saw me jogging they'd be embarrassed to know me.  it was that bad. 

i'm doing it.  the girl who doesn't know how to diet, exercise and not eat whatever she wants is making progress!!

i can't wait to see where this journey continues to take me! 

*(i'm not crazy- i keep using 5 months as my goal because the old saying goes, "9 months on, 9 months off). Pin It!

oh, baby, it's a BABY!

may 17, 2009

i need to preface this picture by telling the story about it.  i was late, obviously.  we had been trying for a couple months w\ no success, so i already had a box of tests.  i took one on saturday, but the digital tests can be picky if they get too "sprinkled" so i got an error message.  i had one test left, so i figured i'd try it later that evening.  when i went to find the 2nd test, it was gone.  i tore our room upside down trying to figure out where i would've hidden it.  i tore the bathroom upside down.  i must have spent over an hour trying to find this test, and it had literally disappeared into thin air.  i went to bed saying i'd wait until the next morning (they say that's the best time to take the test).  the next morning i tore the house upside down again (to this day, i still don't know the whereabouts of my other test) to no avail.  so, i threw on my glasses and a jacket and hightailed it to walgreen's.  i was literally running through the store doing the potty dance.  i buy the test and get a disapproving look from my cashier, and burn rubber back home because i'm about to wet my pants.  i take the test, i'm so nervous, i lay it face-down on the counter.  it didn't even take 2 minutes for the results.  i throw the bathroom door open and husband is sitting on a chair in the loft watching tv- our eyes meet.  i start furiously nodding my head and tears are streaming down my face.  my life was forever changed.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

week 16

here are the haps from week 15-16 (may 5-11).

last thursday we finally made it back to mom-baby group after a 2 week break.  it was nice to see everyone again + there were 5 new babies!  i remember the first time i went with ian- he was 8 days old, and there we were sitting next to a sweet baby who was 8 days old.  time.  flies.  we were late, per usual because we are 15 miles away from the hospital (thank God i was induced, huh?) and if we had just been there 5 minutes sooner we might have made it into the paper.  the local paper had found out about the mom-baby group and was doing a story on mother's and their first mother's day.  however, the 8 day old won.  of course.  who doesn't love a new baby? 

thursday night i went to work, and when i got home, ian was already in bed.  i cried.  this is going to be the case from now on however, as he's taking his last feeding around 9. 

friday i went to work for a couple hours, so grammy came over and watched ian.  that night we went over to see dave's friend chris and play a little risk.  i had never played before and i won.  total world domination.  whoo!  dave got knocked out first, so ian spent a lot of time sitting with him!

saturday was sleep-in day.  when we finally dragged ourselves up we made breakfast and went out to run some errands. i went to get my hair cut.  now, when i was in atlanta, i went to this fabulous place, and never walked out with a frown on my face.  here, i have been relegated to great clips.  don't get me wrong.  nothing wrong with great clips, and my stylist was super-friendly, but it's not for me.  i'm pretty sure i now have full-on mom hair.  blech.  after the hair incident, we went to church, where they have parent rooms, so we were able to sit in a soundproof room and enjoy church without being scared that everyone around us was thinking "just put that kid in the nursery."  we then went to mother's day dinner, which was amazing!

sunday-  i already talked about the fun we had for mother's day, so i won't rehash all of it here, but i must say, my boys are wonderful.  i love them soooooooooo much. 

monday was husband's birthday.  i got his gifts together and "wrapped" and even had time to bake a pie, from scratch (ok, i didn't make the crust).  i was pretty proud of myself.  we went to dinner and had a lovely time.  dave loved his gifts and the pie.  he's pretty awesome.

tuesday i had my dr's appointment.  ian came along and was well-behaved.  he smiled for dr. uma, as he should since she was the first face he saw upon entering this world.  since he'd had a busy morning, we came back and took it easy until dave got home.  dave has started back playing softball, but the game was canceled for rain.  we met his mom for our usual tuesday night dinner, and then had lost time. 

that's pretty much this week, in a nutshell.  nothing new to report really.  ian now shows no interest whatsoever in rolling over, he prefers to play with his favorite toy- his pull duck, or his hands.  drooling like crazy (i think it's time for him to wear a bib all day).  i can't wait to write about this upcoming week because he's already done a few big things!  i must wait!

playing with my hands

homemade coconut cream pie

getting ready to help daddy blow out the candles

playing in my swing.  mommy decided to buy me shoes this week in hopes of keeping my socks on!

a very sleepy boy laying with his grammy

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

push gifts

what is a push gift, you might ask?  a push gift or push present is a gift a husband gives their wife upon the birth of their child.  yes, it is another excuse to receive a gift, and what woman doesn't want that?  yes, the birth of your child is definitely gift enough, but there's got to be some thanks for the baby weight you may never lose, having to give up margaritas for 9+ months and the fact that your lady parts may never be the same again.  i was lucky enough to receive a push gift (i did drop a few hints) and i must say husband did a really good job.  it doesn't have to be expensive (although they can be, depending on the husband (or wife)), and it does help to have some sentiment to it.  here's how husband did...

husband got me this sweet little necklace from under her charm.  it has my name and baby's name on it.  i wish it had husband's name too.  but that will come later!  what i love about it is that it has ian's name on it, and that it's close to my heart... just like ian.  ;)  plus, it's not overdone, it's just simple, and it goes with pretty much everything!!

other really cute ideas in the jewelry department:

cute items from the vintage pearl

the famous "mama necklace" by tali gillette

there are lots of cute mama-esque items out there.  here are some other awesome ideas, these are more me-specific, but you get the idea...

call me crazy, but what woman wouldn't want a pair of diamond hoops?

my heavens, i'm in LOVE with this mixer.  of course, it appears to be discontinued at the moment, but mixer, you will be mine one day!

so besides my necklace, husband also got me the most hilarious book ever:  The Diaper Diaries: The Real Poop on a New Mom's First Year.  we read parts of it after they had started the induction and were in tears over some of the ridiculous things in there.  the nurses probably thought we were crazy.  i read the rest of the book (when i could stay awake) during middle of the night feedings, and on more than one occasion i scared ian by laughing like the crazed, sleep-deprived woman i was. i'd definitely recommend it to all new mom's, and i plan on reading again when ian is a year old to see how true it really is.

so, is jewelry not your thing?  how about a family push gift?  here are some awesome ideas.

your first family vacation (visualize baby here- slathered with spf 1,000 and under an umbrella, of course).

a flat-screen hd television!  (i realize most people have one of these already, but if you're losers like us, you still have a 20-inch regular tv.  you sit on your couch and squint just to see what's going on with your shows).

there's an appropriate push gift for every budget.  and although a gift is nice, the best gift you can give your wife isn't a thing.  it's your love and support during labor and delivery and the crazy weeks (months, years) afterwards!  helping out around the house with things she can't do, and taking part in late night feedings (or taking a turn- if she isn't breastfeeding, of course).  

husband's shouldn't be left out though.  i got my husband what i like to call a "coach gift" (i don't think that's a credited term).  that's for another day though...
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Monday, May 10, 2010

what a difference a year makes

this week marks a very different week in our lives than what it held in 2009.  it amazes me that a year can make such a difference.  this was different in a way i could never imagine. 

what was i doing may 6-10, 2009.

the ultimate act of rebellion.  husband says if i loved him enough to have lovebirds tattooed on my foot that i should've loved him enough to have his name tattooed with the birds.  oh, please.
(omg, please forgive my ghettoes- my husband says there isn't room for pedicures in the budget.  grr)

saying goodbye to friends
(we learned on this night that nick & mandy (to our left) were expecting.  little did we know...)
joel's wife was expecting as well.  she was home "sick" ;)

we also said goodbye to this place
good riddance.  how you've broken our hearts.

and we packed up everything in the place and moved away.  far, far away.
here's husband recreating a moment from Over the Top 

this weekend was filled with lots of laughter, and far more tears.  it found us fighting over what made it onto the truck, and what got trashed.  everything became a sentimental item.  it found me sitting in my empty closet, in my empty room crying my eyes out over a place that we didn't love that would later bring us nothing but heartache.  as husband said, it was our house, but it wasn't our home.  we started the 2 day trip on saturday, may 9, and spent the bulk of sunday, may 10, making the rest of the trip.  sunday, may 10, 2009.  mother's day.  also, my husband's birthday.  the first mother's day i spent without my mother, and as my husband says, the worst birthday he can ever remember having.  

it would be another week before our lives were changed forever.

fast forward to 2010.  i'll say it again.  what a difference a year makes.  no, i don't love it here.  i'm not even sure i like it here, but it's been quite a year.  with highest highs and some lows as well, but i can tell you there's someone who's made our lives so different.  so how does this weekend end?  with husband's birthday of course.  the best husband/daddy ever, of course.  happy birthday, husband!  we love you!

more birthday fun later!!
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!!

mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~author unknown

i hate to say this, but i never realized how important mother's day was until i became a mother myself. i know i'll vow to be a better child from this mother's day forward.  my first mother's day weekend was more wonderful than i could have imagined. it started off on friday when i left work and returned home to some beautiful flowers from my son and husband.  we made a delicious dinner that evening of taco salad with homemade guacamole!  mmmm.

saturday was pretty chilled out.  we had breakfast at home, then i was able to get a long-awaited haircut.  afterward, we headed to church for mother's day service, where ian was a perfect angel.  when we left church we headed out for awesome thai food, where ian slept all through dinner to the soothing sounds of the dulcimer.  it was pretty darn awesome.

sunday when i woke up, there was breakfast in front of me!  while we were getting ready my own mother called to wish me a happy 1st mother's day, and throughout the day i got many sweet texts.  we had lunch over at my mother & father-in-laws house, and then dave & i headed out to see the dairy queen blizzardmobile!  mmm, free blizzards.

we got back to husband's parents house and ian was ready to see his mommy and give her her gifts.  i got some pretty awesome things including Jamie's Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals.  i can't wait to try it out!

 here's ian giving me my mother's day card (and secretly signing "i love you" at the same time).

of course everyone knows i already had the best mother's day gift of all!  and that's something i can celebrate year round!

even though this was my first mother's day, it wasn't just about me.  i'm so glad to have an amazing mother, and mother-in-law.  plus my amazing grandmothers- one on earth, one in heaven, and husband's amazing grandmother's.  i was also lucky to have an amazing great-grandmother in my life for 12 years.  plus i have many friends who are beautiful moms, and many of them also celebrating their first mother's day as well!  happy mom's day to all the mother's out there!  whether it's your first or seventieth! 

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Friday, May 7, 2010

a night i dreaded

was the night i'd come home from work and ian would already be in bed for the night, and fast asleep.  and i cried knowing i couldn't hold my little pickle until morning.

the first of many.  :(

here's hoping for the day i'll be able to be home for all bedtimes. Pin It!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

week 15

here are the haps from week 14-15 (april 28-may 5).

call me crazy!  we took another trip (do we ever stop?).  ian and i packed up and went with grammie and aunt skippy to ft. wayne, indiana- home of great gma king and the vera bradley outlet sale. my poor son.  we woke very early to make it to the sale by the 8 am opening.  last year we arrived at 8 and walked right in.  this time we arrived at 8 and had to stand in line for an hour and a half just to get in.  and it was cold.  and i dressed my son in a shorts jumper with no shoes.  awesome.  luckily we had blankets so we bundled him up and he fell asleep until we got inside.  can i just say that it's more difficult to purse shop pushing a stroller and carrying a baby on your body while carrying a plastic garbage bag full of purses...  i also wasn't as impressed with this years' wares. and all the idiots who arrived at 4am to stand in line took the good stuff x5.  they really need to lower the $2500 limit because those people are just reselling that stuff.  if you don't believe me- go check ebay right now.  but ian did really well.  he didn't fuss once!  i did pretty well too, until we were on our way out the door and some old bag looked me right in the face and said, "poor baby."  really lady?  have you not seen the other 800 babies/children in this arena. 

we went back the next morning as well, but ian stayed home with his great grammie and uncle nick.  it wasn't as bad except that women were clawing at each other to get large duffel bags.  that's when we decided those b's were crazy and called it a sale.  i did at least come away with a new diaper bag!  btw, this year's sale had 63,000 compared to last year's 60,000.  ridic.

so we spent the rest of the weekend with family.  all the cousins were over for dinner friday night.  we got to see ian's newborn pictures as well, and they're really good (i'll share later).  we decided to keep ian on central time in order to prevent any confusion (and 6 am wake ups) when we got back home.  it worked!

back at home we've had a lazy week- just catching up on sleep.  ian seems to be getting bigger, and i seem to be getting smaller!  my hair is also falling out like crazy now.  i may be bald by the end of the summer!  oh, hormones.  thank you for returning to your regularly scheduled programming.

what's new this week- grasping.  ian has already been grabbing and holding our hands (and anything else) for quite some time, but now he's grasping with a purpose.  this week he grabbed his ducky toy, held onto it for a while, and was actually able to pull it and make it vibrate without our help!!  he's also drooling more than usual and trying to put everything into his mouth!  i feel teeth are just around the corner!  as i previously mentioned our crib was just recalled so we are trying to reassess the moving ian to his own room situation... and we were so close.

well, it looks like we have another exciting week ahead of us!  mother's day is sunday, and husband's birthday is monday!

so sleepy

and fast asleep
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mcfatty monday 3 (better late than never)

it's mcfatty tuesday monday!

well, i am one week away from my weigh in ob appointment next week, so still no idea how i'm doing on the weight front.  last week was crazy.  i went with my mother and sister in law to indiana on wednesday, so i feel like i had a 4 day weekend.  i did walk on monday, and i'm still trying to make healthier eating choices.  i can't say i felt good about eating in indiana- husband's gma can cook.  plus, like most gma's, she forces you to eat everything in her house because "she doesn't want leftovers."  so my weekend consisted of things such as sour cream meat pie (sounds gross- but isn't), baked ham with party potatoes and pineapple casserole, jewish coffee cake, zucchini bread, a fudge party (heaven) and starbucks.

i did a lot of walking at the vera sale, but i still wasn't feeling good about all the yumminess i was consuming.  i did notice something on saturday though- the jeans i had bought in april for easter weekend were looking a little loose.  so i went to the loft and picked up another pair in the same size, but they were tight- wth?  i realized that the tight jeans were "modern" fit (slim through the thighs- and i've got thighs like what, what, what), and the loose jeans were "curvy" fit.  so that got me thinking...

so after we got home, i went to my closet and looked through my pre-pregnancy jeans.  sure enough there was a size 6 "curvy" fit.  i yanked them off the hanger, slipped them on, buttoned them, and, OMG!!!  there i was, standing in the middle of my room wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!!  i must have stared at my butt in the mirror for 5 minutes...  i now officially have 3 pairs of jeans- size 10, size 8 and size 6.  note to women's jeans makers:  for crying out loud, can't i just go in and buy my size and know they'll fit?!  i have a baby, i don't have time to try 800 things on in a dressing room. 

now i'm not getting too ahead of myself.  this is one of those "you may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war" moments.  small victories.  because the next day i tried on the rest of my pre-pregnancy pants, and none of them fit, and ::sigh::  i still can't get my wedding band on.  but i'm getting there!!

we also received a gift while we were in ft. wayne.  dave's cousin now has 2 adorable children and they no longer have use for a 1-child jogging stroller.  they were kind enough to give us their old stroller!!!  this now means i must jog!!  so this week i'll be "learning" how to jog... and hopefully liking it!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

is anything "safe" for baby?

while we were in ft. wayne, i saw on the news a story about crib recalls and immediately feared the worst.  in fact, i recognized our crib on tv (we have the lauren).  sure enough, i carried my laptop into ian's room, and squeezed myself under the crib to compare model numbers, and there it was.  what a disappointment.  we are just days away from having ian sleep in his crib overnight- in fact, he's probably already there, and now i have to completely stop.  now, i'm sure that he would be perfectly safe sleeping in this crib (i don't even use the drop side), but last year i had to deal with this recall.  this is the bed we purchased for ian to sleep in while in our room.  the recall was issued 6 weeks before ian was born, and we were supposed to have the repair kit in 4-6 weeks (it took 18 weeks).  we had no where else to put ian in our room, so we decided to buy a sleep positioner and let him sleep in the hammock.  once we finally received our repair kit and installed it, i saw how unsteady the hammock was all along, and was practically kicking myself.  i figure i may have gotten lucky once, i probably shouldn't risk it again.  the crib repair kit is supposed to take 2-3 weeks.  we'll see.  geez, these recalls almost make co-sleeping seem like the safest option...

on the same day of the crib recall was the tylenol recall.  i was able to match those model numbers, and i immediately chucked those bottles.  this leaves me wondering what i should do in 2 weeks when ian goes in for his 4 month shots. 

i know these companies are doing what's best for our children, but are they making any safe products?  are we too safely conscious these days?  i was out of a car seat at 3- today booster seats run up to 100 lbs (i could see myself in college, still needing a booster seat).  our parents and grandparents didn't have all the safetly rules that we have today, yet they turned out ok.  i guess those were different times, but something has to give.  i'm over dropping hundreds of dollars on products that you tell me may injure or kill my child.  i have enough to worry about without having to worry about whether the side of his crib is going to fall off and he's going to fall out, or whether his stroller is going to amputate his fingers.  for the sake of our children, please, get these products right, or at least discover their faults before someone gets hurt!!

now that i'm off my soapbox- movie recommendation:

away we go.  such a cute story about a couple who are expecting their first child, and their search for a place to call "home."  we really enjoyed it. the time a couple spends together before having their first child is so precious.  go rent it! Pin It!