Monday, November 4, 2013

isla - 4 months

now that isla has had her 4 month appointment, i feel like i can write her 4 month post.  first off- how does this time just fly by- i swear, even faster than it did when ian was a baby. 

isla turned 4 months old on october 17th.  at isla's appointment she weighed in at 10 lbs 12 oz.  she had previously been below the 5th percentile- she is now below the 2nd percentile.  her length is 23".  she was previously below the 5th percentile and is now in the 15th-25th percentile.  her head circumference is 15" which moves her from below the 5th to the 25th-50th percentile.  there is no concern about her weight as she has gained 3 lbs in the last 2 months.  we did 2 shots- completion of dpt and the rotovirus.  i am still undecided about vaccinations as i feel it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.  i really just don't know.  we also got the ok to start rice if we wanted, but were told it wasn't a necessity.  we're going to skip it.

she is still sleeping well at night- i have gradually moved her bedtime forward, and right now she seems content to eat around 10:00 and then go to sleep afterwards.  her wake-up time varies between 7 and 9- which is so crazy to me b\c ian never slept that late until he was at least a year old.  her sleep during the day is a crap-shoot.  she takes at least 1 good nap, but the rest are catnaps.  she definitely prefers to be in someone's arms, which makes it nearly impossible to get anything done (like packing boxes). 

she loves to "chat" especially while she is nursing and she is usually full of smiles.  i've even gotten 1 laugh out of her!  she loves playing on her play mat and she pretty much has full control of her head- so i've retired the infant insert in our carrier.  she prefers to lay on her belly to look at things, but normally flips herself over to her back.  she's trying really hard to flip over to her belly, but can't quite get over her arm.  she's still pretty indifferent about sitting in her swing or bouncy seat.  her big thing right now is standing.  she likes to stand on your lap or any surface you put her on- i'm so surprised at how much strength she has in her little legs. 

after having hardly any photos last month- we did a lot better this month.

 Isla & me before the Braves/Cubs game

 Ian wanted to pick out Isla's outfit and i think he did a good job!

 wearing one of my baby dresses

 sunday after church

 blue steel baby

 baby llama drama

 so serious

 daddy trying to get Isla to smile- it worked, but she was looking at him

4 months!
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