Tuesday, August 26, 2014

isla turns 1

the last time i updated was almost 6 months ago (oops).  i haven't done very well with blogging, but now that isla is sleeping and i am sleeping, i might actually have a little more time on my hands to sit down at my computer. isla is 14 months old and we celebrated her first birthday with family and some friends.  i wasn't really sure what kind of theme i wanted for her- with ian, i had thought of something pretty quickly, but i was just stumped with isla.  so i took to my best friends google and pinterest to see what ideas i could work with and i found the idea of doing an alice in wonderland (or onederland) party.  i secured invitations, outfits and then got to work with the planning.  ian and i watched alice and wonderland while i took notes of things that would be super cute.  i ended up not totally running with the theme because she's only 1 and i figured a tea party wouldn't be that interesting to a bunch of adults, but i'm still really pleased with how things turned out.  we had a good time!

 this was at home on isla's actual birthday

 birthday cake and smash cake from piece-a-cake bakery!  cake had a fudge filling.  mmm! 

 party favors for the kids.  glass jars that they could fill with candy from tea cups.  the tea cups belonged to dave's grandma.  

 cheshire cat cheese ball.  aka.  the cheese ball that lasts forever.  

 chips/salsa, layered salad and giant cheese ball.  was so nice to have a summer birthday for once, so we grilled out for everyone!  

 the birthday girl.  alice apron dress from lover dovers via etsy. 

 ready for cake!


 we had pink flamingos lining the walk + croquet and a little this way/that way/go back sign (not pictured)

after cake we changed isla into this adorable dress (it's alice themed!) from Little LePew Apparel & and her birthday crown from mosey

i'm 1!

happy 1st birthday, isla!
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