Friday, April 27, 2012

easter weekend

we spent our 3rd easter week in atlanta in a few weeks ago and we had a blast, per usual.  our drive down went pretty well- it was actually the best ian has ever done on one of our trips.  there was minimal crying & screaming.  he was pretty content watching his movies ("monsers" (monsters, inc), "cool cars" (cars), "twains" (the little engine that could), gabba & george).  we made it in about 13 hours with 2 big stops, and ian took 2 really good naps.  on our last big stop, we turned off the dvd player, got him a little snack & told him it was time to rest & he could listen to the brothers and rest.  he actually fell asleep for a few hours- if it weren't for a stop for gas, he probably would've slept until we were at my mom & dad's house.

i was really excited to visit with my grandparents while we were in town.  they were hoping to make it up to visit us at my parent's house, but my grandmother ended up having to have surgery a couple weeks before and she was staying in a rehabilitation house.  ian was excited to see his "pop & gigi" too, although he had a hard time b\c he wasn't allowed to just run around and do whatever he wanted.

 ian and gigi (look at that sweet face)

 mommy, ian, pop & gigi

frustrated mommy, crying baby, pop & gigi.  my face is so full of concern.

that evening we took ian to see the easter bunny.  the photo speaks for itself.
ian likes the idea of the easter bunny- in fact, every time he sees the picture he gets all excited and says "bunny!!"  the bunny himself, not so much.

then we met friends for dinner at gladys & ron's chicken n waffles.  omg- delish.

love you heatha 4eva!

jacket: loft
top: modcloth bonbon voyage top
jeans: old navy rockstar jeggings (love them)
sandals: seychelles

since i already talked about coloring eggs and the hours of throwing the football, i'll skip right ahead to easter.  the easter bunny came to visit our family, and we headed to church at the horsepark for an easter egg hunt and the easter service.  

easter is so fun... but exhausting.

 little easter stud!

lots of easter egg hunting fun!

family photo time- notice how everyone is looking in the full family photo- it's an easter miracle!

 ian's easter outfit:  blazer, polo, pants, tie- target.  sandals- old navy
my outfit (i love, love, love this dress):  dress- modcloth (swapped).  belt- forever 21. wedges- seychelles

fun with uncles

my dad set the backyard on fire in the middle of the last round of the masters, much to everyone's dismay.  luckily, it went to a playoff and we didn't miss anything.

ian tried to learn how to escape from the packnplay.  he didn't.  thank goodness.  i'll have none of that back at home. 

there's always time for coffee, donuts, and wedding talk with a friend!

whew, atlanta trips are fun.. but exhausting.  we got back & were home for less than 24 hours before we were off on our next adventure... more on that to come later!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

steppin' out saturday: a few saturdays ago...

i told you i had been keeping up with stuff while we were on our trip.  we didn't really go out this past saturday (unless taking ian swimming counts), b\c i had spent the morning out with a friend and just wanted to spend a nice day at home.  we were out the previous 2 saturdays, however, so i have a little catching up to do. 

we had a lot of fun in atlanta- the weather was nice- too nice.  it's been hard to be back here b\c it's been cold.  this week promises highs around 60- woo.  i mean, it's almost may, so 60 seems... ideal..

we had a fun day on this particular saturday- we worked on food for easter dinner, then we boiled some eggs for ian to color.  of course, since the weather was so nice, ian wanted to spend the entire day outside, so once we finished coloring eggs, we went outside to throw the football around.

coloring eggs with mommy & uncle derek

easter egg thief!

on ian:
polo: the children's place
shorts:  carter's 
sandals:  keen

 top & skirt- loft
scarf- a gift (h&m)
sandals- seychelles

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Friday, April 20, 2012

good grief

the next time anyone suggests that we drive to georgia, spend a week there, drive home, sleep, repack our suitcases and drive to indiana for a few days and then drive back- and we think that's a good idea.  STOP US. 


i love my child so much- but i didn't think we were both going to make it out alive.  poor boy.  up almost every night late + waking up at an early hour = we are still catching up on sleep.  lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  fun trips- but never want to do them back to back again!!

poor blog- you've been so neglected too.  i had poor internet for part of the trip, making it very hard to do anything... ugh.  so hard to get back into things.  but i'll try.

for now i'm going to go to bed- i told dave i wasn't stay up to watch the rest of benjamin button and now i'm crying and the credits are rolling- bed time?  yes.  Pin It!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 things i'm loving right now... april

here are the 5 things i'm loving right now for april (already)

1.  baseball!!!!  i'm so excited for baseball season again- esp after last year ended so heart-breakingly.  it's a new year though!  i'd love it even more if i were in atlanta where i could actually watch the braves play on tv, instead i get to catch highlights or listen to dave carry on about how bad the cubs are.  luckily the braves will be in town next month- it's too bad they aren't going to be in atlanta when we are though...

2.  georgia!!!  so excited to be headed home for a few days to visit with family.  the friends seem to be dwindling and i've kind of given up, but such is being an adult.  as much as i want to live there again- the thought of leaving my friends here and returning to somewhere to have to make new friends is kind of scary.  i still look forward to the trip- the weather better not be playing though.  i'm excited to spend another easter at home.  (img)

3.  the vera sale.  it's become a tradition for dave's mom & me to hit up the annual outlet sale.  this will be year 4.  they are doing ticketed sessions again, so i expect that it will be as nice as it was last year.  plus, you can't beat purses at 75% off.  and maybe i will bring back a goodie for you.  

4.  drowning ruth.  i gave up on my food book b\c i couldn't get into it (and in all fairness i didn't give it a chance- but i'll be back).  i picked up this book off my shelf and i am captivated and intrigued.  i know something huge is going to happen- but what.  spending a lot of nights up late reading this one.  (img)

5.  yoga.  i never thought i would take up yoga, but i took a free class w\ one of my mom groups at the local pilates studio and i really enjoyed it- so much so that i bought a package of classes.  i've done a few yin classes and a few vinyasa/power/flow classes.  plus, i found out that my teacher from the pilates studio also teaches at my gym (and those classes are FREE).  i've got a ways to go to be good, but i'm really enjoying it.  can't wait to get back into classes when we're back from traveling. 

what are you loving?!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

super easy easter craft

it goes without saying that i am probably one of the least crafty people in the entire universe.  which doesn't seem very fitting with the fact that i'm southern- it's like you're supposed to be born crafty.  every once in a while though, i make feeble attempts at being craftastic. 

we didn't go to church this weekend b\c ian was just so tired and spent most of the weekend screaming at the boths of us.  i wanted to still do something leading up to easter, so that he would maybe have a little bit of understanding about what the meaning of easter is.  one of ian's favorite books right now is his children's bible.  i know he probably likes all the colorful illustrated pages, but it's pretty funny to have him chasing you around the house screaming "biiiiblllle."  i wanted to read the bible easter stories this week anyways, so we decided to do something fun to prepare for easter & learn about palm sunday. 

i had green construction paper on hand, so what could be easier than making palm branches out of them- plus, they're lots of fun to dance with (ian is currently doing the elmo slide with them... help us).  they probably won't make it to tomorrow, but they're still lots of fun! 

1.  find green construction paper and draw your palm branches.  i used one page for both branches.  my first one was way prettier than the second- so i had to improvise to a make it look a little more normal.  this is my ugly palm branch...

2.  cut out the palm branches- easy enough- just takes a little time. 

3.  next i got him to sit with me and i read him the palm sunday bible story and taught him to wave his palm branches and say "hosanna" which sounds more like "aaannna"

see, that was so simple.  ian enjoyed listening to the story & then running around like a wild man waving his palm branches...

and then the palm branches took an airplane ride- it's probably too cold here & they needed to go back to their own climate...

any fun easy easter crafts that you do in your house? Pin It!