Tuesday, January 31, 2012

24 months

ian turned 2 on january 20th.  i can't believe it's been 2 years since that sweet baby boy came into our lives.  life has become so exciting in our house.  it's giggles one minute and seizing on the floor screaming the next minute...  ::sigh::

ian talks my ear off most of the day.  mostly one word at a time.  cars, ga-ba, color, hockey, snacks (which these days is beginning to sound more like "socks" or "sex"), pwease, hiiiii, ma-ma, stories...  those are the most popular ones.  he also loves singing songs all day long- from whatever is playing on the ygg pandora station, to a little bit of mumford and sons.  my favorites are dancing machine by the jackson 5 and rock star by the fresh beat band.  so stinkin' cute.

ian loves his cars still- he got lots of hot wheels for christmas.  in fact, he got so much for christmas, we decided to pack a few away for later- maybe potty training rewards.  he got a lot of stuff that we ended up packing away and saving for later- looks like potty training will be fun!  ian also got a hockey goal for his birthday- so he loves playing hockey and shooting the balls into the net.  he's basically into anything & everything.  the favorite show right now is yo gabba gabba...  we had been watching a nice variety, but now it's only gabba.  i have almost 25 episodes on the dvr and i feel like i saw all of them yesterday...  oi.

i guessed ian's weight perfectly from last month- he's exactly 25 lbs.  that means he's finally moved from being off the bottom of the chart to in the 25th% for weight.  he's now 34" tall, which is in the 50-75th%.  so he's gained 5 lbs and grown 2" in the last 6 months.  wow!  18 month clothes are finally getting a little snug (mostly too short).  i packed all the 12 month stuff up finally.  he could probably fit fine into some 24 month and 2T clothes, so i'll probably be pulling those out soon. 

so i have a "terrible 2" year old.  it's a little crazy from time to time.  there are crazy tantrums and this weird "NOOOOO" thing that came out of nowhere.  he's pretty good most of the time, although it can be a little frustrating.  i've definitely learned that sometimes just walking away is the best thing to do- and it's normally when he gets up and, surprise, isn't crying anymore...

food is always an adventure- what he'll eat today he won't even look at tomorrow.  "sketchup" is a favorite, and yes, i have been known to dip a blueberry in sketchup to get my child to eat it.  i'll also put food on a chip- it serves the same purpose.  gotta do what i gotta do... word.

being 2 is huge.  it's such a big step.  most kids potty train, move out of a crib, out of a high chair, have to give up the binky and also possibly gain a sibling during the crucial 2nd year.  i can't imagine how hard it is to go through all of that at once.  i'm waiting out the crib thing until ian starts to attempt crib escapes- so for now, we're safe.  the sibling thing- it's at least another year away.  the high chair move- not needed right now.  so my focus is on potty training & giving up the binky.  i'm really not sure when i want to start the binky thing- he only uses it for naps and bedtime, so it's not a problem- but learning to sleep without is something he's going to have to do- i'm just not sure he even can comprehend what that means though.

we are working on potty training however.  i have been collecting random stickers, and i printed a special yo gabba gabba chart.  i just need to come up with a little treat for him- i think we decided on raisinettes.  i also told him if he fills up his charts he'll get a little prize too (a christmas gift, perhaps..)  lately, ian has been into sitting on the potty- he started this just last saturday night- now i'm not sure if it's a "let's delay bedtime" tactic (seriously, manipulation, already?!) or if he really wants to go- either way, sitting on the potty is sitting on the potty, regardless of when it happens.  i'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it because no one wants/needs to know all that, but i'll definitely share some of the funnier stories and when everything's been accomplished.

i'll share more this week about ian's parties and all the fun we had, but now, photos from the 24th month, including the last monthly picture.  :(

 opening gifts with mommy

 tears on christmas morning b\c he had to open other gifts (with uncle bear)

 reading with daddy

 saying bye to pop & gigi (my grandparents)

 working the shipyard.

 books and hockey in his new robe

 bowl game day.

 eating a frozen choco-banana treat

 and when the treat is done?

 balloons make me happy

 car without wheels

 grampy's bike helmet

 bedtime cheese


 big smiles

i'm 2!!!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

wish list friday: handmade goods

it's time to explore the world of handmade goods.  i am the least crafty person in the entire universe, so it really amazes me that people can make things- pretty things.  here are some things in the handmade world that i'm wishing for...

tiny fete pink arrow carryall by tiny fete.  this adorable bag combines hot pink with a graphic pattern.  adorable bag just to pick up & run out the door with.  this is from the etsy shop of one of my favorite bloggers

state map love custom print by anewhistory.  adorable custom made print.  would be so cute for dave & me.

doily envelope-style clutch purse by krust.  love this adorable clutch.  so cute for spring!

set of 5 porcelain lace bowls by hideminy.  these bowls are so pretty.  the detailing is really amazing.

my list is pretty short this week.  i'm sure there's so much more out there that i'm missing.  any handmade goods you just love?
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wish list friday, er wednesday... for you

dear ian- i can hardly believe you're already 2.  time has gone by so fast- too fast if you ask me. this is a big year for you- so many changes are coming this year- i certainly hope we survive.

my wishes for you this year- health & happiness first and foremost.  my hopes are that we have a year with very few sicknesses- no sniffles or coughs, no nights with upset tummies.  i'm sure i'm dreaming here, but this is a wish list.

i hope that you're happy- i know this year is going to be tough.  there's just so much that you just don't understand- i wish i could explain everything to you and make you understand- that this minute's problem will be forgotten in just seconds.  i hope that you'll understand that screaming & crying aren't getting you anywhere- you're such a big boy- with words- use them.  i'm listening.

i wish that i'll have the patience to deal with the challenges that we're going to face this year- you're definitely a good teacher.

i wish that you'll have lots of adventures this year- from the simple ones at home, to a journey away from home.  ball games, picnics, you name it.  we're going to have fun this year.

i wish that you'll only continue to get smarter and funnier- you amaze me every day with something you say or do, and you make me laugh a dozen or more times a day.

i wish for more love and hugs than you already share with me.  you're my little snuggs bunns.

i wish for lots of family time together.  this may be the last year it's just the 3 of us- although i'm not ready to share you yet.

i wish for more time in general. it's just going by so fast.

i love you little eans beans.  i wish everything for you.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mommy reads in 2011

i wanted to read more in 2011- so i took on the page to screen challenge over at reading extensively.  the goal was to read books that were turned into movies/tv shows and if you chose, to watch the corresponding movie/show.  i thought i could do at least 5- i definitely passed my expectations. 

so many people say that once they have a baby, they don't have time to read anymore...  baloney.  if you like to read- read.  you probably have the time.  i didn't read 100 books this year, but i read a few...  i think i did pretty well.

in 2011 i read...

1. the lovely bones - alice sebold
2. carrie - stephen king
3. BUtterfield 8 - john o'hara
4. the virgin suicides - jeffery eugenides
5. the accidental billionaires - ben mezrich
6. twilight - stephanie meyer
7. eclipse - stephanie meyer
8. new moon - stephanie meyer
9.  breaking dawn - stephanie meyer
10. between a rock & a hard place - aron ralston
11. something borrowed - emily giffin
12. the help - kathryn sockett
13. eat, pray, love - elizabeth gilbert
14. push - sapphire
15. dear john - nicholas sparks
16. water for elephants - sara gruen

not book challenge related, but i also read:
17.  garden anywhere - alys fowler
18.  your first triathlon - joe friel

and started in 2011, but finished in 2012... (19.) shutter island.

so i finished 16 books for the challenge!!! (!!)  pdg.  want to know what i thought of the books i read in 2011?  you can find it all right here.  now it's on to 2012....

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Friday, January 13, 2012

wish list friday: things to read

i read a lot of books this year, which makes me very happy.  i want to get into more reading and less watching last year (which is probably why our dvr is full) and i did it!  i'll post more later on the books i did read in 2011 (which were all books made into movies).  this year i'm going to read whatever the heck i want.  i've gotten so many books in the last year or so, but i didn't read them last year because they didn't fit into the challenge criteria.  here's to reading about anything & everything!

5th avenue, 5 a.m. by sam wasson.  i just finished what i was reading and this is on my night stand ready to read.  this book is all about the making of breakfast at tiffany's from novel to film and how hepburn's portrayal of holly golightly changed women in film.  breakfast at tiffany's is one of my favorite films.

in defense of food by michael pollan.  dave got this for me last year and i still haven't read it.  i feel like i've made an improvement to how i eat, but i still have a long ways to go.

the hunger games by suzanne collins.  i've been waiting to dive into this trilogy... but i only have book 1... noooo!

drowning ruth by christina schwarz.  i'm not an oprah fan, but her book club books are usually wonderful reads.  i'm very excited about this psychological thriller!

frankly, my dear: gone with the wind revisited by molly haskell.  gwtw is my favorite movie of all time and i'm excited to read a little more about the background of the movie and book.

taste & see by john piper.  looking forward to starting this devotional.

is everybody hanging out without me (and other concerns) by mindy kaling.  i actually don't own this book yet, but i'm definitely planning on reading it.  love mindy on the office.

nice girls don't change the world by lynne hybels.  i received this book for mother's day at church last year or the year before... just haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

the immortal life of henrietta lacks by rebecca skloot.  henrietta lacks died at the age of 31 in 1951.  her cells were taken from her body w\o anyone's persmission and became the multi-billion dollar foundation of modern science, yet her family had no idea and lived in poverty and poor health.  it sounds too crazy to be true, yet it is.  

organized simplicity: the clutter-free approach to intentional living by tsh oxenreider.  i'm dying to be uncluttered, and we're getting there very slowly, but there's always more that can be done.  

well, those are just a few of the books that i'm wanting to read soon!  have you read any of these books?  are you planning on reading any of these books?  what's on your book wish list- please share!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

dinner by pinterest v. 2

so, my first edition of dbp seemed to be a hit, so i thought i'd do it again.  i'm always cooking- so much that i have a huge problem where i rarely make the same thing twice- even if there's something i make that i really love.  i've gotten a little better about pulling out the repeats- in fact, i've already made one of these meals twice, and i'll definitely be making it again...  bon appetit! 

crock pot buffalo chicken
if you have ever read the haps, you've probably seen mandy's post about making crock pot buffalo chicken.  this recipe is EVERYTHING it's been advertised as.  ah-maz-ing.  we've already made it twice, and each time we've made it, it's made so much food that it lasts us nearly a week!!!  it's only 3 ingredients...  chicken, a bottle of frank's red hot buffalo wing sauce, and hidden valley ranch dip mix.  the recipe calls for butter as well, but we've skipped that step both times and i've been really happy with it.  pinned from here...

so easy... 1.  add chicken (thawed or frozen) to crock pot and top with the sauce and dip mix.  crock on low for about 5-6 hours.  2.  with 30 minutes to go, remove chicken and shred.  3.  add back to the crock and let it absorb all the yumminess...  enjoy!  we had our sandwiches on filone bread- and i topped mine w\ crumbled bleu cheese.  one sandwich is usually enough- and i usually serve chips or a veggie as the side.  when we're all out of bread, we use the leftover meat to make a quesadilla with mozz & bleu cheese (for me).  the meat is a little spicy, but even ian enjoyed little bites of the chicken from our sandwiches.  

crock pot hawaiian bbq chicken
yet again another delicious recipe that i saw on the haps.  and again, so simple.  chicken, bottle of bbq sauce (any will do), a can of pineapple chunks and minute rice.  i don't normally buy minute rice, and i didn't feel like making regular rice, so we made sandwiches out of ours.  again, it's so easy- 1.  add the chicken, top with bbq sauce and the drained pineapple and cook on low 5-6 hours.  2.  with 30 minutes to go, remove the chicken, shred and add back to the crock to  soak up the sauce.  since i was too lazy to make rice, we had ours on hawaiian rolls (they have the buns).  the sweetness of  the rolls was just too much yummy.  we made the sandwiches until we were out of bread and then went the quesadilla route again- mozz cheese, bbq sauce mixed w\ a little ranch and the chicken... nom nom.  pinned from here!

and apparently i didn't take a photo of the deliciousness that was this sandwich... although i swear i did...  you'll just have to follow the links to deliciousness....  so you'll just have to imagine!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dressember week 4: (december 25-31)

i slacked a little the last couple weeks of dressember because of our traveling, but nevertheless, here's the last week of dressember.  lots of fun- but not good for midwest winters!  sorry it's up so late too...  we have family coming next week for ian's birthday and it's time we finish unpacking....

week 4:

day 16- december 25
sorry, we all slept in one room- messy!
cardigan- forever 21
dress- modcloth
tights- target
shoes- old navy

day 17: december 29
cardigan- forever 21
dress- modcloth
tights- target
flats- old navy

day 18: december 31
yep, i'm  in the bathroom... only place to escape in a house w\ 17 other people....
cardigan- target
dress- hale bob vintage via rue la la
tights- target
flats- loft

well, that was fun.  18 days out of 31 isn't bad when you're chasing a toddler around...  i'd prefer warmer weather for this though- my legs nearly froze!!

so, here's the wrap up...

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

23 months

i can't believe this is the 2nd to last update that i'll be doing for ian.  every day i can't believe that we're getting close to ian's 2nd birthday.  it seriously just seems like yesterday that he was put into my arms for the first time, yet sometimes it seems like it was so long ago that i hardly remember what he was like as a baby. 

ian is so chatty- he talks to me all day long.  mostly he's talking about "cars" or "stories."  it's so funny the things he says.  telling strangers that they're silly, or looking at you and saying "you're stinky."  he keeps us entertained.  he also loves to sing songs all day long- he can sing a little bit of everything- from frosty the snowman (which he sang during the christmas eve service communion prayer...oops) to can you feel the love tonight.

ian's favorite toys are his cars, and he loves reading his books.  those are the 2 big things that he's into right now.  he loves matchbox cars/hot wheels- he's got a nice little collection going.  his cousins are really into cars, and his uncle mike has been teaching him what each car is.

ian is finally fitting into most of his 18 month clothes- i can definitely tell he's getting taller & putting on some pounds.  i'm guessing he's probably close to 25 lbs- but we'll find out at his 2 year appointment later this month.

ian's favorite things to eat right now are blueberries, applesauce, peas, breads, hot dogs and waffles.  he has a healthy appetite most days, although there are occasions where he just refuses to eat, and i guess that's  normal for kids his age.

we're definitely in the terrible twos stage.  there is a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth- most days we've both got to just take a chill pill.  i have gotten much better at just letting it pass by ignoring it, or just asking ian to use words with me to express what he's so mad about- which most of the time seems like nothing.  this has got to be a hard stage for kids- not a baby anymore, and just getting into big kid stuff- it seems a lot is going on from potty training to a new bed, and for a lot of kids his age- new siblings.  ian has a while before he'll have to deal with that though.

we're not potty training.  ian is uninterested and frankly just doesn't have time- he's too busy to actually stop and use the potty.  i'm not in a hurry, but it sure would be nice.  ian's also still in his crib- i figure why rush things if he's still content in there, and he is- he hasn't tried to escape yet, so i'm fine with him sticking in the crib a while longer.

i can't believe the next update will be ian's 2nd birthday- i can't wait to share about his birthday and all the fun we had at christmas.  here are some pictures from month 23!!

there are a lot of pictures coming, and a big eff you to blogger for making me upload them three times.  i hate you.  seriously.

 wearing daddy's head warmer

 shirtless "cheeeeese" face

 eating crayons for thanksgiving

attempting to get christmas card photos

 peanut butter jelly time!

 finding the perfect tree

new hiding spot

 waiting to see santa

even newer hiding spot

 more apprehension over santa

 23 months!!!!

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mommy reads: water for elephants

i'm so glad i was able to end 2011 on a good note as far as reading goes.  there have definitely been some ups & downs this year, but this was definitely a high.  

jacob jankowski is a 23 year old vet student at cornell only days away from taking his finals and joining his father's practice.  however, his parents are tragically killed in a car accident and jacob learns that his father mortgaged their home (this is right after the stock market crash) to send jacob to school and he is left with nothing.  jacob is so overcome with grief, that he walks out on his exams and just starts walking- when a train comes by, he jumps it, not knowing how much his life is about to change.  jacob has jumped a train belonging to the benzini brothers circus.  he gets a permanent job by telling the ringmaster & animal trainer that he is a veterinarian.  trouble begins to brew though when jacob falls in love with marlena- the star of the show and wife of animal trainer august.  the story is told in flashbacks by jacob at the age of ninety, or ninety-three.  

sara gruen is a wonderful writer and the story kept me entertained from start to finish.  i also saw the movie and really enjoyed it.  it doesn't hurt that it stars rob pattinson- but i thought it was a good interpretation of the book.  a major character was morphed into another character, which took away from some of the story, but in the end was probably the best thing for the movie.  i'd recommend both.  charming story

book 4/5, movie 4/5.
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