Wednesday, June 12, 2013

baby #2, week 34

how far along- 34 wks (june 5-june 11)

due date- july 20th, or if you're me and my phone- july 17th
weight gain- it was 40 lbs at last weigh in.  no appointment this week
symptoms- same.  acid reflux, heartburn, swollen feet, ankles and calves, tummy issues, terrible snoring and feeling like i can't breathe.  contractions.  
cravings- raspberries, clementines!
aversions- n/a
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  my feet. 
sleep-  the breathe right strips have been helping some, but dave says i'm still snoring.  if i take naps though i don't wear them- and i constantly wake myself up snoring.  plus, i am constantly having to go to the bathroom b\c baby is so low i can only go little bits at a time
innie or outie-  still depends on the time of day! 
movement- lots of movement.  lots of low movement.  hopefully she's still head down. 
doctor's visits- no visit this week.  this is my last week off- next tuesday i will go weekly until delivery.
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  nothing yet.
braxton hicks-  yes, still... but i'm beginning to think some of these are real.
gym-  i haven't been to the gym since last week.  sigh.
what's next-  dave is out of town on a business trip this week.  his first since we've been married.  the timing is just crazy...  it's been a pretty tough week.  3 yo, 2 annoying dogs, 35 wks pregnant, storms, ugh.  it's all happening at once.

dress- loft (non maternity, and a size small to boot.  thank you vanity sizing)
cardigan- forever 21.  (it was cold again last week- shocker).
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

baby #2. week 33

well, i'm actually all caught up on monthly updates, so i think i can start doing weekly ones since the end is drawing near!

how far along- 33 wks (may 29-june 4)

due date- july 20th
weight gain- i had a dr's appointment today (tuesday) and i've gained 5 lbs in the last 2 wks.  wth.  that puts me up 40 lbs total.  for crying out loud.
symptoms- oh, you know, the usual.  acid reflux, heartburn, swollen feet, ankles and calves, terrible snoring and feeling like i can't breathe.  all lovely stuff!
cravings- ice cream sandwiches!
aversions- we had our windows open and a neighbor was grilling and i was pretty grossed out.
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  my shoes.  all of my lovely shoes.
sleep-  i am still snoring- it's terrible.  dave recorded it yesterday afternoon and made me listen to it.  i was so embarrassed.  lately, i lay wide awake at night though b\c i dread going to sleep.  having trouble breathing has been no fun- and i told dave the other day that i was a little scared of dying in my sleep...  so needless to say, i've been really tired.  i sadly started wearing breathe right strips, and they seem to help a little- but you can only wear them for 12 hrs, so i save them for bedtime.  
innie or outie-  still depends on the time of day! 
movement- lots of movement.  i don't understand how there are limbs in some of the places where i'm feeling movements.  and they're getting lower too. 
doctor's visits- i had a visit this morning.  i talked to the dr. about how i was having a lot of trouble breathing.  my blood pressure is perfect, there's nothing weird in my urine, and she didn't hear anything when she listened to my chest- so pre-eclampsia was out, tg.  she did point out to me that i've blown up like a balloon in the last 2 weeks (um, thanks)- esp in my face, and that's probably what's keeping me from breathing well.  good to know.  so it probably explains the 5 lbs.  i hope that most of this is water weight!!
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  nothing yet.
braxton hicks-  still the same as before.  less in the belly, more in the pelvic area
gym-  we only went to the gym 3 days last week- but we did do 1 day in the pool and that was waaay better than walking the track.  a friend gave me some maternity clothes, which included a swimsuit, so i ended up not having to buy one.
what's next-  well, all i have to do is make it to saturday and i can have this baby at any time- which just means that they will not stop my labor once i hit 34 wks.  so even though i have 34 wks as tomorrow- i have to go by their schedule.  my next appointment is in 2 wks- and from then on, weekly.  that's when exams will start to check for dilation.  omg.

 33 weeks
top- liz lange maternity- target (from a friend)
skirt-  lna brand from open sky (one of those designer discount sites)

i've been doing some nesting this week, although we have no where to nest...  i went through ian's nb clothes and pulled out all the plain onesies and any gender-neutral stuff he had that i thought we could use for baby.  then i packed up some stuff in his room to store in our garage and arranged the closet.  i made an appointment for a final hair cut, brow wax and a pedicure (might be a while before i have those again).  now i am thinking about when we need to get the baby stuff in place (hammock, pack n play).  i am also desperately trying to sell some baby stuff we had for ian that we have upgraded (why is it sooo difficult)?!  and of course, it's getting close to time for me to start packing a bag and getting my birth plan written up.

9 weeks to go at max.  i can't believe it!

oh... and we got a preview of the maternity pics that our cousin took!  they're lovely!  as usual, if you're in the ft. wayne, indiana area, you should check out king photography!!

below is my favorite (so far... we've only seen a preview)... and you can see the rest here  (and like the facebook page)!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

let's compare... baby belly

someone had asked me a while back if i was bigger this time around than i was with ian...  well, let's see

 8 weeks.
Ian left.  Baby #2.  Right

 15 weeks

 18 weeks

 20 weeks

 22 weeks

28 weeks

 30 weeks

 32 weeks

so, what do you think?  it's really hard for me to tell.  in some pictures, it seems like i am obviously bigger, while in others, i can't tell that much of a difference.  this baby definitely carries lower than ian did- which i don't even feel like i can tell that from looking at the photos.  i can only see that my face looked a lot thinner with ian than now.  sigh.  also, when i was posting these pictures, dave told me that he always forgets what i look like when i'm not pregnant, while i'm pregnant. 

so there you have it.  pregnancy the 2nd time around vs. the first. 
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