Monday, March 25, 2013

baby #2, month 4

here's how we announced baby #2 on facebook!  got this cute idea via pinterest!

how far along- 13-16 wks (january 9th-february 5th)
due date- my phone's pregnancy app says july 17th- but my doctor is saying july 20th
weight gain- i think maybe 7 lbs
maternity clothes- i finally got all my maternity clothes out of the garage...and i hate them all! 
symptoms- nauseous, tired, irritable.  i only threw up once- what a miracle, and not getting up 3x a night to pee.
cravings- still keep wanting red lobster.  dave refuses.  i also saw a commercial for pizza hut bread sticks and wanted those- so dave got them.  but nothing like before
aversions- nothing yet- but i definitely haven't been wanting sweets very much. 
am i showing-  i think it's definitely noticeable.  
missing anything-  sleeping on my belly
doctor's visits-  we had our 2nd doctor's appointment which was to hear the heartbeat- but our dr. couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler so we ended up having another ultrasound.  turns out i have an anterior placenta- which means baby is basically hiding behind my placenta!
boy or girl-  we find out next month!
 week 13-  dress- old navy maternity

 week 15-  dress- old navy maternity from my pregnancy with ian

 week 16- dress- modcloth

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Monday, March 18, 2013

dinner by pinterest v. 5

i'm back with another edition of dinner by pinterest...  considering that's just about the only place i get meal ideas anymore- i should have tons of these lined up.  i usually cook at least 3 days a week, and although i think i'm a pretty good cook- i'm not a creative cook.  pinterest is full of ideas from people way more creative than i am!  here's a few of my most recent kitchen delights!

spinach & artichoke grilled cheese.  pinned from here.  original recipe via a couple cooks.
omg.  i love spinach & artichoke dip- i love artichokes.  i don't love grilled cheese sandwiches.  this however, is perfection.  fresh spinach and artichokes with cheese toasted on bread.  it's so simple.  perfect quick dinner.  make this now!

paula deen's tastes like lasagna soup.  pinned from here.  original recipe via paula deen.
oh, here are 2 more things i love:  lasagna & soup.  this was so easy and really does taste just lasagna- it even has pieces of lasagna noodles inside!  a perfect comfort food, y'all.  oh, and this recipe doesn't have butter in it... 

summer strawberry coconut cake.  pinned from here.  original recipe via little lovables.  
i baked this delicious cake for dave's 3rd 29th birthday.  i can't believe i didn't take a photo of the inside of it.  it's so pretty and pink.  this was soooo amazing.  i make really ugly cakes- and this was definitely no exception- you can't really see the disaster on the plate- but as dave always says- as long as it tastes good- and yes.  it tastes so.  good. 

avocado mac and cheese.  pinned from here.  original recipe via two peas & their pod.
this is so good.  i love avocados so much.  i love macaroni & cheese.  this is macaroni topped with a delicious sauce created in part by avocados, pepperjack cheese, lime juice and cilantro.  oh man.  i'm gonna be making this again reeeal soon. 

buffalo chicken enchiladas.  pinned from here.  original pin via the novice chef
i love buffalo anything.  i'm pretty sure i've had at least one buffalo chicken recipe in each of these i've done.  i'm always making something new that's buffalo chicken something!  these, like anything else i've done that's been buffalo-something are just amazing.  they were soooo spicy- but i'm definitely a wimp as far as spiciness goes- so they're probably not spicy at all.  these were super easy too!  get on it!

oh, man... now i'm starving.  snack time.  have you made any of these?  would you make any of these?!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

baby #2 - month 3

 week 9.  
top- liz lange maternity.  dress- missoni for target.
how far along- 9-12 wks (december 12th-january 8th)
due date- my phone's pregnancy app says july 17th- but my doctor is saying july 20th
weight gain- not really sure.  i think maybe 5 lbs
maternity clothes- i bought a couple of dresses to wear for work
symptoms- still exhausted.  a little bit of heartburn.  the real morning sickness has began with lots of fun sickness incidents.  also, i'm having to pee all the time- esp at night.
have we announced- we told our family for christmas and announced on facebook a few days after my appointment- so yes!
cravings- for some reason i saw a commercial for red lobster and i really wanted that.  shrimp.  and sushi.  so basically- seafood.  
aversions- nothing yet- but i definitely haven't been wanting sweets very much. 
am i showing-  the bump is definitely more noticeable.  
missing anything-  i really want sushi
doctor's visits-  my first visit was january 3rd.  we had an ultrasound and got to see baby!  i also had routine blood work and a pelvic exam.  hooray.

week 11 or 12?  i think this is actually 12.
dress- old navy maternity

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducting ModCloth's Style Gallery

ModCloth has one of the coolest new contests going on the web right now! From 3/11 through 7 AM PST on 3/18, ModCloth is inviting community members to check out their brand new Style Gallery, upload a photo, love images and share the looks that inspire them throughout the week of 3/11-3/18. The image that gains the highest community-generated loves will win the top prize of a $100 ModCloth gift card! The other exciting part, you ask? Two random lovers of that winning image will also each score a $50 gift card! Head over to ModCloth right now to participate in the Style Gallery or maybe just check out all of the great fashions available!
Extra Style Gallery Details

How will winners be selected, you ask?
The owner of the image with the most ‘loves’ between 7 a.m. PT 3/11 and 7 a.m. PT 3/18 will win a $100 ModCloth gift card.

When will winners be announced?
ModCloth will contact the winners via email by 3/22 and announce the winners on the blog at 7 a.m. PT 3/27.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

oh baby, it's ANOTHER baby! (month 1 & 2)

so as i'm sure most of my readers know since i know you in real life or via other social media- we are expecting again!!!  i found out on november 7th that i am pregnant!!!  funny story...  i had a visit that day with the dr. i was seeing for my dieting stuff- and i was a little tired of my dieting- so i thought, "what if i was pregnant, then i wouldn't have to be on this crazy diet" and i decided to take a test...  sure enough.  2 of the faintest pink lines you've ever seen- i wasn't even sure i was really pregnant b\c 1. they were so faint and 2.  it was waaay early- i mean, i wasn't even 4 weeks- that's how early.  needless to say i feel like i have been pregnant for an eternity.  the next night i went to hang with some friends and they knew something was up when i passed on the spirits... so they made me take another test- and that one pretty much shouted at me that i was pregnant.  i took a 3rd test 5 days after i missed my period- via my drs orders and that was pretty much all the confirmation i needed...

i think these are tests 1 & 2.

so, just for the sake of not having to make 15 posts since i am already so far along - i'll start with monthly updates until i can get caught up!

month 1 (weeks 1-4).

no photos.  and really nothing to update- all i knew is that i was pregnant... i was just waiting for the crap to hit the fan!

month 2 (weeks 5-8)

how far along- 5-8 wks (november 14th-december 11th)
due date- my phone's pregnancy app says july 17th
weight gain- not really sure.  my scale is never accurate so it's hard to tell.  maybe 2 lbs?
maternity clothes- not yet!
symptoms- my boobs hurt.  i'm exhausted during the day and can't sleep at night.  very nauseous, no vomiting.
have we announced- only a few friends know.  we want to wait and tell our families for christmas.
cravings- nothing yet
aversions- nothing yet
am i showing-  i feel like i am, but the average person probably wouldn't notice.
missing anything-  would be nice to have a drink

 week 5 (l) and week 6 (r).  dresses:  loft and modcloth

 week 7 (l) and week 8 (r).  dress and sweater:  modcloth

more to come!
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

more highlights from the last, oh, 6 months

let's pretend i'm blogging again.  really though, i'm trying.  i'd like to makeover the blog- design, name, etc... but i have no idea how to go about something like that- so advice is welcome.  i'm pretty sure i have a name... i just don't know how to go about the rest.

my child is growing up.  i'm going to start crying in the corner any minute now.  let's rewind back a little and see how this process started- i mean, besides the obvious. 

late summer we decided that it was time to say goodbye to the crib.  it had a good run- and while it was still working successfully (ie: there were never any escape attempts) we were ready to move ian into his big boy bed.  dave found this incredible bed online- and i was sure that we could at least attempt to recreate it. 

 painting the bed.  we picked this bed up off of freecycle!  what a deal.

 i let dave do the difficult stuff...
 more painting...
 hold me...

 the finished project!  i think we did pretty well... although the back part fell off.  :(

enjoying his new bed!

we've been pretty darn lucky with the bed- we've yet to have any real issues- he's rolled off the side once- but we kept the crib mattress on the floor for several months, and he's only rolled into the other side a few times, so my friend made a body pillow to fit between the bed and the wall.  other than that, sleeping in there has been a breeze.  i'm glad we waited for the right time- i think he was ready!  he loves his hockey bed!!

there was a lot that went on after that- dave's best friend got married, i hosted 40 people at our house for a house party, we traveled to atlanta and i stood in the wedding of a very good friend, we celebrated one year in our house... and finally.. halloween.  

we continued our annual tradition of going to the pumpkin farm!

and we carved a pumpkin!

then we dressed up for halloween and some of us looked ridiculous...

 ian wanted to be woody for halloween and pretty much never changed his mind once he had decided.  i thought he was pretty cute!

 woody and his best buddy, hello kitty!

 (i told you some of us looked ridiculous- it was me)...

and with all that nonsense, i'm basically almost all caught up!  so i promise i won't wait another month before posting again!  we got big news coming!!  ;)

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