30 before thirty

last updated 9/16/11

1.      renew my passport - nope, we're broke.  this would be a" luxury" item.
2.      visit canada - see above.  need a passport to go to america jr. these days
3.      start an actual work out plan or start riding a bike 
4.      lose the rest of my baby weight + 10 - i still haven't lost the rest of my baby weight.  super sad. 
5.      bike out to crystal lake and back - no.  it's 40 mi r/t.  BUT, i did bike 40 mi this weekend.  cl is next!
6.      drink less soda 
7.     throw an awesome 30th birthday bash - in the works.  i can party when i want!
8.      develop a weekly plan for keeping our house clean 
9.      finish printing all my pre-baby photos and put them into albums - no.  see #1.  but we're at least to our honeymoon now...
10.  plant a garden 
11.  date night with husband at least twice a month 
12.  super secret Item- RAN A TRIATHLON!!
13.  take our first family vacation - see #1
14.  pay off (original- ie: ian's birth) hospital bills so we can pay off student loans and be debt free! 
15.  teach ian sign language 
16.  get my nose pierced- maybe? this is a no for now.  or ever.
17.  bake a cake from scratch 
18.  cloth diaper and cloth wipes 
19.  start a compost pile 
21.  eat healthier- more cooking at home! 
22.  continue growing our marriage by working on the love dare - 30 days to go until completion!
23.  join the rest of the modern world with a smart phone 
24.  get rid of the clothes in my closet/drawers that i’m never going to wear again 
25.  have all my old camp/college tshirts made into quilts - see #1. 
26.  take ian to the georgia aquarium
27. purge our own home of all the stuff we don't need.
28.  file our financial documents- shred the junk! 
29.  visit at least 3 more ballparks  1.  cleveland.  2. no.  see #1.  but 2 to go. 
30.  drink at least 32 oz. water a day
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