Friday, May 31, 2013

our trip to atlanta

my brother got married almost 4 weeks ago (crazy).  all 3 of us were in the wedding, and i was really a little worried about how ian was going to act.  luckily for us, dave's dad officiated the wedding, so we had lots of grand-parental backup.  it ended up being a really nice weekend other than it marked the beginning of some of the worst pregnancy symptoms i have ever had (hoping they're totally unrelated)...

dave & i decided that ian and i would fly down at the beginning of the week, so we could spend some time with family and try and see a few friends.  i wanted dave to save up his vacation days...  we are so stingy.  dave has 6 (SIX) weeks of vacation this year and we are hoarding them like he has 2...  i was definitely nervous about being close to 30 weeks pregnant and flying with a 3 year old, but ian loves planes and we talked it up for a few weeks, plus had the portable dvd player and a new car in tow to help things out....  my fears however, were not unfounded.  ian has only had a stomach virus once in his life- and that was his first christmas.  he chose on the way to the airport to start his second.  i picked him up from daycare and they said he had been in obvious pain all day- and as i was pulling into dave's office to pick him up, he decided to release that all over the back of dave's car.  i thought for a second it was going to be two of us.  by the time we got to the airport, ian was on his 3rd outfit of the day.  i didn't ask for gate assistance from dave, so once we got to security, i was on my own.  i did get to go through family security though- which was about the end of my nice experience with people at the airport.  from that point on i was basically on my own.  i nearly had to sit on the floor at our gate... i had to crawl under a rope to get out of line at mcd's... and i had a flight attendant who obviously didn't have children.  seriously, lady... the male flight attendant had more empathy than you did.  also, i don't know how people join the mile high club b\c an airplane bathroom barely fits a 30 lb 3 year old and a 30 week pregnant woman... and we were in there twice.  luckily, ian was only sick once on the plane- and that was as we were landing...  even better, that was the end of it.  so, needless to say the trip started out verrrry eventful. 

lots of photos to follow... beware..

 see the giant mark on his face that he got by accident from dave... oi.  luckily it was gone by saturday.

from tuesday to thursday, ian and i just took it easy and met up with some friends.  friends... i love you.  you are the best. 

 bevy buddy!

 friends from high school, work, church and college.  thanks for always being there!

 the difference between your first baby and your second.  look at her tiny little bump.  we're due a week apart!

dave arrived with his parents early friday morning.  we let them sleep for a bit and then in the mid-afternoon we headed to athens.  we stayed at the gameday condos- which are super nice and we all were able to stay in there together.  the weather forecast was crappy for saturday, so we all sucked it up and were resigned to the fact that there would probably be an indoor wedding.   the rehearsal dinner was the varsity, so it was basically the greatest wedding rehearsal of all time.  yum.  yum. 

when i woke up saturday morning, the forecast was correct- pouring rain.  and it poured, and poured.  all.  day.  the wedding was beautiful.  ian actually walked down the aisle.  i didn't pass out during the ceremony.  it was great to see friends and family that i had not seen in a while either.  congratulations derek & brittany.  we love you so much!

a few pre-wedding photos.  

 ian with his grammy, who was luckily there to keep us sane and keep ian busy with angry birds

 ian and his buddy, jimmy.  they heard the cake was being cut!

 ian with his g.g. & pop!

 distracting uncle derek during speeches..

 dancing with grampy

 dancing by himself

 and dancing with mommy

 he was extremely interested in what went on before the garter toss...

 c'mon ride that train, ian

 kisses for aunt bittny

 see ya later!

 my love.

 the bride...

we did it!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

baby #2. month 8

how far along- 29-32 wks (may 1st-may 28)
due date- july 20th
weight gain- at my last ob appointment i was up 35 lbs.  since i started this pregnancy already up 10 lbs from my first, that means i officially weigh what i did the day i had ian.  major depress-fest. 
wedding rings-  my wedding ring and engagement ring are both off.  my hands don't look/feel bigger, but they obviously are.
symptoms- i don't know what set it off, but since the night my brother got married i have been suffering from terrible acid reflux.  it's just awful.  my feet are pretty swollen too- which also started when my brother got married.  during the car ride back i noticed i couldn't wear my shoes, and it's been that way ever since.  this weekend i had go to buy some size 9 flip flops from old navy.  yikes!  i refuse to be kim kardashian.   i officially have cankles.  it's awful.
cravings- really wanted a king's hawaiian roast beef from arby's last week.  
aversions- nothing.  probably past that point
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  the fruity drinks of summer.  pants that fit.  walking normally.
sleep-  i. can't. stop. snoring.  poor dave.  i know he hates me.  it's absolutely terrible.  i'm waking MYSELF up.  it's disrupting everyone's sleep.  :(  poor dave had to sleep on the couch last night. 
innie or outie-  still depends on the time of day! 
movement- lots of movement.  hiccups, kicks, punches, rolls.  
doctor's visits-  i'm into my 2 week appointments, so i had 2 this month.  both were routine.  baby is measuring for my due date and heart rate is in the normal range.  i've also scheduled the remainder of my appointments.  scary!
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  nothing yet.
braxton hicks-  they've calmed down a little, although i'm starting to feel contractions more in my pelvis than belly.  ouch. 
gym-  still trying to get to the gym.  dave & i usually walk the track on monday & wednesday and i do zumba tuesday/thursday.  walking is harder b\c i feel like it induces contractions.  zumba is easier for me- although i'm really slow/uncoordinated!

this month in belly shots-

29 weeks
my brother's wedding day.  i felt like a cow.  boo.
  dress-  david's bridal

 30 weeks
dress:  prabal garung for target

 31 weeks
dress:  modcloth (via swap)!

 32 weeks
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

on allergies and childen (or my child, anyway)

oh, my son.  i don't think i have ever gone into details about ian's allergies.  we have known since ian was about 3 months old that he has eczema- which is something we are still dealing with.  when he was about 7 months old- i had my first suspicions that ian may have an allergy to milk- a suspicion that was confirmed when he was maybe 18 months old (we found out then he's also allergic to eggs).  since that time we have seen an allergist once or twice a year and have been the proud owners of countless prescription and over-the-counter skin creams that are applied from head to toe.  we carry an epi-pen.  i consider myself an "expert" on eczema...

so, let me share a little bit about allergies, etc.  i can best sum this up by telling you exactly what our allergist told us- think about a triangle- on the three corners are eczema, allergies and asthma.  they are all related.  if you have 1- you most likely have all 3- they just may not all be showing.  we're definitely lucky when it comes to allergies, but it still stinks. 

so another part of this is that ian catches every little bug under the sun.  his immune system is just more susceptible to these things.  we can't even set foot inside of our gym without him catching something.  so thanks to all the parents out there who bring their sick children to the gym.  eff you.

because of this, ian has some kind of bug since november- NOVEMBER.  that's about 6 months of runny noses, sneezes, and a hacking cough.  we have missed more time at daycare (and we only go once a week) than every other child at daycare combined.  when ian initially got sick he was sick for six straight weeks without relent.  after 6 weeks, we finally broke down and called the pediatrician (something we don't do often b\c of our wonderful insurance) and we were told ian had a slight ear infection.  we were given a prescription of amoxicillian and told about the wonders of zarbees.  this totally knocked things out- for a bit.

so- easter week.  ian had been sick... again... and this time he had been sick for at least 2 weeks.  the last straw was when they called me at work to pick him up from daycare.  i called the pediatrician's office again.  ian had another slight ear infection and was having bronchio-spasms.  we were given another prescription for amoxicillian along with a prescription for albuterol to be given through 
an aero-chamber.

we were told to watch after the first dosage of albuterol for shaky hands b\c it can make you jittery.  well, we didn't have anything like that with ian- so we would give 2 doses as prescribed.  things took a turn on friday...  ian had not napped friday (nor had he napped thursday)- but what set us off was when we got him up friday and gave him his inhaler dosage- not even 5 minutes later he was running circles around our house, yelling, screaming and punching the air.   he would get hysterical when when we would tell him no- or even worse, he would be really sassy with us- and not the normal sassy more of a "you hush your mouth" to us sassy.  yikes.

after consulting facebook (a reputable source) we heard that this was pretty much the "norm" from friends who have children on albuterol, nurse friends and pharmacist friends.  we decided then that we would discontinue the albuterol.  it was still 2 more days until it all seemed to be worked out of ian's system.  ian finally seemed back to normal when we woke up on monday morning- but, oh, the real fun had yet to begin...

we continued our amoxicillian dosage, but kept noticing that his skin seemed dry and a little bumpy- by friday he was covered in hives.  we weren't sure what to do, so we took him to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said it looked like he was developing an allergic reaction and to discontinue immediately. saturday, i called the ped- and they couldn't see him until monday.  we had planned a trip to dave's aunt & uncle's house- and as we were traveling there, his skin continued to get worse.  he had fun playing- but he was constantly itching.

that night was awful- we tried to put ian in our bed- but he refuses- he wanted his own bed.  it was almost impossible for me to sleep b\c i could hear him thrashing around and itching.  i ended up going in the room and sleeping in his bed so i could try to keep him from scratching- it was nearly impossible as he was really angry any time i would try to stop him.  between that and his fever- he was so hot that i was burning up just being next to him... it was miserable.  the next morning i put him in the tub- a lukewarm bath with the bath soak we use... but he was so hot from his fever that he was freezing in the bath.  i ended up taking ian to urgent care b\c he was so miserable. at urgent care, they gave us a dose and prescription of prednisone.  by the end of the day, almost all of his hives had cleared up, and by the end of the 7 day prescription, his skin looked the best it had ever looked. 

so two thursdays ago i took ian back to the dr. for his follow-up to the above appointment.  i shared my concerns about albuterol and how it had made ian act like a crazed maniac.  ian had started coughing again a couple days before we went in- and we were definitely needing the inhaler again, but i had been avoiding it.  the pediatrician was able to help give me a few solutions on giving him the albuterol and keeping him calm- lo and behold, they worked!  i also told the dr. about the hideous reaction to amoxicillian.  we won't be taking that again...  during the exam, we found out ian had ANOTHER ear infection.  now we get another follow-up appointment to this follow-up appointment...  unfortunately, he doesn't have enough diagnosed infections for tubes, so we were prescribed a new antibiotic.  guess what?  not all antibiotics are the same.  amoxicillian is only $4 at my pharmacy (free at meijer.  you're welcome), but our replacement antibiotic- over $60.  the hell?!?!  so, we did our 10 days on the replacement- which ran out saturday and guess what we have now?  raging side effects...  he has been miserable for the last week- so miserable that last night he woke up screaming in pain.  we spent about 30 minutes trying to get him calm- as he was inconsolable.  finally he fell asleep in our bed and we ended up keeping him in there b\c dave fell asleep and i wasn't going to attempt carrying back into his room on my own.  when you're pregnant and you have to share your bed with a 3 yo and your husband- you might as well sleep on the floor.

even if this was happening... at least they got bed space..

giving dave the business...

so, today, ian is still having issues- i finally called the nurse, and they've recommended the b.r.a.t. diet and some probiotics to straighten him out (since he can't have yogurt).

lawd.  i hope this baby girl is healthy as a horse...  i'm about to shun modern medicine...

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

baby #2 month 7

i can't believe i haven't posted in 2 weeks.  my brother is getting married this weekend, and i have been super-stressed about the trip and arrangements and dr's appointments- it's just been crazy. 

how far along- 25-28 wks (april 3rd-april 30th)  3rd trimester!!!
due date- july 20th
weight gain- i am allegedly up 27 lbs.  it doesn't matter what i do- i am destined to be a pregnant person who gains a ridiculous amount of weight.
wedding rings-  the weather has still been pretty cool with the exception of this past week.  i spent sunday packing up all my winter clothes.  if it's cold when i get back- i'm gonna just be cold. 
symptoms- i spoke too soon.  was a little nauseous this week. 
cravings- i wanted an icee.  settled for a slurpee.  
aversions- nothing.  wow 
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  i've really wanted a margarita or something like that this month
sleep-  i'm still sleeping pretty well.  not for long i'm sure.
innie or outie- it really depends on the time of the day. 
movement- lots of movement still.  some are not very comfortable!
doctor's visits-  last week was my last 4 wk appt.  i had my placenta check ultrasound.  we are still having a girl and my placenta moved a bunch!  no mandatory c-section!  i also had my 1 hr glucose test and a tdap shot.  they had so much trouble taking the blood for my test- i got 2 sticks.  i failed my glucose test however and had to come back friday for the 3 hour.  boring.  and that test = 4 sticks... which for me turned into 7 or 8.  i lost count. 
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  i'm still waiting.
braxton hicks-  they've been terrible.  just trying to force myself to drink lots of water. 
gym-  still hitting up the gym.  i'm going to have to start bringing a little spray fan to zumba... it's so hot in there!

i also flew on an airplane this week.  no one cares about pregnant people.  no one.  esp pregnant people flying alone with a toddler.  the security people were the nicest, most accommodating people i met on the entire trip.  more on my insane trip later though. 

 25 weeks
cardigan: target
dress:  modcloth

 26 weeks
cardigan:  target
belt:  target
dress:  asos

 27 weeks
dress:  old navy maternity

28 weeks
dress:  liz lange maternity for target
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