Monday, November 28, 2011

wish list friday, er, monday: winter boots/shoes

i skipped last week b\c we were at the movies late...  and i took this past friday off for thanksgiving... this is off to a poor start, but no worries, i'm back

what girl doesn't love shoes?  a crazy girl that is.  i'm always looking for new shoes- unfortunately you don't really get to wear pretty shoes in the midwest.  i spent most of last winter wearing my sweater boots- which are comfy and warm, but not necessarily the cutest.  most heels are basically out- so i need cute, flat shoes that are warm.  oh, and they most likely can't be suede or anything like that b\c the snow will ruin them.  it's a shame.  a real shame.

 here are the boots on my love list. i'll be back later this week with heels & flats!!  ;)  maybe...

1.  undercover studs boot- modcloth.  cute, flat and under $50.  yes, yes, yes.  
2.  jersy boots- blowfish.  the partially hidden zipper is a cool look.
3.  sueded desert wedges- old navy.  my old navy shoes have lasted for years.
4.  write now bootie- modcloth.  out of mama's range, but cute.
5.  riley tall slouch boot- payless.  extended calf.  sometimes i think i need this.
6.  xhilaration kainda boot- target.  i bet i can't navigate ice & a toddler in these...
7.  coconuts dylan boot- piper lime.  flat boots, yes.  ended up getting boots similar to this at target for $10!!
8.  merona kasia boot- target.  most wanted: tall, flat, black boots, but sorry target- $50?!  ha.
9.  xhilaration sadella heeled booties- target.  cute, except that i am scared of heels b\c of all the ice & snow!
10.  naughty monkey misfit- piper lime.  not a wedge, not a heel.  manageable!
11.  elzinga boots- aldo.  my fave on the list- love the hidden wedge!
12.  b.o.c by born martina boot- dsw.  these look like they have a super safe sole + look super comfortable!
13.  naughty monkey detective boots-  again with the not-heel, not wedge thing.
14.  clooney by coconuts- piper lime.  these look identical to another pair listed... but with a wedge
15.  faux leather riding boots- old navy.  i've been happy with all my inexpensive old navy shoes- they always hold up well.

i ended up going with a pair of flat motorcycle boots from target that didn't even make my most loved list, yet were only $10- and that always makes my list! 
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22 months

it's so hard to believe that ian will be 2 in just 2 short months.  every month is a cause for celebration, and he just becomes more of a joy every day (tantrums and all). 

there haven't been a lot of changes from last month other than adding new words to his vocabulary every day.  he's always saying something that you didn't know he could say (pepperoni, coffee) and picking up new words that he hears you say.  his big phrase this past month has been "you're silly."  he loves to say it to you and then just bust into laughter. 

with more words, comes more memorization.  he's really into singing songs.  it isn't shocking to be riding in the car and hear him singing along to mumford & sons or even rhianna.  i guess you only need to hear something once or twice before you really know it. 

he's really playing with all his toys now.  riding on his ride along toys, playing with blocks, and his new favorite- cars.  he loves carrying his cars everywhere he goes. 

we moved, and he has taken to our house quite well.  the first week or so was a little trying, but he's all settled in now.  he actually has room to run around and play and can just run up & down the halls and do as he pleases- now if we could unpack those last few boxes and keep him out of those!  since we're in a room that's on the same level as everything in the house, we've started room time.  it's an hour of the day where i put ian in his room with music, a small snack and a drink and a few toys and he plays on his own.  it's perfect for me to get work done, and it helps him to play on his own.  it was a struggle at first- in the beginning we couldn't even get through 10 minutes b\c he wailed the whole time, but now he really enjoys himself and i get a few things done without worrying about him being right underneath me so we can spend the rest of the day together. 

i'm still looking into a 1 day a week program- i may have found something- but it's not close to here and would be out of my way for going to my office.  there is actually a church very close to our house that offers a program, but ian misses the cut off date for being 3 by 5 days.  :(

he's definitely grown this month- we had to pack the 6-12 month pj's away, and we've even had to pack away a couple pairs of the 12 month pants.  i did go through his clothes from last winter though and i pulled his 12 month stuff all back out- we'll see what he can still wear as time goes on!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

mommy reads: breaking dawn

since it's taking me for-ev-er to re-read epl, i thought i'd go ahead & do my review of breaking dawn since the movie just came out on friday.

i feel like it took me forever to read this book.  i enjoyed it, but it was really long, really, really long.  here's the rundown:  bella finally marries edward, they have sex, bella gets pregnant w\ a half-vampire.  vampire babies can't exist, the volturi comes to kill the vampire baby, there's a huge fight.  the end.  i enjoyed the book- long but solid.  good way to end it- you can't go on and do these forever.

dave & i saw breaking dawn part 1 at the midnight showing friday morning.  i know there are so many people who hate the books, movies, etc.  i look at it like this: there are books and movies you take seriously, and the rest are just for fun.  this is my just for fun.  i can read the book and feel like i'm on a little break for a couple hours a day.  i can watch the movie, enjoy it whilst laughing at the bad acting & silly dialogue.  do i enjoy the movies?  yes.  are they oscar-worthy?  never.

i really liked the movie.  dave hated it- that's to be expected.  it set things up perfectly for part 2 without leaving a cliffhanger that leaves you dying for the next year.  edward is a total hottie & bella's wedding dress is gorgeous.  this movie was basically a set-up for the final movie- and that's where the real stuff will happen.

did you see breaking dawn?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

epic photo contest, yo!

once again ian has been entered by his loving mother into the modern bird photo contest.  you can vote for our little guy here.  the winner gets their photo transformed as only modern bird can do it.  i'm not liking our odds so far, but i'm keeping the faith!

besides, how can you not giggle when you see this!?

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Monday, November 14, 2011

dinner by pinterest

so everyone else here loves pinterest, right?  right.  now that we have that cleared up.  i love pinterest.  i'm not full-on obsessed... yet, but there's a lot of love going on there.  pinterest is good for people like me who just aren't creative, even in the slightest.  i told my husband this weekend that the least southern thing about me was the fact that i couldn't diy to save my life.  i see a craft, or some cute project that is touted as "super easy" and i'll find a way to eff it up.  however, i can cook, and that tends to be something that has a 99% success rate in the mchousehold, and since pinterest is obviously plotting to make me a contestant on a future season of the biggest loser, i might as well start sharing the calories goods with the rest of you!

avocado grilled cheese (and i don't like grilled cheese sandwiches)!  pinned from here.

these were so simple.  bread, avocado, mozzarella & pepperoni.  i added sun dried tomatoes for an extra kick.  so yummy.  can't wait to have these again!

mexican chicken lime soup.  remember my 99% success rate?  this soup is the 1%. . .  i single-handedly ruined this soup by making it so spicy that my husband could hardly eat it (so that means, i couldn't even come close).  i make a lot of rachael ray meals (i do basically own every cookbook she has) & she uses chipotles in adobo sauce a lot.  i got sick of buying cans, using 1-2 peppers & having to throw the rest out.  so i started spooning the leftovers into ice cube trays, freezing them & taking a cube out each time i needed one.  it turns out i managed to pack 6 chipotles into 2 cubes.  the recipe called for 2 peppers + sauce.  i carelessly used both cubes.  i am still burning.  i ended up having to scrap the broth & just eat the chicken, veggies, chips & avocado (which was yummy, btw).  hot hot hot.  this can be easily fixed for next time!  pinned from here.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

wish list friday: winter coats

i'm starting something new here called wish list friday in hopes that i will reinvigorate my blogging and blog reading.  and because i want a lot of things, and we're broke so i get no things.  it's like a collection of dreams.

first up, in honor of it SNOWING today.  grrrrrr brrrrr.... winter coats!

1.  candy cane cutie coat in frost by jack/bbdakota- modcloth (could replace my old white coat)
2.  duffle coat- delias (i love toggles)
3.  philanthropy chair charmer jacket by tulle- modcloth (cute short jacket)
4.  the icing on the coat in red velvet by knitted dove- modcloth (mmm, red velvet)
5.  calvin klein double breasted stand-up collar coat - lord & taylor (could use a new black coat)
6.  the perfect piccadilly coat by tulle- modcloth (cute retro plaid)
7.  ojai coat- jack by bbdakota (unique + love my current jack coat)
8.  polka dot margie coat by tulle- fred flare (sweet.  plus the dots are stitched, not printed)
9.  regimentary my dear coat by tulle- modcloth (love the zipper!)
10.  double cloth metro coat- jcrew (love the cobalt blue)
11.  very vermont jacket by jack/bbdakota- modcloth (looks warm!)
12.  candy apple chic coat- modcloth (belted & ruffled)

i doubt i'll be getting a new coat this year, but these are just so pretty to look at!

my biggest wish-  a safe & happy veterans day.  thankful for all those who served & who continue to serve- esp my family & friends.  praying for a safe return to the states this holiday season for my cousin carla's husband, austin. 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

halloween '11

i'm back!  we're all moved.  (almost) all settled in.  10 days later i am finally not having to "borrow" internet from unsuspecting neighbors anymore (thank you).  we spent our 1st night in our home as a family the sunday before halloween and we were ready to celebrate the big day with treats & costume.  we had only 6 trick or treaters, so we left to take ian around our little circle & then took him to the park district's halloween celebration.  i figured that this would probably be the last year i would get to choose ian's halloween costume, and while i thought that this one would be absolutely hysterical, we decided to go with something ian loves.  i love dressing up for halloween because it's a perfect time to bust out your inner skank i like creating a unique costume that might make you laugh and normally costs less than $15.  that's how i roll.  this year was no different.  we bought the little guy his costume, and then made dave & myself part of his crew.  photos abound!

introducing dj lance rock (who hates being photographed)

 dj lance does pause for a photo with mom & dad.

dad & mom's homemade muno & foofa costumes.  mom couldn't find her pink pants though!  boo.  inspiration from pinterest

yo family family!

do you still dress up? 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

more on halloween later, but first, this...

"I enjoy Halloween so much that I wrote this last year: "Being a parent of young kids sucks. Don't let anyone tell you differently. About six months ago, I wanted to start a Twitter account of quotes my wife screamed in the heat of those my-kids-are-driving-me-crazy-moments such as these: 'If you don't stop crying, I am going to stick you in the microwave!!!!' and 'Fine, climb up the stairs again; I hope you fall down, I really do!' She wouldn't let me because she thought child services would arrest us. The truth is, every parent snaps from time to time. We can't help it. Our kids' job is to suck all forms of life from us, frighten us, embarrass us in public and prevent us from sleeping until they turn four. We pretend it's not so bad when, really, it's mostly horrible and even somewhat indefensible. But — and this is a big but — they parcel out just enough, 'Wow, I'm so glad I had kids' moments to make it all worth it. And that's what Halloween is: an entire 'Wow, I'm so glad I had kids' day. At least until they eat too much chocolate and wake us up at 5 a.m. the next morning because they're Exorcist vomiting."

- bill simmons*

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