Wednesday, June 29, 2011

17 months

sweet ian turned 17 months old on june 20th! 

we have a walker!!  after 17 long months ian is finally walking!  what a stinker.  dave & i went out for my birthday and we left ian with dave's mom.  we were having a big family get-together that weekend, so our nieces and nephews were all in town.  our niece, annie is 19 months and has been walking for a while now and ian and her had fun playing together.  apparently, ian chased her around- on foot- while we were gone!  we left him there again the next evening to run a few errands and the same thing happened.  we finally got ian walking for good on father's day- and he's been off ever since!  it was a perfect father's day gift for dave & a perfect birthday gift for me! 

ian is still a really good eater.  we've definitely ran into some of the picky toddler behavior.  refusing to eat things that he normally likes, leaving a plate almost full.  we're still running into some issues with hives, so we are going to be making an appointment to see a pediatric allergist very soon. 

ian's mouth is now full of teeth!  after the issue with swollen molars, i looked in his mouth one day, and all of the sudden all 4 molars had popped through.  shortly after that, his 4th bottom tooth came in.  his little smile keeps getting sweeter!

we're still nursing in the morning, but it's winded down.  as of monday, we officially finished breastfeeding.  i didn't make it to 2 years, or even 18 months, but 17 months is awesome.  i'm proud of me and i'm proud of him! 

ian is getting better with sign language.  he has now added please (which he does with both hands) and occasionally no.  i'm currently working on a few other signs- mommy, daddy, and i love you.  but we have also been teaching diaper, dog, help me, and it hurts. 

ian also wants to be involved in everything.  he wants to help you close doors, flip light switches, close the garage, open things.  he also likes to hold the rail when you walk him up the stairs and close the baby gate at the top.  he also likes turning on his fan and his sound machine for naps/bedtime.  lately he's even helped me put clothes in the dryer.  hilarious!  he's definitely my little helper!

we are not potty training, but we have the materials for it.  we bought a potty for ian's bathroom a few months ago, and in the last couple weeks we bought one for downstairs.  we usually let him sit on the potty while we are running his bath.  we're not planning to force the issue though.  i was potty trained- practically overnight- at 22 months.  we'll see if ian does the same... 

here are this month's photos!

 ian and i at the petting zoo

 going on a walk

 reading a story (no photos with daddy this month for some reason)

ian and the 1st face he ever saw in this world, dr. barthel.

and i present to you... the anatomy of a monthly photo.  

this isn't getting any easier...

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maxed out

scarf: vintage (was my grandmother's)
giant sunglasses: forever 21
maxi: old navy (maternity)
shoes: seychelles

for starters- i am totes not pregnant (despite how it may look).  i bought this dress the spring after i had ian, and i still enjoy its giant breezy qualities.  a few weeks ago i started following the concrete catwalk and i am currently participating in her scarf swap (i am mulling over a few scarves to send to my swap partner, but i just can't make up my mind).  i am pretty stoked about getting my scarf and trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my wardrobe.  these 30 days are all about thinking outside of the closet and my comfort zone- and a scarf would do just that.  i wanted to practice so i'd be all ready when my scarf arrived.  i was totally drawing inspiration from here - although i haven't figured out the hair yet.  at dinner i felt like people were looking at me funny and i didn't know why... but i realized... duh, i have a scarf in my hair, but what's so weird about that?  nothing, b\c even the husband didn't make a crack about it, and i thought for sure that'd be the first thing out of his mouth!  i have a lot of pretty scarves that belonged to my grandma that i've had for a while, and it's time i get to wearing them.  speaking of my grandma- i have a ring that used to belong to her that i forgot to take off while pregnant...  my fingers are still bigger now and i haven't been able to take the ring off for a close to 2 years...  sadly, it may have to be cut and remade....  please pray, keep your fingers crossed, or whatever you do that i can get it off on my own w\o compromising the original band.  i really want it off my finger so it can breathe- it definitely has an effect on the finger, as that finger just looks weird and swollen.  ai yi yi.
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Monday, June 27, 2011


this week seemed tough.  i started on monday w\ a dr.'s appt. where according to their records, i was actually a lb heaver than what i weighed when i saw them last year.  they also had me about 5 lbs heavier than what my home scale has me listed as.  what the heck do i really weigh?!  however, weighing myself at home had me losing 2 lbs this week.  i was under my sugars 2 days this week, which for me, is really good.  it's the biggest thing i have to work on.  my problem has never really been eating too much.  it's just been eating too much sugar.  

i've had a problem in these last few weeks with being lazy about eating.  not lazy in that i'm just shoving junk in my mouth.  lazy in that i just don't feel like eating in general.  i think i've been trying to hard to eat good things- ie: only oatmeal and a non-sugar cereal for breakfast- that i just get bored.  i can only make so many salads for lunch.  then i just eat nothing b\c rather than make another salad, it's just easier that way.  and that's worse.  this morning i had a lara bar, a banana and milk for breakfast- only b\c i didn't feel like making oatmeal or pouring a bowl of cereal.  needless to say, i'm probably already over my sugar today- and all i've had is fruit! 

workouts seem to be getting harder to squeeze in now that it's summer.  we got a jogging stroller from dave's cousin last summer, but the tire is getting flat and the pump is missing a piece.  dave's bicycle pump doesn't fit.  tuesday we decided that instead of going to the gym, we would walk to one of the gas stations by our house (there's one located a mile away on either side of our neighborhood) to pump the tire and then jog back.  we chose the wrong one.  we got all the way there to find that the air machine was broken.  boo.  wednesday was the best workout of the week.  friday was a freak out session by me where i actually cried about our upcoming event.  there's a lot of self-doubt and nerves involved.  we have 2 weeks to go. 

just keep swimming...

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sunday funday

tank: loft
shorts: loft
flip flops: havaianas
cuff: c/o mom & dad for my 1st mother's day!

today was busy.  we started out the morning watching dave play hockey, after that i whipped up a cheesecake, then ian had a 1st bday party to go to.  then we had a bbq to go to. then i still had to go grocery shopping.  insanity.  this was pretty darn comfortable and perfect for all my running around.  also: i bought these shorts while i was pregnant and was totes excited that they still fit me considering they weren't maternity.  now they're too big!  eee!  also, the aforementioned summer of hair continues.  today i tried the fishtail braid/plait.  finally...  success!  this one actually looks the way it's supposed to...  miracles do happen!  she can be taught!

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sun's out, guns out

earrings: american eagle
top: loft
shorts: loft
shoes: full tilt

since i spent all day friday in gym clothes, i am fast-forwarding to saturday.  it finally decided to be summer again here in the midwest, so of course we all needed to wear shorts and it's been so cold lately that dave & i decided to forgo the sunscreen.  luckily, things turned out better than they did the last time i didn't wear sunscreen (my honeymoon) and all i ended up with were lightly pinkened (new word) shoulders.  we did get to spend some time with our nephews and later i got a pair of pearl izumi cycling shoes for only $10.  it's such a good deal i want to slap someone.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

tied up

sweater: loft
top: loft
trousers: loft
shoes: seychelles

the more we take photos, the more i hate this.  i am less and less pleased with the way i look as the project goes by #selfconfidenceissues anyone?  anyway...  i am really digging this sweater that i got for my birthday.  it's so light i want to wear it all summer long... so thankfully it's part of my 30 for 30.  i also tried something new with my hair today (oops, thursday)... this.  i did the full bow though, and i think my hair needs to be a little longer for it to fully work.  i also tried the half bow.  here's the picture- it's a mess, but this was at the end of the day mind you.  i declare this the summer of hair!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

on the fence

sweater: loft
blouse: loft
trousers: loft
shoes: toms
scarf: pronta via giveaway

i'm still not sure about my feelings on this outfit.  i just felt really big when wearing it, and the buttons on the blouse seemed to show right through the sweater.  on the other hand, i just felt like my outfit was something i'd wear to work, if i had a real job that i went to.  but something seems off?  by the way, how cute is my little scene stealer?  and how creepy is my other scene stealer?  also, love my wind blown hair?  if kendi can bring her wind machine.. then so can i.

i also attempted my own photo as a practice if the need ever arises.  2 things.  1.  no, my bed is not made.  2.  little hand prints all over the mirror.  

for my hair, i attempted this.  believe me, it needs a lot of work, and i need little hair bands.  it would probably help if i wasn't doing it with an arm that just had a tetanus shot.  it's always hard to tell how things like that look in my hair anyway, seeing that it's so dark.  i'll keep trying or wishing for 2 more arms.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

birthday in vignette

good morning, i'm 30

inside the shakespeare theater where we saw the play murder for two

 the ferris wheel at navy pier

a sweet treat from a sweet friend
my new toms.  comfortable.  casual

lemon cake.   made by the husband.  icing was homemade and the cake was "partially" homemade.  delish.
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growth spurt

jacket: forever 21
tshirt: loft
jeans: loft
shoes: full tilt

the husband may be rehired b\c i look like a full-on amazon in today's photo.  this of course is thanks to me and the tips i gave him on how to make me look taller.  too bad i have scrunched face in all the pictures from laughing at his chosen photographer's position.  moving on.  i love this cute jacket that i got dirt cheap(er) than usual from forever 21.  one day i will be thin enough to feel comfortable wearing it zipped up.  also, these wedges were a steal that i bought myself for my birthday last year.  they are supes comfortable.  i have finally reached the stage of motherhood where i feel comfortable in heels (aka: i can wear them + carry baby w\o fear of dropping him on his head)- yippee!  plus, i seriously look over 5'5" in the picture, right?? ;)
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change the way you spend

here's the last post, as promised...  sorry it's so late!

i'm devoting my birthday week to big changes that we've made in our lives over the last 2 years- particularly the last year.  i've already talked about changing the way we eat and use... now i'm here to talk about the money, money, money...

money has been a very big challenge for us over the last 2 years.  it's definitely been the single-biggest source of tension in our home.  when we were married we each had debt- we each had our own student loans, dave had his car and we each had credit card debt- his had our honeymoon on it, and mine just had irresponsibility on it...  $27k in total debt.  boo.  we immediately got to work.  we had a house, and i had just gotten a new job- we were rolling right along.  1 year later we were down to $21k.  then the next spring things started falling apart.  i've probably told this 1000x, but here goes again- dave was laid off in january 2009.  he had made it through 3 previous lay offs, but this time not many people escaped.  luckily, he still had a month left to work, and a month left of pay after that.  during this time a job opened up at his company at the office he worked at when he first started w\ ge (outside of chicago).  he interviewed for the job, and was offered.  he had 45 days to report up there, and they would not assist w\ relo.  so we had 45 days to pack, move and figure out what to do w\ a house that we had not even owned for 2 years.  i ended up staying by myself for 6 weeks in atlanta packing our house (our neighborhood had recently been hit by a string of robberies too- comforting).  our rental prospect fell through and w\ foreclosures in the neighborhood, we were forced to short sale or else we'd be joining them.  making a long story short- we sold our house for almost $90k less than what we owed- luckily that was all forgiven.  blah blah.

so we moved up here and i found out i was pregnant a week later.  too bad no one wants to hire a pregnant woman.  i got a job at target, and worked there through the delivery.  during this time, we managed to pay off dave's car.  now we manage to live w\ my minimal income from the 2 jobs i have (i stay home w\ ian) and what my husband has.  with the ge insurance debacle from having ian and our previous er trip- we've accrued extra debt.  so we are working on paying that off...  it's hard.  most months i feel like we just have enough money to pay our bills and pay nothing extra, but we press on!

we started listening to dave ramsey while we were still in atlanta and we are currently at work on our debt snowball.  paying off the smaller debts up to the largest.  we currently pay just the minimum on both of our loans while we work on the hospital bill and our insurance.  once the hospital bill gets paid off (barring anything else happening) we start paying on dave's loan harder- then mine!  i'd like to get all this paid off before we think of buying a home again. 

here's the only advice i can offer on what works for us-

1.  don't use credit cards if at possible.  i wish this was fully true for us.  i have 2 store cards that i use for points purposes that are paid immediately upon use.  we also have a regular credit card that we use for big purchases (airline tickets).  our goal is to not have to use this card at all.

2.  make a budget.  we have been using the same excel file for almost 4 years that we add a new page to monthly.  it has a list of all our bills, how much is due, when it's due, how much remains, etc.  it helps to see the numbers in front of you.  instead of blindly paying every month, i can see that when i pay, the number gets smaller- and that still inspires me after 4 years.

3.  sell or donate what you don't need.  make money where you least expect it!  we are in the process of weeding through junk in our house.  we have been selling things on ebay and have made about $300 in the last 2 months.  what we don't sell, we'll donate.  whether it's having money in our pocket right now, or using the donation to write off on our taxes- it's putting money in our pocket either way!

4.  take advantage of referral programs.  some companies will offer you money if you refer people to them- we are with dish, and they offer up to $500 a year.  just through referrals so far, dave & i will be getting $45 off our bill.  that's our entire bill.

5.  less spending on junk.  this is a work in progress.  just learning not to buy stuff we don't need and saving for what we do need.  i started making a list of wants and needs.  seeing the list helps me know that we have to earn it.

6.  couponing.  i could write an entire post on this, but i won't bore you.  we shop @ supertarget b\c i get a 10% discount + 5% redcard discount.  coupons + making my list in advance = usually saving at least $50 per bill!  btw, coupons aren't just for junk food!

7.  cheap dates-  being broke may mean that you can't go on vacation, but it doesn't mean you can't have date night.  we try to do our dates via coupons/deals from groupon, scoubmob, or living social.  that gives us food or movie tickets for half price!  woot!

and those are just a few (whew!) of the ways we try to make our money work.  i'm always looking for more ideas, so bring them on! Pin It!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

husband, you're about to get fired

jacket: loft
top: loft
trousers: loft
shoes: seychelles

husband is going to get fired if he keeps taking blurry pictures in which i look to be about 3 feet tall.  srsly.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

the dust settles

birthday week and father's day weekend  aren't ever good for eating.  for one, we usually end up going out for both.  it's harder to track my calories when i'm out b\c not all restaurants are listed in the myfitnesspal app.  also, we end up eating home-cooked meals with family during that time- and that's even harder to track calories b\c i'm not the one who made them.  i'm happy to say that i'm back to my own home-cooked meals made by me where i'm able to track and list every ingredient.  although i do love family dinners. 

i'm also pleased to report that i finished my 1st 2 weeks doing wii fit workouts/weigh ins/body tests.  due to the wii fit being crazy- i had a goal of 138 lbs to lose in those first two weeks.  and although the wii said i was approaching my goal at a good pace- sadly, i didn't make my goal...  this time i was able to set a more reasonable goal.  my current goal is 11 lbs.  losing this 11 lbs will get me into the "normal" bmi range, and perhaps will get the wii fit to stop saying "that's overweight" every time i step on.  so far i've lost a total of around 7 lbs since i started getting serious about the way i eat.

workouts were also a little crazy this week.  monday, i missed the gym b\c they now close the nursery early, and it's become impossible to get ian there before his nap begins.  tuesday we ended up walking around the neighborhood.  wednesday, my sweet husband took ian during his lunch hour so i could go to the gym & run (our jogging stroller has a flat and the pump is missing a piece, grr), all so i could go to a party with my friend that evening (therefore sacrificing his own workout).  thursday we had to be in the city, so we missed that workout.  and friday we were finally back together @ the gym (even though i forgot my shoes- and sadly that's not the first time).  saturday we finally were able to hit the bike path.  i have to admit- every time i get on the bike i'm scared.  i actually had tears in my eyes at some points during this ride.  i did pretty well, if you don't count the time we were stopped at a red light and i freaked out when it turned green therefore letting dave ride across the street without me... oops.

goals for this week-  keep tracking, don't miss a workout, keep watching calories and sugar.

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note to self

necklace: loft
sweater: loft
trousers: loft
wedges: target

when i say note to self, i mean make sure you take your outfit photo in the morning.  this way if anything unsightly shows up when the pic is uploaded on your computer (or appears in your camera screen for that matter) you can make the change right away.  because that would be way better than say, going the whole day not knowing about it and then having to photo shop it later on...  seriously.
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party time

necklace: under her charm
top: loft
skirt: loft
sandals: havaianas

saturday was ridiculously busy.  we had a surprise party that started @ 12:45, a 1st birthday party that started @ 1 and family birthdays/father's day/mother's day after all of that.  this outfit was perfect for flitting from place to place and the flip flops made it that much easier.  i could just throw my sling over my body and put ian inside + i felt like i was barefoot all day.  perfect.
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blinded by the light

top: loft
shorts: old navy
shoes: toms

when one wants to notice all their flaws, all they need do is start taking a daily photo of themselves.  i will be introducing my legs to an entire bottle of self-tanner this week, i can guarantee that much.  i can also guarantee that toms will be the most comfortable shoes you ever put on your feet. 
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birthday girl

dress: modcloth
purse: vera bradley
jacket: loft
shoes: seychelles

i'm a little behind on outfits since i have hardly touched my computer since thursday, but sadly the madness is over and i am free to upload what i have worn.  we celebrated my 30th on thursday- dave pulled off the ultimate birthday surprise.  i threw on my new birthday dress and we headed out to the city.  the city is behind me, yet my camera doesn't want anyone to know.  i'm worried about re-dressing this outfit later.  moving on.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

garden party

blouse- loft
skirt- loft
shoes- seychelles
earrings- forever xxi

i wasn't sure if i would even have an outfit for today as i was just planning on staying at home and then running to the gym later.  however, a friend called and we headed to a garden party hosted by the local pumpkin farm/garden center.  it was pouring, but we had a great time and i even bought a few succulents to plant.  i just like saying succulents.  

boy, the camera adds like 20 lbs- or maybe that's what i really look like.  and my leg is at a weird angle. dave took this picture in the dark b\c he didn't feel like turning a light on, plus "the flash is on."  he needs a lesson in photography me thinks.  anyway, i bought this shirt a few months ago w\o trying it on (mistake) and i carried it w\ us when we went to atlanta (mistake).  it was so tight across the front that the buttons were all gaping out.  however, wearing it today there was  only minor gape-age.  the skirt also fits way better than it did when i purchased it as well.  so far, this is seeming less like 30/30 and more like adventures in a closet full of ill-fitting clothes.  however, like i said yesterday, this is all about discovering my closet!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

skinny jeans are not made for everyone

i'm really excited to be participating in the 30 for 30 remix via kendi everyday.  i love fashion, and i love seeing all the amazing outfits that other bloggers put together... but i find that i just can't put an outfit together to save my life.  when i'm forced to only use 30 pieces, my creativity has got to come through somewhere....  so here i go- 30 days, 30 real pieces of my wardrobe (and pj's and gym clothes don't count).  this may be tough b\c sadly, i don't leave my house some days..

let's get to it...

jacket: loft
tank: target
jeans: loft
shoes: seychelles

today's outfit was definitely a last-minute throw together.  i bought this top last night @ target ($2!) and i'm not 100% sure that i even like it- i guess i have 30 days to see...  i started the evening with a pair of jeggings on (free!), but you see, i have this problem- ok, 2 problems.  my thighs.  my thighs can take any pair of pants that would fit my waist perfectly- and make them not work.  i usually have to size my pants up 1 for my thighs- which is nice for my thighs, but not nice when you can pull 2" of pants from your pelvic area.  i ended up changing pants in a fit of frustration- these were the 3rd pair i settled on.  they are 2 sizes up from what i am wearing right now- but since they are skinny jeans- they're slim in the leg and i need that to fit my legs.  i blame this all on years of dancing coupled with genetics.  where's suzanne somers when you need her?
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

change the way you use

i'm devoting my birthday week to all the little changes that have been made in our lives during the last 2 years.  yesterday i talked about the way we eat - today i'm going to talk about the way we use and how to be a better user and not a waster.

i have not always been a recycler- it just isn't something that i see that's very prevalent in the south.  we recycled newspapers and magazines, but everything else- right in the trash.  when dave & i started dating, i noticed that everything is recycled here- it's part of the regular trash pickup.  when we bought our house in atlanta, i was interested in starting recycling up for our house, but there wasn't a pickup in our neighborhood- even where i nannied- which was in a nicer neighborhood- i didn't see a recycling pickup.  we decided to start on our own, but it took a little work on our behalf.  it's amazing how much trash recycling saved- we normally only had one bag of trash every other week (we took our own trash to a dumpster in our neighborhood).  even here we only have one bag of trash per week.  here's how to recycle in your area if you don't have a neighborhood pickup:  1.  recycling bins:  the sortera bins from ikea are excellent.  they come in 2 sizes and they easy stack.  they took up minimal room on our back porch- and since they have lids, the stuff inside stayed relatively dry when it rained.  they suffered their fair share of abuse- so when we moved up here, we threw them in with our last recycling drop off.  2. when we were in atlanta, we entered our zip and found a facility only a few miles from our house.  3.  when our bins would fill up, we loaded them in the back of the car and dropped our stuff off.  we usually sorted our stuff- we had 3 bins (paper, plastic & glass/aluminum) to make it easy b\c you never knew what bins were going to be at the facility we were at.  we went to the same place for 2 years, yet every few weeks they would have completely changed how they wanted you to sort stuff. 

cutting down on waste and junk
anyone who's ever seen an episode of hoarders probably  has an immediate desire to throw away half the belongings in their home.  having a child has definitely brought more "stuff" into our homes and so we have had to purge our own belongings to make room for baby.  this is a continual work in progress.  we started by going through our closets and drawers and getting rid of stuff that we knew would no longer fit (bye bye size 0's) or stuff we just didn't wear anymore.  we bagged that stuff up- and tried plato's closet (i hate that place- don't go there), when that didn't work, i listed my stuff on smashion.  i am giving my stuff a few months to see how it does, and after that, it goes to goodwill.  dave's stuff went to a neighborhood pickup.  we are slowly going through closets and other bins and trying to get rid of stuff.  a few tips from  obey the 12 month rule by throwing out anything you haven't used in 12 months- after 3 months re-evaluate and try to get rid of even more.  since we are trying to make a little money this is taking us a little longer- although my friend Tara brought up an excellent point once by saying it might be more cost-effective just to donate and take the tax write-off.  

another huge way we're saving on waste is by cloth diapering.  for those of you who are moms or who aren't and are really grossed out by this- yeah, it's a little gross.  is it any worse than a disposable diaper?  not really.  diapers are full of poop and poop is gross.  end of story.  ian still has to wear disposables at night b\c his skin is so sensitive, but the money we've saved in not buying diapers all the time has been tremendous.  not to mention all the garbage we save by not having to throw out up to 7-8 diapers a day.  they cost a lot up front depending on the route you go, but they were paid for in about 6 months- and i'm all for more money in my pocket.  plus, our water/energy bills haven't changed.  regardless, i will be so exciting when the diapering stage is over.  

the final part of cutting down on waste & junk is a new thing in our lives- composting.  i have wanted to do this for a long time and now that we are working on our own garden i have a better reason than ever! composting is an even better way to have less garbage than we already do...  bought lettuce w\ the intention of eating salad every day (oops) and now it's wilted?  compost it.  tired of your garbage smelling like coffee grounds- compost it.  it's amazing what kinds of junk can actually be composted.  we now have even less garbage, and i don't beat myself up if i find a little bit of rotten lettuce!  

the final change we've made is through reclaiming/reusing.  by doing this we are not shelling out money for the little things- therefore, keeping money for what we actually need.  part of this stirs up my "hoarders" tendencies- that i don't want to throw anything away b\c certainly it can be used for something.  an awesome site for this is freecycle .  this is a great place to give and get stuff for free in your area.  when we were ready to start composting, i went out and bought a garbage can for about $20.  luckily, a few days later, someone posted an offer for a similar trashcan to the one i bought- we were able to claim it, pick it up and return the one we bought- $20 back in our pockets!!  i also may or may not have stolen a drawer for gardening from an abandoned dresser in front of my neighbor's house on garbage day a few weeks ago...  

i love seeing other people reclaim stuff b\c i definitely don't have the same creativity that a lot of people have.  i wanted to share with you a little etsy site that does just that- tea & tangerines.  tea & tangerines was started by friends mary & lauren (l is on the modsquad with me)- lovers of vintage & candles!  do you love candles, but hate when you get to the end of one only to have a useless jar- problem solved.  lauren & mary not only make the candles themselves, but put them in pretty vintage reclaimed containers.  once the candle is done- your pretty container can be used in any way you like!  they have a lot of cute candles in their newly opened shop- but also do custom orders if you like certain scents or are looking for a certain type of container.  my favorite is this one- the glass is so pretty + i love fresh grass scented anything! 

want to reclaim something as your own- right now tea & tangerines is offering a 15% discount when you use the code LEMMEGITTHAT.  come on, go check tea & tangerines out!

i hope you've enjoyed day 2 of my little changes birthday week.  have any additional ideas for ways we can continue to change how we use- i'd love to hear in your comments!
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Monday, June 13, 2011

change the way you eat

this blog has been all about changes in my (our) lives.  the biggest being our sweet baby boy.  in honor of my 30th birthday i want to devote this week to the changes that we have made for the better.  most of these changes directly correlate in some way with my 30 before thirty.

i wish i had gotten a little more serious about my weight loss goal (see the list) sooner.  no, i will not have lost all my baby weight plus 10 by the time i turn 30 this thursday.  i won't have even lost all the baby weight.  so here i am nearly 17 months postpartum, and i still have 7-12 lbs to go before i reach what i was when i got pregnant (i am not exactly sure what i weighed).  it's really sad to think about- because now that i'm doing it- it's so easy.  i could have lost this weight months ago and saved myself the sadness of feeling fat most days. 

how am i finally doing it- it's all so simple.  1.  we have cut down on the amount of eating out that we do.  we have dinner out w\ dave's mom every tuesday night.  on thursday's if i'm at mom's group we do lunch @ panera afterwards.  that's usually it for most weeks.  dave & i do have our monthly out date (but even that doesn't always involve dinner) and we will occasionally pick something up if we're in a pinch- but it's not our fallback plan.  eating in not only saves money (more on that later this week) but it saves tons of calories.  we're not just eating frozen pizzas and junk like that either (although we do a frozen pizza (no greasy meats) 2x a week on the nights i work).  i plan 5-7 meals to get us through a 2 week period.  i either plan these meals from family favorites, blogs/online recipes or i flip through my collection.  by eating at home we get to eat together in a quiet environment with a well-balanced meal that ian can enjoy with us. 

2.  i am actually working out.  i hate working out.  i am lazy.  dragging myself to the gym 6 days a week is no fun.  some days it sucks (okay, most days), but i really can tell a difference in how i feel!

3.  i am tracking my calories.  this is where it all came together.  the 2 above items weren't good enough on their own.  i downloaded the myfitnesspal app on my phone (the info from your phone is also shared to an account that you can manage online).  the app is incredible- you can add the recipes that you cook and find meals from most national restaurants.  you can track all your nutrional intake + add in all your exercise.  everything that goes in gets tracked- that way i know if i have room for extra at the end of the night, or whether i am better without it!  when you can see everything you're eating in one place it really does make a huge difference. 

4.  i'm eating better foods- more veggies, more protein, less sugar.  i'm reading labels closely.  having ian makes this easier to do- i don't want him eating junk!  it really does make a difference!  sugar is my weakness- so now treats are extra special!

in a month i have lost around 7 lbs- which isn't half bad, but there's more work yet to be done.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

i resolve... june

not to make stupid resolutions this year that i will have forgotten about by... yesterday.

instead.  my "resolution" is to make a short list of attainable goals each month- and to share them with you.  sometimes later in the month than expected...

i'm running supes behind this month.  let's review my goals for may.

  • sell stuff we don't need on ebay (move clothes from smashion if necessary) i am happy to announce that we have made $300 selling stuff on ebay!!  i have also sold a few things on smashion.  i'm not even finished w\ all our ebay selling yet (more on this lately)
  • drink more water.  i've really been slacking lately.  did ok for a couple weeks, still not drinking enough.
  • go to bed earlier (revisiting this one b\c as soon as it came off my list, i just started doing it)- this one i'm back & forth on- it's after 2 am now...
  • detox.  guys, this is so hard.  thinking about it scares me.  i have a HUGE sweet tooth.  i don't feel that i overeat when it comes to sweets, but i love them so much.  i also love dr. pepper.  it's embarrassing... mostly embarrassing to admit that i'm so weak.  done!!  guys, this seriously jump-started my weight loss.  weight loss to date:  8 lbs!  squee!
  • 2 date nightsdone.  we had a couple movie nights at home and we had an out night going to see a friend's wife play w\ her band.
  • be the bigger person when it comes to a certain family issue that i can't seem to let go of.  i can only control my own actions, not another person's.  done for what it needed to be done for.  this will continually be a work in progress.
  • finish my book  done
  • practice patience with ian as his molars are coming in and i want to wring his adorable neck while he screams at me all day (6 hours, anyone?) (and i'm not going to really wring his neck, fyi, so don't report me to defacs)  boy, that was a miserable week, and ian is the proud owner of 6 new teeth (yikes!)
  • 30/30.  2 items.  done...  can you find what i marked off?
june goals:

  • drink water like it's my job
  • don't be so tied up online- manage my time better for blogging & working
  • lose 4 more lbs!
  • sell a little more on ebay
  • have an awesome birthday
  • work on the list- it's definitely not going to be completed.
i'm definitely slacking for ideas this month... but this is enough to carry me through for the next couple weeks!! Pin It!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I held ian much longer than I usually do before his nap this morning. I thought about how quickly time has gone by so far. How much longer until the rocking chair becomes obsolete. How much longer until he doesn't need or want his binky. I thought of how little he was now, but he seemed almost like a giant with his skinny little legs hanging down to my knees. Tears filled my eyes. I wondered how much longer he would lay still while being rocked for naps- his head fitting perfectly between my chin and shoulder. I watched the stripes on his onesie move like ocean waves as the small of his back arched in and out with each breath. I watched him nestle his head a bit deeper, hug his bear a little tighter, rubbing his fingers gently against the silky lining. I listened to the rhythmic sucking of the binky- fast, fast, slow. I ran my fingers through soft hair, a few pieces crusted where oatmeal had been used as a styling product. He flipped his head over and faced away from me- for a moment i thought he was asleep as his body jerked around a bit in the same style as his daddy. He flipped his head over again and lifted it up to look at me- it was time. The days of sleeping in my arms seem long gone, and the moments where he actually lets he hold him are short-lived. I stopped rocking and dropped my feet to the floor. I stood up and walked you to your crib. As I laid you down and got ready to cover you with your blanket- you lifted your foot up. When I covered you, you scrunched your nose, smiled and let out a giggle. I wound your mobile, gave you a pat and you smiled and giggled again. As I turned and walked away I could hear you "talking" to me. I walked into my room and turned the monitor on- you let out a cry and I hoped you were calling me back, but it lasted only a second... And now the only sounds I hear are that of your ocean. Sweet dreams, little buddy- I know you won't remember these moments- and now I won't forget. Pin It!

16 months

ian turned 16 months old on may 20!  oh, boy!

same song, same verse...?  ian still isn't walking...he's being very dilligent with his push toy, let you walk him in circles, and still taking 1-2 steps.  soooclose.

ian is still eating enough food to make someone watching him eat want to throw up.  as my husband says, i don't know whether to be impressed or throw up.  the kid loves food.  we also discovered something new this month- coconut milk!!  this has been the answer to our milk woes.  not only is coconut milk absolutely delicious, it's got lots of good fats in it and is comparable as far as calories and sugar when compared to cow's milk.  did i mention that he is in love with it?!  we are going through about a gallon a week- which is sad b\c it's sold by the half gallon and is double the price.    it's definitely worth it as it doesn't make his skin flare up in hives.

speaking of coconut milk... it has been the answer in almost fully weaning ian.  breastfeeding has become one of those things that i never thought i would get so attatched to.  and although i miss our afternoon cuddle (no milk, no sitting in my lap), it has been a good thing.  i am one step closer to regaining some control of my body that i haven't had in 2 years!!  we were getting to the point where every time ian sat on my lap, he was trying to completely disrobe me- he was pulling my top up or down, whatever he could do.  i talked to my lc, and her wonderful advice was "don't give in, but don't refuse him."  basically, to give him something in place of the breast.  the first day i tried it, i gave him a cup of coconut milk, and he has pretty much forgotten that i have boobs.  so we are now nursing 1 time a day, and that's in the morning.  going down to 1 a day has completely dried up my right side, so we'll see how long the left side goes.  i'd like to nurse in the morning until he's 2.  we'll see.  if not, i've made it at least this far.  i'm really proud of myself.

ian hasn't really said any new words.  baby, bye bye, hi, yes, mama, dada, all done... but... after many many months of trying- HE SIGNS!!!!!!  Ian now signs "all done" and "more."  he is usually asking for more food... of course.  we are working on other signs, i need to get myself back into it again.  he also does a "sign" where he opens and closes his hand, i call that his "gimme" sign. 

tooth number 7 is still working it's way to being a full tooth.  however, we had a really hellish week right after we got back from atlanta, and i discovered that ian's molars were swollen.  yikes.  boy, was he angry.  so we're waiting patiently for those teeth.  at least it was only one week!

well, here are a few of our month 16 photos!!

easter sunday

kissing the bulldog

so angry

he wore the same outfit all month

and these are getting more impossible.  we gave up after 2 photos this month
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Monday, June 6, 2011

leave the past in the past

i was definitely slack this week- in fact, i'd say i did pretty bad.  thursday i had a pretty crappy day- and i took it out on myself with food- that's not a normal reaction of mine- to eat my emotions.  it was more of a convenience thing.  my body definitely let me hear about it afterwards.  surprise, surprise coming from me, right?  although the scale does seem to show another pound lost, i don't really feel like i'm doing any better, and i'm beginning to think this weight loss thing is impossible.  i just can't figure out how there's no way that i am dropping these pounds.  i am controlling my sugar intake, i am working out 6 days a week- busting my tail.  this is coming from someone who has proclaimed herself to be lazy when it comes to working out.  i don't run, i hate sweating, i get tired easily.  here i am working out 6 days a week- and i am seeing no results.  it's kinda disheartening.  i know that i have potential to be small- i was the girl who was 90 lbs until i was about 21.  now, i am not asking to be 90 lbs again, but i'd like to be in a healthy weight- especially for someone as small (short) as i am. 

example- here i am in college-
me and my roommate sophomore year.  i am in dire need of about 300 sandwiches to eat.  seriously.  oh, and we are so thug.

 here i am with my suitemates senior year, and with my brother & grandfather after i graduated college.  i like to call this photo collection spray tan- before & after.  or it's not easy being orange.  i am out of control.  i am also out of control thin.

it's funny how your body image morphs as you get older and look back at photos.  i'm sure then i thought i could afford to lose some weight.  of course, then i knew i was thin.  after i graduated college, i put on a pretty good bit of weight- but i lost that weight.  i stayed a pretty comfortable weight from after that weight loss through after i got married.  of course, i always thought i was huge after i got married.  i complained all the time, i cried when i stepped on the scale...  ridiculous.  it's now one of those things where i look back at photos from before being pregnant and i'm like... wow, you really were thin- what was wrong with you.  again, it's all in the perception.  here i am shortly after we were married.

this is probably a good weight for me.  i wish i knew how much i weighed then, because this would definitely be my goal weight.  i like to call this photo: so i really was thin.  

but i can't think about this.  i can't think about college.  my husband says that i watch biggest loser and set unrealistic expectations for my weight loss goals.  they lose 10 lbs in a week- of course they do- they work out 8 hours a day.  so my goal this week- stop thinking about the past.  don't think about what you weighed last week, last year, last decade.  think in the present, and be in the present.  i can only control today.  that's what i'm thinking about this week.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

bathroom remodel update

so remember months ago when i talked about "remodeling" our bathrooms... well, we actually did it... months ago.

i would provide a before picture, but, well, we didn't take any.  think of ugly opaque shower doors covered in what seemed like years of mildew.  gag!  i seriously wonder if the previous tenants were cleaning here at all...  we decided to rip out the doors and tracks, scrub down the showers and remove years of caulking and install a shower bar & curtains.  we did this in our bathroom & ian's bathroom.  it's totally changed the way both bathrooms look- for the better!

with our bathroom we really didn't have a lot of options- the shower walls and floors are white tile, but the bathroom's main wall is black tile.  we decided to go with black-gray-white leaf-print shower curtain with gray/black details.  dave put up a rounded shower bar to give us more room.  i think he needed to move it out a few inches, but, oh well.  we definitely have a lot more room and the bathroom just looks better.  it's still impossible to keep clean.  ugh. 

ta da!

ian's bathroom was a little simpler.  the tile is all white, so we could do whatever.  i wanted something that had a gender-neutral feel for any future (and currently un-conceived) children, yet was appropriate for ian now.  i really wish this was our bathroom because it's so fun!

totes cute, huh?  check out that little potty seat!  if only he would use it...  ;) 

i think we did a pretty good job given that we are very limited in what we can and cannot do since it's not our own place.  anyone else renting somewhere and have chosen to make something better on your own dime? Pin It!

Friday, June 3, 2011

petting zoo - and a winner!

the weather has actually started getting to be spring-esque here in illinois, so i have dusted off all my skirts, dresses & sandals and have been trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors!  wednesday, ian & i met friends from our mom/baby group at the randall oaks barnyard zoo for some animal fun and a picnic.

so there aren't really many animals you can "pet" at the petting zoo, but we had a good time seeing the animals and walking through.  it's not too packed with animals, which is good for short attention spans and the price is really good.  ian definitely showed some interest in the animals too.  once we walked through the zoo, we all put out our blankets for a picnic.  ian and i enjoyed a sandwich, homemade potato salad, string cheese and a cookie.  i'm so glad i have such a good eater.  he sat in one spot on the grass and ate all of his food!

after we finished our picnic lunch ian randomly started saying "bye" and not just any bye, it was a mommy bye b\c it was just dripping with southern drawl.  it was more like "baiiiiiii."  he rarely says bye to people (mostly waves), but once he started, i couldn't get him to stop.  he was saying "baiiiii" up until we put him in bed.  hilarious.  i'm definitely glad warmer weather is finally here, because i can't wait for all the things that summer has in store for me and my little guy.  there are plenty of summer adventures to be had!

and congratulations to the winner of the cio prints giveaway. chose commenter #2-

Jessica B!  What cute products!  I like the ones with little tents. 

Congratulations, Jessica!  Email me to find out how to claim your prize!!  You have until Sunday night. Pin It!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

giveaway extended

just wanted everyone to know that i've extended the date of my giveaway end to thursday 6/2.  come on, people.  it's free stuff- and good free stuff at that!  so you now have until 11:59 pm thursday to enter, if not, maegan will be the lucky winner!  be sure to enter on the actual giveaway page! Pin It!