Friday, July 29, 2011


top: loft
skirt: loft
shoes: urban outfitters
polish:  mint candy apple by essie

i don't know why i didn't think of this pairing sooner because it's so obvious.  i love this silk skirt.  i probably mentioned in the last post that i got this skirt on final sale last summer for $4.88 or $9.88 or something absolutely wonderfully ridiculous like that.  while most of loft's final sale rack is full of things i don't care for or clothes sized 00P that i probably could've worn many moons ago- i do get a pretty sweet deal every once in a while.  one more day to go in this 30 for 30 journey.  i'm pretty excited.  so are the rest of the clothes in my closet.  you know who else is excited?

this guy.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

guest post: keeping your kids active!

i am excited today to be featuring a guest post by kathleen thomas from primose schools.  today's post is about keeping the kids (of all ages) active- something that can be difficult when you just want to stay inside away from the heat!  kathleen provides some insightful tips on ways to keep kids (and yourself) active.  thank you kathleen!
Keeping the Kids Active
By: Kathleen Thomas

Summertime is upon us and the sultry days stretch into balmy nights. Released from school the children either complain of boredom or spend hours hunched in front of television or computer screens. The long days of summer don’t have to be lazy. Try some of these ideas to keep your kids active in the summer.

Get Moving
The easiest way to promote a healthy lifestyle for your children is to lead by example. Break out the bikes and set off on a family ride. Trek down to the park and kick a ball around. Team up with other families for a friendly softball tournament. Shoot hoops. Spin a jump rope and take your turn ducking in. Organize an informal neighborhood field day with relay races, an obstacle course and a water balloon toss. Award the winners with small prizes or ribbons. Or try planting a summer garden. Children love watching things grow. Keep busy digging and weeding, and then eat the healthy results.

Consider Camping
If it is within your budget, sending the kids off to camp for a week or two or three (or more) is a long-standing summer tradition. Overnight camping is an experience children treasure a lifetime. Most stay-away camps are Internet-free and limit the use of video games. Many cities also offer day camping at municipal parks, complete with tons of fun daily activities and weekly field trips. If you have a budding Beckham on your hands, a sports-intensive camp may be just the ticket.

Get Wet
Kids and water go together like peanut butter and jelly. Take an excursion to the seaside or lake. For older children, a free or low-cost public pool is an inexpensive way to spend an active afternoon – or several afternoons a week. For younger children, it might be time to take that first swimming class. And for preschool children, nothing beats a wading pool or a sprinkler shimmering in the summer heat. Or break out some old pots and pans and make mud pies. Don’t be afraid to get dirty – the muddier, the merrier.

Take Advantage of Cooler Mornings and Evenings
While preteens or teenagers probably won’t thrill to the morning whistle, young children will find it an adventure – if you make it one. Invest in a few inexpensive supplies such as floppy hats, cheap binoculars or magnifying glasses and metal canteens or water bottles with straps. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Set off on an early morning hike around the neighborhood, or even just around the block. Small things often delight small explorers. Keep a scrapbook and collect a flower, a feather or a leaf on your travels. Older children can often be lured out-of-doors after night has fallen. Take a twilight after-dinner walk with your ‘tween and discover how different your neighborhood looks by night. Talk and bond while getting some exercise.

Kids are more likely to exercise when it’s disguised as fun. With a little creativity, it’s easy to keep kids active in the summer.

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necklace: loft
tshirt: loft
shorts: loft
sandals: urban outfitters

remember how this is called a 30 for 30.  well, i discovered this weekend that i was having a 29 for 30.  hence the aforementioned oops.  i immediately added these shoes b\c my feet have cried over the fact that they haven't been on my feet for over a month.  i got these shoes 5 years ago in my only uo purchase ever, and i can't imagine life w\o them.  sadly, they are falling apart.  i had them fixed once, but i think soon they will either need to be totally resoled or tossed.  so welcome to the party white sandals!  better late than never! 
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

double duty

scarf- shop in curacao
dress- old navy maternity
belt- target
shoes- toms

i wore this outfit on friday & saturday and for some reason thought it would be best to take the picture on friday.  friday after riding my bike and not washing my hair, grocery shopping and making dinner @ 10 pm.  instead of saturday w\ washed hair, make up and a delightful day of lounging around.  i look slightly crazed here, and i was.  in fact, the best photo in this series was one of me giving my husband the bird, but that is not very nice or classy.  although i know some of you are fans of my "tiny middle finger."  if you ask nicely, i will send you that picture, and it will be just like college all over again.  yes, i'm talking to you peg sutter.*  also, i totally ripped this look off....  i bet you thought i was going to say that i'm totally ripped...  that too.

*names have been changed to protect the "innocent"
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mommy reads: the accidental billionaires

if you haven't heard of the book the accidental billionaires, i'm sure you've heard of the movie the social network.  haven't heard of that?  then i'm sure you've heard of facebook.  the accidental billionaires the founding of facebook a tale of money|sex|genius|and betrayal is a narrative novel by ben mezrich that tells the tale of the founding of the social network that we love/hate called facebook.  starting out as just a hack in a harvard dorm room to the billion dollar company it is today; the accidental billionaires shares all the dirty details behind the founding and growing of facebook.  mark zuckerberg & eduardo saverin start thefacebook from mark's harvard dorm in 2004 using mark's computer skills and eduardo's money.  from there the site explodes- mark drops out of harvard and moves to palo alto, ca to run the business while eduardo stays in school.  the friends grow apart, mark pushes eduardo out of facebook.  if you've seen the movie, reading the book is definitely not necessary.  you won't really learn anything new.  i actually found the movie to be far more interesting than the book, and jesse eisenberg is definitely a far more likeable mark zuckerberg.  if you haven't seen the movie, i'd definitely recommend it.  it's a very interesting look at the founding of facebook.  it's definitely not what most people probably think it is.  it took me 2 months to read this book b\c it started very slow, and the writing style was just weird to me.  this is probably one of my least favorite books that i've read... at least in a while.  

1/5 stars.  rent the movie instead. 
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top: loft
shorts: old navy
shoes: toms

this is how you take a self portrait.  which is easy if you live in a house of mirrors like dave & i do.  in our bedroom alone there are 8 mirrors.  it's not what you think.  7 of them actually were in the room when we moved in.  it's just weird.  there are mirrors everywhere in this house.  so it helps to have a closet made of 4 giant mirrored doors.  that's really all you need for the perfect self portrait.  today's outfit was wrinkly, the bed is only halfway made and i had to take my own picture.  i'm starting to run out of ideas for what to wear.  4 ensembles to go!  i actually have 2 outfits to go, and i plan on finishing on saturday!  woo hoo!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

that's overweight!

that's what the wii says to me every morning when i step on our wii fit.  since i started seriously trying to lose weight 2 months ago, i have lost to date only 8 lbs.  that's ridiculous.  2 lbs a month.  i can't quite figure out what i am doing wrong.

i have been tracking my calories daily since mid may.  and yes, there are days when i go over- and there have been a few days where i have been way over.  but the majority of my days i am under my calories, or only over by about 10.  we have been working out 5-6 days a week since february and now that our triathlon has come & gone, we have cut down a little on the intensity of our workouts, but we are still going and staying faithful to it.  we're even planning our  next race.

so i have been weighing myself everyday on our wii fit since early june.  i didn't have a set weigh in time, but in the last few weeks have set my time to be 1st thing in the morning.  i wake up, i get ian up and put him in his seat for breakfast, and i weigh in either while his food is cooking or while he's eating.  and it goes a little something like this...

m-  gained 1.2 lbs
t- lost 0.3 lbs
w- gained 0.5 lbs
th- lost 2.5 lbs
f- gained 1.5 lbs.

this is my week on the wii fit.  back & forth, up & down.  it's so frustrating.  and it still wants me to lose 21 more lbs!!  21 lbs.  i'm doing all the things that i thought would be helping me lose weight, and i'm getting no results.  i skipped weigh ins on friday & sunday and today when i weighed in i had 0.0 lbs.  that's better than a gain i guess.  i think the wii fit & i are going to take a break.  it's not me, it's you.  i'm going to keep counting my calories, keep working hard in the gym (pushing myself a little farther)... and see what i can come up with.  i am going to lose this weight, dammit.  and i'm not going to starve myself to do it! Pin It!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


cropped jacket: forever 21
dress: modcloth
sandals: havaianas

wow, it doesn't get much sadder that this was the best of all the photos dave took.  our camera stinks!  i dropped my camera when i was pregnant about a month before ian was born.  we bought a cheap camera on a whim- it's a decent camera except that it takes a million tries to get a picture that's not blurry.  dave was holding ian when taking these pictures, which could explain why it's so blurry and why my head is chopped off... wanna buy me a new camera?  

5 days to go... i'm running out of fresh ideas...  yikes
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i have a problem

earrings: forever 21
jacket: loft
top: loft
pants: loft
shoes: havaianas

seriously, i get that i have a major problem w\ this 30x30.  everything i own is from the freaking loft.  this used to not be a problem.  but there are several major contributing factors:  1.  they have a petites section.  2.  they always have a sale going on, or i always have a coupon.  3.  they are convenient to my home.  4.  their clothes consistently fit me.  there are plenty of other places that i like or would like to shop at but... target- not a great size selection for/don't like a lot of what they have/can't find what i want.  forever 21- closed the one closest to our house, the next one is at woodfield, and i hate going there.  h&m- same- also @ woodfield.  so i will accept any & all ideas to get me out of my "rut."  i seriously am thinking about just shopping @ goodwill b\c i can probably afford it + more variety... but i'll accept any ideas (or donations)...  

today i did this with my hair and it was super easy & pretty... only problem, it was hard to keep pins in w\ nothing to really pin it to, but i will try this again.  you get to see how this hair style looked after 6 hours and 2 pina coladas...  mmm.  by the time we snapped the photo, it was looking a little mullet-esque

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last minute

jumper: old navy
sweater: loft
shoes: seychelles
baby: adorable

this outfit wasn't supposed to be this outfit.   meaning, i was wearing something else when i got something all over myself and had to change.  not cool.  i only say not cool b\c i had to scramble for 15 minutes trying to work another outfit together.  this works though b\c i get to wear this jumper again and it is totes comfortable.  

hair:  today i tried this.  please don't be shocked when you see that my hair looks nothing like that.  i feel like my hair is just as long as hers, but i couldn't pull off the loose french braid- mine are always tight..  plus, by the time we took this photo, i had been running errands for 2+ hours... at least.  and i swear, i'm getting clear hair bands one day... it just looks weird w\o them

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Friday, July 15, 2011

jump(er) around

we're all caught up!

jumper: old navy
sandals: havaianas

i just might wear this jumper every day for the rest of the summer.  srsly.  i own this beauty thanks to maegan (who looks quite sexy in it, if i might add).  when i saw it, i had to have one for myself.  she told me it was a steal from old navy.  so of course, i headed that way.  i found one- and it was an xxl, and was quite saddened.  but i took about 3 trips around the store and came back and not only were there more sizes, but more colors.  so it was between grey & black.  the price tag said $35, which i was not going to pay, but i got up to the register and it was only $8!  what what!  now, i wish i had gotten the black one too (and i might).  this thing is so comfortable.  i think i'll wear it again today... 

oh, my hair...  here's today's look for the summer of hair..  via pinterest.  it turned out really well except for the obnoxious pink ponytail holder that i chose.  i must not have braided as far down on this side, b\c i was able to tuck the other side into the bun.  i really need some clear hair bands!  i thought it turned out pretty cute though, and i even got a few (okay, one) complements!  

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this is why we take multiple pictures

you're going to love this one...

top: loft
shorts: loft
shoes: seychelles

everything about this picture is laughable.  first, i had to crop dave's foot out of the bottom b\c he insists on laying on the ground instead of squatting to take a picture.  second, i look like an amazon.  third, this picture is awful b\c it's the only picture we took.  that's right, the camera died as soon as dave snapped this picture, so i was forced to work with what came out.  yikes.  i just don't think i like this top.  i think it might go very soon.  i can't decide.  there's just something about tops from loft with ruffles that just don't seem to work for me.  also, these shorts- falling down!  i bought these when i was pregnant, and they fit me very well then- now, not so much.  so, do i hold on to them for the next time around, or do i get rid of them too?  i guess i could always just wear a belt...
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i'll think of a title later

tank- target
necklace- forever 21
scarf- swapped
belt- target
skirt- loft
wedges- target

i wanted to use this $2 tank again, but wasn't sure how.  then i remembered this fabulous idea from another blog i love.  it looks waaaaaaay cuter on her, but i think it work for me.  i still can't seem to pull it off quite like she does!  i got this skirt last summer & i love it- i'm pretty sure it was $4 final sale.  it's 100% silk and it's fabulous.  it also has to be dry cleaned.  boo.  i have yet to take it to the cleaners.  is that gross?  don't answer that.  also, an up close shot of this fabulous necklace.  the feathers have started to separate the longer i've had it, but i still love it.  it's so fancy.  

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

i resolve, july

not to make stupid resolutions this year that i will have forgotten about by... yesterday.

instead.  my "resolution" is to make a short list of attainable goals each month- and to share them with you.  sometimes later in the month than expected...

july is halfway over already... so, june goals:

  • drink water like it's my job
  • don't be so tied up online- manage my time better for blogging & working
  • lose 4 more lbs!- i think i lost 2-3 lbs though.  i can't keep track.  i have lost 9 lbs total.
  • sell a little more on ebay
  • have an awesome birthday
  • work on the list- it's definitely not going to be completed.
goals for july:
  •  finish big item on list + at least 1 more
  • 2 date nights (1 in, 1 out)
  • keep going to bed early
  • finish the book i've been reading for 2 months
  • pick a new race!
  • mail scarf to swap buddy
  • write back to pen pal (yes, i have a pen pal, no, they're not in prison)
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dress: modcloth
shoes: seychelles

this is what i decided to wear after the triathlon.   it was the best option.  pants were not an option.  basically i wanted the thing i owned that would spend the least time touching my skin.  this won.  i only had 27 items picked so far and wasn't sure if i would add this in or not.  guess what?  i did.  i also look severely pregnant and/or fat in this dress- i'm not.  pregnant that is.  i think i'm just really bloated.  i had already eaten 1300 calories and drank nearly a gallon of liquids by this point.  and most of those calories had been from some kind of energy gel.  gross.  at least my dress is pretty.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mix & match

sweater: loft
skirt: loft
shoes: toms

it's not in my element to mix patterns like this- unfortunately, my head doesn't think that way.  that's why i have so much trouble putting together a good outfit- b\c i can't think outside of the box enough to put something together.  this is why i read blogs and participate in blog challenges... b\c i need help.  so while i would never think to mix a stripe with a floral this girl would mix 2 florals, and the results, well, it's brilliant.  so i thought i can do that myself.  i love how this turned out.  i felt so casual and so comfortable, although i was dressed up... and boy did i need the comfortable.  i stuffed almost 2000 calories and 185 carbs in this outfit.  it's really embarrassing to say that, but listen people, i needed the fuel.  they don't call it carbo-loading for nothing.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

and then i ran a triathlon

yes.  me. 

i don't even know when this all began, but it began with my husband.  one night we were sitting in bed and dave said, "i want us to run a triathlon."  i'm sure i thought to myself how insane he was, but he wouldn't let it go, so i did what i always do- i researched it.  and then, somehow... i agreed.  we started training in february spending 6 days a week at the gym.  we chose a race done by our local park district.  5 long months of training, and now i guess we can call ourselves triathletes.  sprint triathletes.  it was tough, but so worth it.  i had 2 goals for the race:  1.  finish.  2.  finish in under 2.5 hours.  i accomplished both!  although i was near the bottom of my age group- i didn't finish last, and i didn't finish last overall! 

swim-  400 m.  the swim was probably the toughest.  i'm not an incredible swimmer- i lack a lot of skill, and i usually end up swallowing water.  we trained pretty hard for the swimming and then discovered 2 days before the race that we had been training in a pool that was HALF the size of the pool we were actually going to swim in, and that we had been swimming HALF the distance.  really, really, really dumb.  so i basically had to swim double what i had been practicing for 5 months.  so dumb.  the water is choppy and it's pretty hard to swim w\ that many people to a lane.  i had a really tough time. 

bike-  15 mi.  i was probably the most prepared for this part.  dave & i had spent the last couple weekends doing rides and we did a few that were around 15 miles that i felt really good about.  it was definitely hard riding w\o someone to cheer you along and push you.  i had to be that for myself.  i had to keep singing "don't stop, don't give up" (from yo gabba gabba) during the tough parts- and it was tough.  very hilly!  i was pretty much dead after the ride, but i was passing people, and that made me feel good!

run-  5k.  this was definitely my weakest event as i am NOT a runner.  i unfortunately wrecked my legs during the bike and was totally unprepared to run.  :(  i ended up speed walking 95% of the run b\c i could hardly use my left leg.  it was also super muggy by that point, but i kept pressing on- i would run when i could, and then walk again.  the "run" went by super quickly, and before i knew it, i was running over the finish line into dave's arms in tears!  i did it!  and while i'm a bit disappointed with my times- i was definitely one of the slowest overall, i just know i need to keep working. 

dave's self-portrait after finishing the race.  he finished in just over 90 minutes!!

 hobbling in on my bike.  boy were my legs wobbly.
 transition 2.  bike to run.  getting my helmet off so i could hit the road again

i had slowed down and realized how close i was!

 run!  run! 
 sweet victory crossing the finish line

after!  we did it!
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knotted up

top: loft
dress: old navy maternity
shoes:  full tilt

i have seen kendi pull of the shirt knot many a time, and thought i'd give it a try too.  does it work for me?  not so much...  i felt like the knot kept coming untied.  ok, i didn't feel like it, it did.  of course, kendi also isn't carrying around a baby that i know of- and every time i would pick ian up to carry him, it would untie the knot  so, problem solved.  i also didn't like these wedges with this long dress.  i didn't like today's outfit needless to say... but i did like what i did with my hair - the french roll twist & pin.  again, needs more work, but stayed pretty well. it was definitely coming a bit undone by this point though...

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happy birthday america!

sweater: loft
shorts: old navy
sandals: havaianas

i am not a big fan of dressing in red/white/blue together- and although red is my favorite color- i don't really own a lot of red clothing....  so for july 4th, it was coral, khaki & blue.  we spent out july 4th enjoying a bike ride, relaxing and spending time w\ dave's parents and ian, and finally enjoying fireworks.  and wow, those shorts look... short. 
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Friday, July 8, 2011


top, necklace, pants: loft
sandals: havaianas

i wish i could wear these pants every day b\c that's how comfortable they are.  so this outfit basically rules as far as comfort goes.  it's like i was in my pajamas all. day.  and that's what my hair looks like too.  a hot mess i tell you- a hot mess.  also, we're halfway through.  also, we're halfway through and i've only picked 27 items... uh...
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golden girl

top, skirt & necklace: loft
shoes: seychelles

i am at least 4 outfits behind, so here's part 1 of the catch up.  my last outfit was worn on a tuesday... this outfit however was worn last saturday.  we have been so busy working out & training for this last week, that some days i just thought it best to get dressed in workout clothes.  does my skirt look crooked?  sadly, it's not.  however, my spine is.  darn you, scoliosis.  skirts are my biggest trouble area regarding this.  i had never worn this skirt before, but i really like it- although it's a little tight.  we're working on that....  also, note my dog's creep eyes... again.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 before thirty- how did i do

last updated 9/16/11

it has been 3 weeks since my 30th birthday... so how did i do

1.      renew my passport - nope, we're broke.  this would be a" luxury" item.
2.      visit canada - see above.  need a passport to go to america jr. these days
3.      start an actual work out plan or start riding a bike 
4.      lose the rest of my baby weight + 10 - i still haven't lost the rest of my baby weight.  super sad. 
5.      bike out to crystal lake and back - no.  it's 40 mi r/t.  BUT, i did bike 40 mi this weekend.  cl is next!
6.      drink less soda 
7.     throw an awesome 30th birthday bash - in the works.  i can party when i want!
8.      develop a weekly plan for keeping our house clean 
9.      finish printing all my pre-baby photos and put them into albums - no.  see #1.  but we're at least to our honeymoon now...
10.  plant a garden 
11.  date night with husband at least twice a month 
12.  super secret Item-Run a Triathlon!
13.  take our first family vacation - see #1
14.  pay off (original- ie: ian's birth) hospital bills so we can pay off student loans and be debt free! 
15.  teach ian sign language 
16.  get my nose pierced- maybe? this is a no for now.  or ever.
17.  bake a cake from scratch 
18.  cloth diaper and cloth wipes 
19.  start a compost pile 
21.  eat healthier- more cooking at home! 
22.  continue growing our marriage by working on the love dare - 75 days to go until completion!
23.  join the rest of the modern world with a smart phone 
24.  get rid of the clothes in my closet/drawers that i’m never going to wear again 
25.  have all my old camp/college tshirts made into quilts - see #1. 
26.  take ian to the georgia aquarium 
27. purge our own home of all the stuff we don't need. -
28.  file our financial documents- shred the junk! 
29.  visit at least 3 more ballparks  1.  cleveland.  2. no.  see #1.  but 2 to go. 
30.  drink at least 32 oz. water a day

i think i should've made one of my 30/30 items to get rich b\c perhaps we would have accomplished more items on this list.  but i think i've done pretty well.  plus, i'm marking one off this weekend.  so don't forget to come back & see what it is!!!!!!!!!  so 11 items to go after this weekend.  not too shabby.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy 4th!

hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of july!  i am so far behind on writing blogs and reading blogs this week!  i am at least 3 outfits behind and i know i have some other stuff in store.  we've been gone all weekend and i've hardly missed seen my computer.  bear with me because we're going to be busy AGAIN this week, but i promise to get as much as i can in this week.  hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend & holiday!  i'll leave you with a little picture from ours!

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