Friday, July 30, 2010

mish mash

here's a mish mash- or things that would never stand alone as a blog post!

1.  i hate vampires.  seriously, i am ready for twilight to go away.  i just don't get it.  no, i've never read the books- i just don't have any interest.  everyone keeps carrying on about trueblood, but 1.  i don't have hbo or whatever, and 2.  it's vampires (i am prepared for an onslaught of comments from saying this).  i think harry potter is stupid too.  can you tell i just don't really like science fiction or fantasy? 

2.  i am seriously, seriously thinking about doing this.  my scalp is always super dry and itchy- and nothing seems to help.  plus, my  hair has been in shambles since it got all jacked up on hormones.  i stay at home with the baby- so i could probably get away with it.  gross or maybe i'm on to something?

3.  i hate lilies.  let's put that more specifically. stargazer lilies.  they remind me of funerals- the smell will knock you halfway across the state.  ugh.  i however LOVE calla lilies.  husband however, doesn't know a lily from his butt, and often comes home with the former rather than the latter.  this sends me into a frenzy, to which he responds "well, it said 'lily.'"  indeed it did.

4.  seriously, how is it already time to color my hair again?!  i feel like my hair hasn't grown at all in the 3 months since my hair cut, but the grays are growing like weeds

5.  i hate vertical blinds- they are an eyesore, and they are annoying.  they are also in our rental house- the inventor of vertical blinds should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.  speaking of our rental house- it needs a major overhaul.  i hate moving, and i said i didn't want to move again, but this place blows, and i'm ready to leave. i guess i'm going to have to get used to living in someone else's house b\c after the atl incident, i don't think we're going to get to own our own place for a while.  :(

6.  we didn't win the baby contest.  i knew it was a long shot, but i'm still really bummed.  we have been busting our tails to pay off our debt via the dave ramsey plan (only 2 student loans + the remainder of my hospital bill) and that money would've almost cleared out dave's loan.  guess that's what i get for spending in my head, but seriously- when are we going to catch a break.  boo. 

7.  i'm tired. Pin It!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


#20 on the 30 before thirty - make ian's baby food.  let's just say the making of it is easier than figuring out when to give him what, when to start mixing, and what to mix.  sheesh.  behold, i will show you how to myobf (that's make your own baby food)...

i went with sweet potatoes- which will be food #2 3 that we are introducing.  we started with acorn squash, which made ian's skin break out, and if i had to write a blog on how to make baby avocado- then i shouldn't be blogging. 

i decided to make ian's baby food because of how easy everyone said it was + i'm always here + i love to cook + i have nothing better to do.  it also tastes better- have you ever eaten jarred baby food?  at my baby shower, we played a game where i was blindfolded and had to taste several different flavors of baby food and identify them.  i didn't do well- you couldn't even tell what many of them were!  ick!  fresh food just tastes better!  i also think it helps us to eat healthier- i just buy extra- cook it all at once, and then there's enough for husband & i to have what ian has.  more veggies = healthier.  healthier = thinner.  thinner = me fitting into my clothes.

here's how easy it is!  myobf- sweet potato style. 

1.  scrub your potatoes.

2.   prick holes into the potatoes

(those poor potatoes)
3.   microwave potatoes until tender (you can also bake in the oven for 60 min, but this was much quicker).

4.  remove potatoes from microwave carefully (hot potato isn't just a game- it's a fact).  slice potatoes open to let cool- this way you can handle them without receiving 3rd degree burns.

5.  scoop the delicious, orange sweet potatoey flesh out and into your blender/food processor.

6.  add 1\2 cup of water to potatoes and puree to desired consistency, adding more water if necessary.
7.  desired consistency.  

8.  pour potatoes into ice cube trays if freezing (i suggest freezing because most foods are good for a month- some 2 months, while refrigerated food needs to be used within days).  i got my trays from my Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit, but you can buy them anywhere for cheap!

9.  freeze 8-10 hours or overnight!

10.  once frozen, remove cubes from trays and store in ziploc baggies.  be sure to label baggies with date and food.  my potatoes were still frozen, but here are my frozen apricots & acorn squash!

and there you have, 10 easy steps to making your own baby food- all it takes is 30 minutes.  done and done.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

fml - weekend edition

the weekend was created for my enjoyment.  not for me to later want to stomp and forget it ever happened.  grr.

this all started on saturday evening, which was a lot like the previous saturday evening... 

we have recently moved ian's bedtime back to where it will probably stay for the next couple years- the 7 o'clock hour.  this is nice b\c hubby & i finally have more time together- although we miss ian while he's asleep.  of course, it means we are confined to the house- and being that i am already here all day long- it doesn't make me happy.

the last 2 weekends in a row, i have found myself crying, and dare i say this as a new mother- resenting my child a bit.  Lord knows, i wouldn't trade him for the world, but between not getting to leave the house, and feeling fat all the time, a little resentment has crept into my heart.  it hurts me just to say that.  here was the situation:

last weekend we went to germanfest.  around 8:30- ian was really fussy, so we gave him his bottle, which meant bedtime was soon to follow.  plus the place was packed- and we were idiots who brought a stroller- and had to navigate through the crowds in the stroller- not fun.  so i was on edge when we got inside, and upset about how i felt like we couldn't do anything with ian, etc. 

cut to this week.  our friend israel turns 30 this week and was having a bday party w\ some other friends.  ian slept until after 5, and the party was 45 minutes away.  i had thrown in the towel on going and was crying and feeling sorry for myself because i'm a slave to my own house and i can't do anything b\c of ian.  we decided to go anyway after lots of convincing from husband- so we didn't get to crystal lake until after 7 or so.  ian actually did really well b\c he had taken a later nap- but then the mosquitoes started biting, and you just can't have your baby eaten up by mosquitoes. we were positioned right next to the off candle and covered w\ bug spray, but that wasn't cutting it.  so we had to give ian his bottle, and get on the road- and that's where the fun began...

first- i told husband i thought a mosquito bit me through the back of my pants' leg, which he said was impossible.  turns out we were both wrong- i got 5 mosquito bites through the back of my pants' leg. 

second- i have a mosquito bite on the top of my foot that is swollen, and as big around as a golf ball.  i'm seriously beginning to wonder if it was really a mosquito. 

third- we arrived home around 10 o'clock to find that we couldn't get our garage to open any higher than an inch.  after several tries we figured it's best not to break it.  we tried to get into the front door- but our door has a hotel-style latch that can't be opened from the outside.  our backdoor had all 3 of its locks locked and we have 1 window on ground level- by the front door.  we tried to finagle our way in the front door, but about 5 minutes later, i was on the phone w\ the landlord and ian was screaming.  we ended up having to drive over to the in-law's to stay the night.  we had only a onesie and 2 extra diapers- and nothing for us.  oh, and our dogs- inside. 

fourth- because of this disaster, ian didn't fall asleep until after midnight, and decided to wake up before 6!  so.  tired.

fifth.  alberto contador won le tour de france, again.  seriously.  i can't stand that guy.

so, looking at it now, it wasn't as bad as i made it out to be, but i'm really sad about my whole "resentment."  i don't resent my son.  i couldn't love anyone more than i love him, and i can't imagine my life without him.  i think i've had some serious cabin fever and just needed to get out, but it's so hard to get out w\ him, especially in the evenings now that he goes to bed so early.  it's even worse that since we've moved up here, we rarely see anyone- i feel like husband's friends treat us like we have the plague because we have a baby- it just makes me want to be in atlanta even more.  we also don't know anyone to babysit- and i'd hate to constantly ask the in-law's to give up their evenings to watch him.  it's definitely brought us to one conclusion: #11 from my 30 before thirty has got to start happening asap.  i've got to get out of the house- without baby. 

other mommies out there- ever felt anything like this?  you can either comfort me, or make me feel worse!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

6 months

i cannot believe it has been half a year since my life was completely flipped upside-down and changed- all for the better.  6 months of just absolute heaven.  waking up every day to see my sweet baby's face.  being so frustrated sometimes with motherhood- yet longing to be near him.  it's also been 7 months since i've had a pedicure.  seriously.

not much has changed from last month it seems.  ian is a "whopping" 14 lbs, 11 oz.  which puts him in the measly 10th percentile in weight.  he's 26 1\2" or 2'2", which puts him in the 50th percentile in height.

he's still grabbing everything in sight, with his favorites still being cell phones and remotes (we bought him a baby cell phone), and his new favorites being the computer and my glasses, hair or earrings.

he shows no interest whatsoever in sitting up.  he would rather just lay on his belly and "skydive."  i seriously think he'll crawl first.  we'll see.

we took another trip to atlanta.  let's just say i hope to fly next time because 15 hours in the car w\ baby & husband- while they are 2 of my favorite people- is just not all that fun.  plus, we might as well fly while he's free...

ian is jabbering like crazy still, but no words yet.  dave and i say "mama" to him every day, and he can make the "maaa" sound back.  it's really cute though, when you say "mama" to him, he just gets the biggest smile on his face.

remember when i said @ 5 months we had started teething.  we are still waiting for the aforementioned tooth to come in.  and my child has built a resistance to all things related to pain relief.  i want the tooth to come in for relief purposes, but i will miss that gummy smile.

ian started eating solids this week.  not much to report.  he isn't really thrilled by them.  i'm guessing this is the norm when starting with food?  he just looks really confused when you try to feed him.

we are in a wonder week.  everyone says this is probably the worst one.  i think i'm past the point where i wallow in my bed all day crying in my pj's because my baby cries all day.  because if i wasn't- that's how i would've spent this week.  naps have gone to hell, and to get from bedtime to actually being asleep can take 2 hours. 

everyone really just wants to see pictures, right?  let's do some comparing.

wow.  i can't believe he's gotten so big/was ever that tiny!

6 months!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mommy reads! book review: the baby food bible

i was finally able to finish the baby food bible last night.  the baby food bible touts itself as "a complete guide to feeding your child, from infancy on."  while the book was very informative, i don't know if i'd go as far as to call it the bible of baby food.  starting baby food is yet another confusing process in the step of child rearing.  everyone has a different opinion on what is right and what is not.  i have 3 different books regarding baby food, and each of them list a different group of foods as first foods. 

the bfb starts out talking about childhood obesity rates, and how children are now eating french fries as their vegetable of choice.  it then goes into saying that starting your children out with a variety of healthy foods will help them make healthy choices well into adulthood.  i definitely plan on introducing ian to a variety of foods while he's young.  i love food- i love trying new food and being adventurous.  i want him to have the same healthy appetite!  bfb has informative charts listing various foods, and when they should be introduced to your child- it also lists daily nutritional requirements for your child for things such as fiber and dairy.  

my favorite part of the book (and the reason it took me so long to read it) was chapter 4:  superior foods.  chapter 4 had an a-z (apple to zucchini) listing of the best foods for baby with cooking instructions, ways to incorporate the food into family meals and any precautions to take.  i wish i was lying when i said i took the entire chapter and made a detailed excel spreadsheet with all the foods listed.  i must say though, even that chapter was a little unorganized in its writing.  the same information wouldn't be listed for each food item- for instance- each food would usually list the following:

- the food w\ some information about it
- how to prepare it before cooking
- how to cook it in the oven/stove
- how to microwave it
- what to do once it's cooked
- how long it will keep in the fridge/freezer
- how long it can sit before it needs to be prepared

the reason i say usually is because with some of the foods, it would be missing some of this information.  consistency, people!  the book was downhill once this chapter was over.  the next chapter had recipes, followed by how to feed your toddler, school-age child, and different precautions (nitrate poisoning, allergies, etc).  then like that the book just abruptly ended.  i was expecting at least a summation of everything in the book, but what was i really expecting...  

so obviously i wasn't a huge fan of the book.  chapter 4 was its only saving grace.  other than that the author sounded a bit pretentious at times, and she only had daughters, so a lot of the charts she listed pertained to nutrition for girls.  i am definitely going to use my excel spreadsheet that i spent hours on as a guide while cooking- and if i don't, well this book was a waste of time.  

rating:  2.5\5.  without chapter 4: 0.5\5.

next up.  i'm reading say you're one of them.  i should finish this much quicker because it doesn't require me making a ridiculous spreadsheet.  i've decided to alternate baby books with "real" books, or i'll most likely go insane.

(sorry if i'm all over the place.  i'm on the verge of insanity this week.  really, y'all).
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Monday, July 19, 2010

beautiful boy

so, totally on a whim, we enter ian in a beautiful baby contest b\c a friend suggests it to us.  it's online, there are over 14,000 entrants, it's insanity. plus, only 1 winner gets picked per market (27 total) to move on to the national competition.  i thought it would at least be fun...

well, wouldn't you  know it... HE WON! 

we are now one of 26 finalists for the national beautiful baby contest with a prize of $5,000!!!!  of course, it seems crazy that we beat out so many people, but 26 other babies to beat now seems impossible. 

YOU can help!!

please, please vote for ian if you have the time.  you can vote 1x per day, per email address!! 

help our cutie if you can!!!

vote HERE

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Friday, July 16, 2010

pretty much a perfect evening

wednesday night is my favorite night.  i work monday & thursday nights, and we spend tuesday night having dinner w\ my mother in law & watching dave play softball- so wednesday, it's just us.  

husband came home, we walked the dogs.  put ian down for a "nap" then i made dinner.  it turned out deliciously.

hello saffron couscous w\ mediterranean chicken (okay, so it's not saffron couscous because apparently saffron is $12 for 2 teaspoons.  i still wonder what difference it would've made)

then we had dessert.  and a delicious summer dessert at that!

strawberries & cream.  i didn't make the cream myself (but i thought about it) and i probably have way too much, but they were so good.  later, when ian went to bed, mommy had more strawberries that had been soaked in amaretto... mmm.

we didn't think it was fair for mommy & daddy to have all the fun, so ian had his first taste of people food.  he seemed to enjoy strawberries too!

yummy!!  we'll probably start solids soon, but not just yet.  this was just a taste!

after dinner, we headed out to the pool.  our first experience with ian & the pool didn't go very well, but we had different results this time. he probably stayed in the pool around 30 minutes - long enough to turn pruney - and he kicked and splashed & giggled the entire time!!

excuse mommy mcboobs.  ugh. 

after pool fun was over, it was time for a bath, bottle and bed.  a truly wonderful evening.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

best baby buys

man, i love registering for gifts.  there should really be more events that require a registry because i love picking things out that i want and then receiving them!  i need to get an ongoing life registry together.  remember on sex and the city where carrie gets her manolo's stolen, so she decides to get married to herself and register for just the shoes...  ahh

back to baby buys.  here are my favorite baby items.  just some things to keep in mind whether you are giving or receiving. along with some registry tips.

my top 10 12 faves.

1.  baby bjorn.  i love the crap out of this thing.  i know it's not the typical sling carrier, but it's sturdy, it's great for walks, and i feel oh-so-swedish when i'm out and about carrying the baby!

2.  fisher-price whale of a tub.  it's a baby tub that's shaped like a whale.  do you really need more?  favorite accessory to use with the tub?  the aquatopia deluxe bath thermometer because men have no concept of temperature.

3.  diaper genie ii.  this thing is b.a.  we started out using disposables and we still use this thing from time to time for trash.  this is not like a regular diaper genie.  i have yet to smell anything foul coming from this thing, and thank goodness, because i have a gag reflex.  if you're going disposable- you need this.

4.  soothie's pacifiers.  this is the pacifier that most hospital's give.  these are adorable, and ian won't take anything else.  plus they look like a smiley face!

5.  swaddleme pod, or the "swad pod" as it was referred to in our house.  try and get out of this thing, baby.  i dare you. baby will fall asleep and stay asleep in this warm cozy pod!  plus they look like a little bean while inside of it!

6.   grobag egg.  did you know the ideal temperature for baby's room is between 61-67?  you probably didn't- i didn't.  so stop putting your baby in a sweater in the middle of summer.  seriously.  overheating baby can cause sids.  the egg is a digital thermometer which displays the temp in the room with a :) for ideal and a :( when it's too hot or cold.  it also has coordinating colors for the temperature range.  you dress baby according to the temperature.  the egg doesn't like summer in our house.  he's always angry.  ian doesn't wear pj's often now!  we love our wise all-knowing egg.

7.  books.  i love to read, therefore i force my baby to love to read.  i probably read to ian 5x a day.  he hasn't complained yet.

8.  medela pump in style-  if you're going to breastfeed, you need a pump.  don't let the price tag scare you- this baby is worth every penny.  save your gift cards and any registry completion certificates- trust me.

9.  bumbo.  because it's funny to see baby sitting in a little chair!  plus, this really does help with their sitting skills.

10.  so easy baby food kit.  this is a really good kit to get started with.

11.  baby einstein gym.  this is ian's favorite thing hands down.  he could play on this all day if i let him.  it was the first thing i started using with him (when he was a few weeks old) and for the longest time he would just lay there and do nothing, but soon he started to play, and now he loves it!

12.  our hippo chair.  great for pictures, and i know ian is going to love sitting in it one day!!

things you probably don't need to register for because you're going to get them regardless (unless there's something you really want) - (these are all things you need):  hooded towels, washcloths, clothes, onesies, receiving blankets, burp cloths, bath sets, blankets, grooming kit, bibs, toys, diaper cream

things you should register for that will really come in handy:  baby hangers, changing pad cover, window shades, humidifier, car bottle warmer, nursing cover (any nursing accessories if you go this route: cream, milk bags, nursing pads), bowls/spoons, car seat cover (super handy in the midwest- or anywhere else where winter is a real b), formula dispenser (i use it for cereal), boppy. sleep sack, swaddler, shopping cart cover, baby monitor

things you need that you can/should be specific about:  car seat, high chair, stroller, pack n play, crib/bedding, convertible car seat, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, swing, bouncy seat.

things you should get yourself or have your family get you:  diaper bag, crib (any furniture), crib bedding, rocker, car seat, high chair, pack n play, swing, room decor.  

places to register:  target.  everyone should register here because it's convenient, and most people are probably going to just ignore your registry and get you whatever the heck they want to get you anyway- but chances are, they're going to target to get it. (yes, their return policy can stink, and most people forget or refuse to give gift receipts, but there are ways around this- and that's why i say target), babies r us and/or buy buy baby (both don't have a lot of convenient locations for most- here in illinois there are 9 local bru's and only 3 bbb's statewide, in atlanta there are only 5 convenient bru's and only 1 bbb in the entire state).  i love bbb- it's bed, bath and beyond, but with baby stuff.  insanity.  local boutique, or an online boutique.  this is great because small boutiques can have cutesy things that the big box stores don't have, plus online shops allow people to know something is in stock w\o making a trip.  plus, if you do cloth diapering, it's a great place to register!   another great place- pottery barn kids (outrageous prices where i'm concerned, but their stuff is adorable).

did i forget anything, wheeew.  

best of buying!
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

the vacation's over

man, vacations are such good times, and i really enjoyed my time in atlanta, but no one talks about the aftermath of a vacation...

seriously.  we returned from atlanta last night- an 11-12 hour trip that took 15 hours and ended with me and a husband that i may or may not have wanted to divorce, a screaming baby that made me consider that throwing myself out the car door would be a better way to live my life, a mile-high pile of dirty laundry, a mile-high pile of luggage and other junk to put away, spoiled milk, no food in the refrigerator, dried up plants, a dvr full of crap that i told it NOT to record, junk mail, unpaid bills, crankiness, dust, a family of spiders in the downstairs bathroom, and having to go to work when i clearly need to be home with my child.

debbie downer much?
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


we are headed back to illinois tomorrow, but that means i'll be back here soon! Pin It!