Tuesday, February 21, 2012

steppin' out saturday - he shoots, he scores

blazer- loft, tee- loft, jeans- old navy, shoes- toms.
on ian: top- old navy, jeans- old navy, shoes- nike

we were supposed to have a big family get-together this weekend, but my poor nieces got sick, so we had a little mini get-together.  we took ian to my in-law's house to hang out with his cousins.  the boys had so much fun playing with cars and super heroes.  we got home late, but  ian still wanted to play hockey since he's been away from his net and sticks all day long.  

ian's favorite thing to say when he plays hockey is "he shoots, he scores!"  he runs around shooting little balls into the net shouting his little catchphrase.  it's a pretty cute sight to see!  i wanted to upload a video of him playing and shouting it... but... guess what?  blogger won't let me.  what. a. surprise.

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