Thursday, March 29, 2012

what ian's been up to

seriously, thank you all for your (gentle) opinions.  honestly, dave would tell me i looked good wearing a burlap sack and it's refreshing to hear some opinions.  i may try that again with everything else in my closet...

it's been 2 months since ian turned 2 and i stopped doing monthly updates, but i started this blog while journeying through his baking process and i do love to drone on talk about him- so i figure that i can update you guys!

 scalp treatments for eczema

"big boy" transitioning is under way- although he's far from being a big boy.  we moved him out of his high chair into a booster seat- mainly b\c i was tired of the high chair taking up half my kitchen.  he really likes being at the table and being able to sit in between us.  he's been a pretty decent eater lately- although he's on a bagel dog kick, and he insists on putting "sketchups" on everything.  eww.  there really is no telling what he'll eat- he still refuses to eat most vegetables too- but he still eats the baby food pouches "couches" which are full of veggies, so whatevs.

new big boy seat.  notice sketchups on the plate.

my child still uses a binky.  if you take issue with that, feel free to accompany us on our next 800 mile trip from illinois to georgia- it's in 2 weeks.  no really, feel free to join us.  i have no time table for getting rid of it.  before 3.  i have 10 months.  i figure that it's only used for "sleepy times" so it hopefully won't be a major issue.  i have so many other things going on right now that i figure that's still ok.

 giving eleanor a hug on valentine's day

ian is still in his crib too.  we have a super cool idea for his big boy bed if we can execute it.  it's going to take some work though- so we'll just leave him in the crib for now.  there have been no jail break attempts either, so we're safe for now.  he'll be out of it before we have the next one.

 wearing his dj lance glasses and totally "shredding" on his guitar

gosh, he's so big- it's scary.  i just want to remember every expression, every nuance.  he just lights up my life.  his giggles, his smile.  i don't want to get all sappy- but i just want to bottle it all up.  sometimes i just look at him and i cry because i just want to remember it all forever.  a lot of times he just laughs at me while i'm crying, or says "you ok?" 

 this is a typical reaction to the words "it's time to get ready for bed"

he loves movies- toy story is the favorite right now- we usually don't watch movies w\ him, so he picked that one up at the gym.  he mostly enjoys tv shows with me- gabba is the all-time favorite, but he's also really into curious george & chuggington.  he's also a big fan of music or "songs" as he likes to call it.  he's gotten to the point where he only wants to listen to certain things and has a complete fit if he doesn't listen.  for us right now that is the "brudders" or the "sons" (avett brothers & mumford & sons).  if we try to listen to something else in dave's car- a temper tantrum follows until we're listening to one of those two cds.  i won't make that mistake again.  he also likes to sing along with the songs and sometimes play the drums.  the other night he sang himself to sleep singing a mumford song.

 so glad this snowsuit was purchased last year on clearance considering this is the ONLY time he got to wear it all winter.  he is singing frosty the snowman to his snowman. 

he's also really into sports.  he got a hockey net for his birthday and was all about hockey, but we went to a friend's house a few times and she had a basketball goal, so he got some late birthday money a couple weeks ago and we bought him a goal set and now it's "bassetball" all the time.  he shoots, he scores!  is a favorite line uttered in this house!  favorite toys- trains & cars.  don't act so surprised...

 playing hockey and watching hockey

i'm so excited that warmer weather is just around the bend b\c he loves playing outside and we have a neighborhood playground just across the street.  ian also got a little balance bike for his birthday and he has a lot of fun riding that. 

ian still has a milk allergy & a mild egg allergy- we will have those checked yearly- i'm really hoping he outgrows it in the next couple of years b\c sometimes i let him have little bites of things and that kid loves cheese (and who wouldn't).

 sometimes we like to lock ourselves in our room and squeeze half a tube of vaseline in our hair.  oh joy!

oh, and i almost forgot- and i won't expand on it a lot b\c i don't want to be one of those moms, but we are potty training.  it's going really well and he's going at least once or twice a day, but we're not quite ready to move out of diapers.  we have a system that's working really well for us, and maybe once he's trained i'll go a little more in depth, but i'm hoping that he'll be fully trained by this summer- but we'll see. 

 who me?

as you can see, there's always a lot going on at our house.  sometimes fun, sometimes crazy.  oh boy.

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  1. My K used a pacifier until almost 3, but only for bedtimes and nap. No judgement here! I did find that it worked better taking it away at night first, then a couple days later taking it away totally. She cried for a while the 1st time, but eventually fell asleep. I tried taking it away at nap time, but she cried all the way through nap.


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