Thursday, January 3, 2013

this year's races

after doing a couple of triathlons and a 5k last year, dave & i wanted to keep up the good work.  we enjoyed the races we did last year, and decided to stick with those... unfortunately, we missed the cut for the first race... BUT we did make it in on the very last day of the 2nd race... which is better than nothing at all... 

overall, i did decently.  my bike time and my run time were better than the previous year, while my swim time was worse- funny b\c swimming was the only thing i was doing consistently since we rarely get to bike and i hate running.  i think the issue with swimming is that last year i was in the very front of the slow pool (maybe 6 swimmers in) and this time i was about 20 swimmers in- when you get all those people swimming at once, it is VERY hard to stay swimming consistently b\c you are being tossed around like a rag doll.  i got a little worried that dave was going to catch me towards the end- i had already seen him while biking and while running- i kicked my run into high gear- and made it to the finish line- but didn't even make it back to my station to get the camera before he was crossing the finish line.  i think he did way better this year....

i also did a 5k this fall- without dave.  some ladies from my mom group all decided we would do the hot chocolate 5k in grant park downtown.  it was quite a debacle for me to get signed up, but i did, and i was pretty worried about the race b\c i hate the cold... a lot.  the day of i layered up in running tights, socks, a short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a jacket, a running hat, and just about anything else i could get my hands on in my house.... boy, i'm glad i did.  if you're running this race in atlanta in a few days- take notes... we got downtown very easily and parked in one of the many lots available.   i drove with my friend rachel, who was in corral e to my corral q.  i knew it was going to take a while for me to start, so once she went to her spot- i knew i was going to sit and freeze for a while.  they had a guy with a megaphone announcing corrals as they left, so i knew how long it would be until i was racing, etc.  i stood there for for-ev-er.  about 20 minutes before my race even STARTED, rachel sent me a text to let me know she was FINISHED... boy, she was going to have to wait for a long time...  while i had done everything i could think of to stay warm, by the time it was my time to start- i was FREEZING... and the only way i knew to combat that was to run- and to keep running- without stopping- which i don't do b\c i hate running.  the good thing about that is that i finished with my best 5k time ever- which wasn't even very good.  and b\c i ran with a freezing cold body, i couldn't walk for the next week or 2.  lovely. 

so that's my triathlon/5k fun for 2012... we'll see what next year holds.  if you want to see pictures from any of our races, you can look here (it includes last year's races too)!  Pin It!

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