Tuesday, June 4, 2013

let's compare... baby belly

someone had asked me a while back if i was bigger this time around than i was with ian...  well, let's see

 8 weeks.
Ian left.  Baby #2.  Right

 15 weeks

 18 weeks

 20 weeks

 22 weeks

28 weeks

 30 weeks

 32 weeks

so, what do you think?  it's really hard for me to tell.  in some pictures, it seems like i am obviously bigger, while in others, i can't tell that much of a difference.  this baby definitely carries lower than ian did- which i don't even feel like i can tell that from looking at the photos.  i can only see that my face looked a lot thinner with ian than now.  sigh.  also, when i was posting these pictures, dave told me that he always forgets what i look like when i'm not pregnant, while i'm pregnant. 

so there you have it.  pregnancy the 2nd time around vs. the first. 
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