Friday, September 27, 2013

mama style - 3.1 phillip lim for target

i wanted to start doing some "mama style" posts- posts that will show you that becoming a mom doesn't mean you get to just wear yoga pants and a tshirt forever.  i won't front- i do wear yoga pants and a tshirt- at home.  moms- get cute, and get out of yo house! 

so, like most people in the world- i love designer collaborations.  the chance to own designer goods for a minimal amount of money is something that i think anyone can get behind.  i believe target started it all with their go international collection- which i owned a few pieces from long ago, but now they're everywhere it seems.

everyone on the interwebs seemed to be freaking out over the 3.1 phillip lim collection- me, not being able to pass up a good bargain went down to check it out.  let's say i no longer share that enthusiasm.  maybe it's because i just had a baby, and i've still got a little bit of baby weight.  maybe it's because i'm short- and i can't afford to carry extra weight.  i don't know- but i'm beginning to think these collections are made for skinny people only.  this one was certainly a punch in the proverbial crotch of my self-esteem.  i don't know what it is, but the sizing is ALL OVER THE PLACE for these collections- at least on me.  i tried on nearly everything my store had - my thoughts follow!

thoughts:  the sweater was super-thick and would be perfect for winters up here, but i felt like it just hung on me and made me look dumpy.  plus, you can tell the sleeves have extra length on my arms, but i wish the sweater itself had more length.  maybe the sleeves are supposed to be scrunched up though?  this sweater was a medium and i felt fit me just fine.  the skirt- i really liked, although i don't wear a lot of skirts b\c i never know how to style them and i don't like how they sit on my waist- i would go back and buy this skirt on clearance.  i needed a 14 in this skirt (yes) which is 2-3 sizes bigger than the jeans i am currently wearing.  i like the skirt though, so i wouldn't let the number sway my decision.  i really wanted to try on the leopard print dress- but they didn't have it in the store on opening day- however, they did have it when i went to target yesterday, but i didn't get the chance to try it!

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Sparkle Tank -Grey

Price: 24.99

 thoughts:  this tank was probably my favorite thing that i tried on, but i'm not paying $25 for one.  i'd definitely pick this up on clearance though! a medium worked for me in this style

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Sparkle Dress - Blue
Price: 49.99
 thoughts:  this dress obviously didn't work for me.  on the left is a large, which hung on me like a potato sack.  on the right a medium- which was snug all over.  oh well.  a definite no.

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Sweater Dress
Price: 44.99

thoughts:  this is the worst picture of me of all time to go on the interwebs.  the dress on me screamed "hey everyone, i just had a baby..."  ugh.  this was a medium.

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Pullover -Navy/Emerald
Price: 34.99
thoughts:  i really liked this top, but i tried on a medium and a large and couldn't lift my arms up.  if anyone knows what that means- tell me, b\c even in my pre-baby days when i was much smaller i had the same issue with tops/jackets.  target had an xl when i was there yesterday, i might try that b\c this was my favorite thing from the look book. 
3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Silky Skirt -Navy
Price: 29.99

thoughts:  this fit well.  was the same as the animal print skirt. 

thoughts:  cute floral shirt dress, but i tried a large AND an xl and couldn't lift my arms up over my head- seriously.  wtf.  i don't have broad shoulders... what is up?

so overall, this collection was unfortunately a bust for me.  did you give it a try?  buy anything?  maybe i'll have better luck next time- and by next time i mean- today!  catherine malandrino for kohls!
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