Friday, January 17, 2014

isla - 6 months

isla turned 6 months old on december 17th.  how has it seriously been half a year since my life changed again!?  i can't believe i have a baby who is old enough to start trying food, sitting on her own and learning to crawl... not that she's doing any of these things, but still... what?!

isla celebrated her first thanksgiving.  this year we decided to have thanksgiving with my family in georgia since we have not been there on thanksgiving since right after dave & i got married.  i really dreaded how isla was going to do on the trip, so we decided that it would be best to leave in the evening after her last feeding and then just see how it went from there.  we had dinner at our house with dave's mom, fed isla, then we got the kids in their pjs and hit the road.  she actually slept pretty well until we hit some road construction in indiana where we of course couldn't pull off.  she cried all through that and then went right back to sleep.  she slept pretty much from then until her normal wake time and we stopped for breakfast and fed her and then were back on our way.  we had a great week(end) and isla just loved being spoiled by everyone!  she woke up in time to see georgia beat tech and managed to stay calm while everyone lost their mind when auburn beat bama.  oh, college football.

that's about all i can think of for this month, but the pictures are the important part anyway.

hanging out with her buddy sophie.  isla loves sophie way more than ian ever did.

sitting with pop on thanksgiving morning

chatting with gigi

 giving adam and heather a little baby practice (!!)

6 months old!

this is about how pictures go these days...
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