Monday, June 15, 2009

week 8 = not so great

So, week 8 came and went and it was the worst week so far. I finally threw up Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights followed by Saturday morning. I say finally b\c although it's not fun when it happens, throwing up beats the constant nausea, gagging & dry heaves. Beautiful, huh? I also have my 2 other companions: heartburn and indigestion. Yay. I really felt like I was going to die most of the week... Friday was probably the best story of all. I threw up in the grass walking to Dave's car. It was right in front of his neighbors. I'm sure they thought I was enjoying a night of drinking. I just wanted to wave them off and say, "it's ok, it's only morning sickness." I have taken the liberty of taking myself off my prenatal vitamins and replacing them with Flinstone's gummies 2x a day, as my CNM in Conyers had told me I could do. My sister in law also gave me the leftovers from her Zofran Rx (is that legal) for her sickness. I took one last night with the onset of nausea and it was awesome. Other than that I have been sucking down a lot of gingerale- yummy!

In 2 days I am flying home for the rest of the week(end). Hopefully I will be ok for the flight- i'm a little nervous about not feeling well. Sunday we will probably drive back and I'm more nervous about that- constantly having to stop for bathroom breaks and eating! So far I have been fine, and tomorrow begins week 9- so hopefully things will be better. Tomorrow is also my 28th (GASP) birthday- so I hope I feel well- b\c I'm probably going to be spending most of it getting my Illinois drivers license and license plate. Boo. Did you know that I have to retake the driver's test and provide 461 forms of ID. True Story. Pin It!

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