Friday, July 10, 2009

Weeks 9-12 aka: i need to update

Since my pukey week 8 things have been a lot better.

Week 9 I journeyed home to Atlanta where we threw a surprise party for my parents 30th anniversary! I'm pleased to report that it went very well and we had no real issues with pulling it off. I even got to pull some sneaky stunts, and that's very exciting. It was good to be home, celebrate my bday with friends and celebrate my parents anniversary with family and friends. Although we really didn't get to spend father's day with my dad, we were still there for that weekend.

Upon returning home, (starting week 10) we carried some items to our storage facility. We had an indoor unit that seemed pretty safe. When we got inside there was water in our unit, but it seemed pretty minor. The facility had closed, so we put our new things up high and left. We came back Wednesday to show the people who run the place. The damage still looked minor, but upon further inspection we realized that the entire unit's floor was covered by water- a space of 15X15. We spent the next 5 hours taking everything (the entire contents of our home in Atlanta) and separating the wet from the dry and reloading everything into a new unit. Luckily, pregnant women don't get to move all of that stuff. Dave's parents helped, and a couple of his friends came by too. By the end of the night my entire body ached, i was covered in bites, hot, cranky, and had cried a lot. Lucky for us, big ticket items like furniture were safe, but smaller electrics, dvds, books, and most of my yearbooks (irreplacable) were destroyed. We are in the process of a claim, currently.

We attended a fun wedding this weekend, and the tail end of week 10/beginning of week 11 had a Dr.'s appointment in store for me. Since I've been pretty nauseated, i got a Rx to zofran. Yay. Thank goodness b\c the vomiting reurned in week 11. Luckily, it has passed for now, and i'm off to week 12. I got a job the same day as my dr.'s appt- and I start work on Tuesday. I've had a couple interviews since, but still waiting to hear back from those. Hopefully i'll be a better updater these days too! I should be feeling better here beginning week 13!

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