Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin farm

dave had monday off a few weeks ago so we decided to take ian to the local pumpkin farm.  i had never been before, and dave hadn't been in years.  we were also thrilled to take ian (it's safe to say that it was more fun for us, than him)...  ian was a trooper though.  we had fun munching on pork sandwiches and apple cider donuts, petting the giraffes (yes!) and picking out the perfect pumpkin!

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  1. That is just too cool! I wish ATL had a pumpkin farm like that!

  2. What a fun day and super cute pics, he is adorable!!

  3. I wish we had a pumpkin farm like this one.. the one we visited was not so much fun..

  4. I've been slacking on my blog commenting...but HAD to for this one. Too much cuteness!!!!


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