Friday, October 8, 2010

fall wish list- coats/outerwear

because as my husband says, "you only have 7 coats, do you really need another?"  what do you think?

i could only fit into 3 of those coats while pregnant, and i'm guessing the same outcome for this winter.  so it may be time to part ways with some of those coats, and make way for some new ones... and it's now really appropriate for me to have so many coats seeing that illinois is like the arctic.  i may have made it through my pregnancy last winter with only wearing gloves and a hat most days- but i had body heat for 2.  not so much this time around.  i'm going to be cold.

here's what made my wish list!

i have to say i have really been looking for coats in gray or navy because i pretty much have them in all the other colors that i've spotted online, but didn't find a gray or navy that i just have to have.  the delias coat is closest to gray, but i'm not sure i love it.  the clifton coat is close to navy, but maybe not as deep of a blue as i desire.  i also just realized that the clifton coat and the big city blues coat are the same coat...  the orange old navy coat- i just love the color- it just makes me dream of pumpkin bars and pumpkin spice lattes and changing leaves- and i got my first peacoat from old navy over 10 years ago- and it is still going strong!  the wear the heart is jacket is more cute than warmth.  (btw, modcloth has a coat warmth scale- how awesome is that)?!  the white coats are probably my favorite- i just see them with a peek of skirt and colorful tights sticking out.

dreaming of coats... but not the weather that would necessitate one...
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