Tuesday, April 16, 2013

baby #2, month 6

i can't believe i'm already past my 6th month!  eek!

how far along- 21-24 wks (march 6th-april 2nd)
due date- july 20th
weight gain- i think i was told 20 lbs at my 24 week appointment- so that would actually be 15 lbs. by my home scale.   
wedding rings-  still on!
maternity clothes-  don't be fooled by the calendar- it is still very much WINTER here in illinois.  let's talk about tights- they don't work for pregnant people.  being that the majority of my work wear consists of dresses- these last few weeks have been a painful struggle.  i can't wear tights over my belly, and when i just let them fall they dig into my lower belly.  it's really painful.  my friend katie says i should just wear maternity tights... but they don't come in fun colors.  i am also noticing that some of my dresses are too short, but i am too lazy to change clothes.  last week when i got to the gym Dave gave me a look and told me my dress was entirely too short.  oops. i am basically ready to wear a maxi dress for the rest of my pregnancy. 
symptoms- the nausea has subsided!  hooray!
cravings- i don't know if it was a craving- but i spent 2-3 weeks slathering tortilla chips in a light layer of sour cream and then dipping them in salsa verde.  i don't think i've had anything else.
aversions- nothing.  wow 
am i showing-  of course.  although some days i feel smaller than others
missing anything-  it should really be at least 65 degrees by now...
sleep-  i'm still sleeping pretty well.  dave says i had a week of serious snoring, but have toned it down.
innie or outie- it really depends on the time of the day. 
movement- this baby moves non-stop.  i'm finally getting some of the jabs that catch you by surprise.  
doctor's visits-  nothing eventful at this appointment- heart rate was good.  was measured for the first time.  april is my last 4 week appointment and then we are at 2 weekers already!!!
boy or girl-  still a girl that i know of.
names-  dave thinks he already has the baby named.  we still haven't discussed it.  i guess i'm kind of avoiding it... but i like to wait.
braxton hicks-  they are in full force.  i am the queen of braxton hicks. 
gym-  i forgot to mention, but i have been so good about going to the gym.  i'm getting in at least 3-4 days a week.  2 days i do zumba and the other 2 days dave & i walk the track.  i am definitely getting more and more uncoordinated at zumba...  sigh.

 21 weeks
dress:  modcloth - every minute counts dress

 22 weeks
dress:  tucker for target

 23 weeks
top-  liz lange maternity for target
dress- modcloth - coach tour dress in rouge

24 weeks
dress- old navy
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