Thursday, May 2, 2013

baby #2 month 7

i can't believe i haven't posted in 2 weeks.  my brother is getting married this weekend, and i have been super-stressed about the trip and arrangements and dr's appointments- it's just been crazy. 

how far along- 25-28 wks (april 3rd-april 30th)  3rd trimester!!!
due date- july 20th
weight gain- i am allegedly up 27 lbs.  it doesn't matter what i do- i am destined to be a pregnant person who gains a ridiculous amount of weight.
wedding rings-  the weather has still been pretty cool with the exception of this past week.  i spent sunday packing up all my winter clothes.  if it's cold when i get back- i'm gonna just be cold. 
symptoms- i spoke too soon.  was a little nauseous this week. 
cravings- i wanted an icee.  settled for a slurpee.  
aversions- nothing.  wow 
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  i've really wanted a margarita or something like that this month
sleep-  i'm still sleeping pretty well.  not for long i'm sure.
innie or outie- it really depends on the time of the day. 
movement- lots of movement still.  some are not very comfortable!
doctor's visits-  last week was my last 4 wk appt.  i had my placenta check ultrasound.  we are still having a girl and my placenta moved a bunch!  no mandatory c-section!  i also had my 1 hr glucose test and a tdap shot.  they had so much trouble taking the blood for my test- i got 2 sticks.  i failed my glucose test however and had to come back friday for the 3 hour.  boring.  and that test = 4 sticks... which for me turned into 7 or 8.  i lost count. 
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  i'm still waiting.
braxton hicks-  they've been terrible.  just trying to force myself to drink lots of water. 
gym-  still hitting up the gym.  i'm going to have to start bringing a little spray fan to zumba... it's so hot in there!

i also flew on an airplane this week.  no one cares about pregnant people.  no one.  esp pregnant people flying alone with a toddler.  the security people were the nicest, most accommodating people i met on the entire trip.  more on my insane trip later though. 

 25 weeks
cardigan: target
dress:  modcloth

 26 weeks
cardigan:  target
belt:  target
dress:  asos

 27 weeks
dress:  old navy maternity

28 weeks
dress:  liz lange maternity for target
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