Friday, May 31, 2013

our trip to atlanta

my brother got married almost 4 weeks ago (crazy).  all 3 of us were in the wedding, and i was really a little worried about how ian was going to act.  luckily for us, dave's dad officiated the wedding, so we had lots of grand-parental backup.  it ended up being a really nice weekend other than it marked the beginning of some of the worst pregnancy symptoms i have ever had (hoping they're totally unrelated)...

dave & i decided that ian and i would fly down at the beginning of the week, so we could spend some time with family and try and see a few friends.  i wanted dave to save up his vacation days...  we are so stingy.  dave has 6 (SIX) weeks of vacation this year and we are hoarding them like he has 2...  i was definitely nervous about being close to 30 weeks pregnant and flying with a 3 year old, but ian loves planes and we talked it up for a few weeks, plus had the portable dvd player and a new car in tow to help things out....  my fears however, were not unfounded.  ian has only had a stomach virus once in his life- and that was his first christmas.  he chose on the way to the airport to start his second.  i picked him up from daycare and they said he had been in obvious pain all day- and as i was pulling into dave's office to pick him up, he decided to release that all over the back of dave's car.  i thought for a second it was going to be two of us.  by the time we got to the airport, ian was on his 3rd outfit of the day.  i didn't ask for gate assistance from dave, so once we got to security, i was on my own.  i did get to go through family security though- which was about the end of my nice experience with people at the airport.  from that point on i was basically on my own.  i nearly had to sit on the floor at our gate... i had to crawl under a rope to get out of line at mcd's... and i had a flight attendant who obviously didn't have children.  seriously, lady... the male flight attendant had more empathy than you did.  also, i don't know how people join the mile high club b\c an airplane bathroom barely fits a 30 lb 3 year old and a 30 week pregnant woman... and we were in there twice.  luckily, ian was only sick once on the plane- and that was as we were landing...  even better, that was the end of it.  so, needless to say the trip started out verrrry eventful. 

lots of photos to follow... beware..

 see the giant mark on his face that he got by accident from dave... oi.  luckily it was gone by saturday.

from tuesday to thursday, ian and i just took it easy and met up with some friends.  friends... i love you.  you are the best. 

 bevy buddy!

 friends from high school, work, church and college.  thanks for always being there!

 the difference between your first baby and your second.  look at her tiny little bump.  we're due a week apart!

dave arrived with his parents early friday morning.  we let them sleep for a bit and then in the mid-afternoon we headed to athens.  we stayed at the gameday condos- which are super nice and we all were able to stay in there together.  the weather forecast was crappy for saturday, so we all sucked it up and were resigned to the fact that there would probably be an indoor wedding.   the rehearsal dinner was the varsity, so it was basically the greatest wedding rehearsal of all time.  yum.  yum. 

when i woke up saturday morning, the forecast was correct- pouring rain.  and it poured, and poured.  all.  day.  the wedding was beautiful.  ian actually walked down the aisle.  i didn't pass out during the ceremony.  it was great to see friends and family that i had not seen in a while either.  congratulations derek & brittany.  we love you so much!

a few pre-wedding photos.  

 ian with his grammy, who was luckily there to keep us sane and keep ian busy with angry birds

 ian and his buddy, jimmy.  they heard the cake was being cut!

 ian with his g.g. & pop!

 distracting uncle derek during speeches..

 dancing with grampy

 dancing by himself

 and dancing with mommy

 he was extremely interested in what went on before the garter toss...

 c'mon ride that train, ian

 kisses for aunt bittny

 see ya later!

 my love.

 the bride...

we did it!

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