Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Isla - Month 2

Isla was officially 2 months old on August 17th (4 weeks adjusted).  This has been another crazy month of adjusting to having 2 little ones!  Isla's due date officially arrived- which was just weird.  The last month had been a complete blur and i could no longer imagine having been pregnant those last 5 weeks- especially as giant as i was! 

Isla is a typical newborn: eat, sleep, poop, cry.  by this time, Ian was sleeping through the night, and Dave and I were feeling way less exhausted.  that is not the case with miss isla.  her night sleep varies- some mornings i feel rested, while others i feel like death.  i followed babywise with ian, and while i'm trying to follow it with isla (just being a lot less militant about it), it's a lot harder to do with 2 kids- plus a busy schedule (house hunting, etc).  we're hanging in there, hopefully she'll master sleeping through the night soon- maybe by the time her adjusted age is 6 weeks.  we'll see.

isla had her 2 month appointment last week and she is really growing like a weed- it's crazy to see how much "bigger" she is!  she tipped the scale at 7 lbs 10 oz and is 20" long.  both of these put her below the 5th percentile, of course, but she's really growing!!

she loves being held- sometimes i can't even get anything done.  ian is still doing really well with her- he's such a sweet big brother!  i feel like there isn't much to report that i didn't sum up in the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph.  that's about all she does!  she's absolutely adorable though, so i'll just post pictures instead!

 just hanging out!

 getting some meds from brother (after daddy took him to have his hair butchered)

 tummy time!

 i promise there's a baby in there.  a visit to the petting zoo during dad's 2nd week of paternity leave

 he doesn't ask to hold her as much, but sometimes he still wants to

 doing what they do best

 homemade goodies galore!

 just being cute!

 first time meeting great-great aunt connie and great grammy!

 funny, he never wanted to sit for these pictures when i wanted him to...

 sweetest boy!

2 months old!!!

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