Thursday, October 15, 2009

changing my mind

so i had everything decided on as far as baby furniture went. we've done pretty well with buying things too- budgeting out a large item per every other paycheck or so. so far we have only gotten our glider rocker & "bassinet." this week we decided it was time to get our crib. i had one picked out, the Gulliver model from Ikea.

It was given an A in my Baby Bargains book for safety and value, and it didn't cost several hundred dollars- double bonus. White wasn't the look we were going for, but we thought we could stain it quite easily. We made our journey to Ikea Wednesday night, took a look at the bed in the baby section- it wasn't quite what i was expecting. It was a little smaller than I was expecting, and they had the mattress set up on the lower of the 2 levels. We decided to get it anyway. That evening I was re-reading through my BB book and I just kept having second thoughts- was there something better. That's when I read about the Graco/Bonavita cribs- also receiving an A in the book. I decided to go with the Graco Sarah.

I was hoping they'd carry them at Target, but they didn't. I looked around and found them at BRU and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is about $30 cheaper (they are the same crib) and they will ship for free to your store, or ship to you for a whopping $0.97! I think I'll be happier with this crib. It's larger for one, and it's already the color we're going for- which means we only have to stain the dresser (one less thing to worry about after putting it together). Only thing I'm not entirely thrilled about- it's a convertible, and I think the convertibles are ridiculous, but I think I can live with that- besides, I don't ever plan on having to convert it.
Now Mama is happy, so everyone can be happy. Well, except we now have to make another trip to the dreaded Ikea...

In other news- we are going to look at a house/apartment this weekend. I feel relieved that we getting this ball rolling. Now, to sell, burn, drive a car into our house in Atlanta... Pin It!

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