Friday, October 9, 2009

the first 3 weeks of "fall" / trip to Ft. Fun

So it has hardly been fall for 3 weeks and we are already talking about snow around here. Really? That disgusts me. I barely felt like I got a summer, and now I don't even get a fall?! COME ON! If anything, it has given me the chance to dig into my delicious fall/winter maternity clothes. Luxe sweaters in a variety of colors and shapes. Yum.

Husband & I went to our storage unit last weekend and put away the majority of my summer clothes and brought back all my winter clothes. I spent some time going through what I think I can still wear without my belly stretching it out. I may be dreaming to still think I can wear my non-maternity clothes- but I'm going to keep that glimmer of hope alive!

One thing I definitely think I'm going to need- a winter coat. I own at least 8 winter coats that I have collected over the years- some had gotten a little snug, so those stayed in storage- but my 3 most recent coats made it back to the house with me. My newest coat I got this summer- a quilted Nike jacket with a tiny Georgia "G" on it. It's nice because it's fleece-lined, has a hood, and was only $20 (regular price $100+). I've been wearing it daily since it rains daily, but there's a slight problem- I'm already having trouble zipping it. My other 2 coats I haven't tried on yet, but they button/toggle, so I'm hoping that provides me a little extra room. If not, I've already started researching maternity coats and I'm hoping for a Ft. Wayne shopping excursion this weekend!

Ft. Wayne: We are off to Ft. Wayne, IN in a few hours to have a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Shannon. I will post pictures as I am in charge of food, and love this kind of thing! Plus, a whole weekend without work, means a whole weekend of wearing regular clothes- and as I already said, I have a lot of maternity stuff I can't wait to put on! Plus, Dave's grandmother has at least 10 pairs of my hand-me-down maternity pants that she's taking up for me- so excited to have more than 1 pair of pants finally!! Oh, and did I mention there's a Chick-fil-a in Ft. Wayne? Because there's a Chick-fil-a in Ft. Wayne, and I'm hungry.

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