Monday, December 13, 2010

a date night in my future?

i honestly cannot remember the last time that husband and i went to see a movie... sadly it may have been winter 2008- we caught 2 movies with husband's best friend- gran torino & the curious case of benjamin button.  or maybe it was public enemies.  who knows.  sad times.  i'm not really into movies much anymore.  most movies seem to just be remakes of others with few new original ideas.  i live for classic film though.  i can safely say that most of my favorites were made prior to 1970- most way before that.  there have been a few movies that have caught my eye lately- so i'm hoping to somehow finagle a date night in my near future!  here's what's on my list of "like to see" movies.

love & other drugs:  i am wishy-washy on the rom-com genre.  some i like, and some are just way to much cheese for my liking.  this looks like it could have potential.

burlesque- i love singing and dancing and costumes and flashy!  i'm hoping this has modern-day moulin rouge potential.  plus, kristen bell is just so cute and little!

and finally

black swan- a psychological thriller (more up my alley) about ballet with gorgeous costumes by rodarte.  if i could see one of these movies, this would be my choice.

what about you?  do you make it to the movies often?  have you seen any of these movies- or are any of these movies on your list?  if not, what's on your list? Pin It!


  1. I really want to see Black Swan, too! I hope it's more of a cool thriller, and not so much about the girl-on-girl scenes...

    Recently we've seen:
    Tangled (not as princessy as the Disney films of our youth, but not bad)
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 (AMAZING)
    Third Narnia film - Voyage of the Dawn Treader (pretty good, but the 3D didn't add anything to the film)

    Let me know if you see any of these and if they're good! :)

  2. After a long time ,me and hubby went for a movie this weekend.127 hours... brilliant movie..

    Want to catch up few other movies too like Social Network,Paranormal activity.. maybe netflix..


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