Thursday, December 30, 2010

11 months

ian turned 11 months old on december 20. wow.  just one more month, and i won't have a baby anymore- i'll have a toddler. 

ian still hasn't gotten any new teeth- but it looks like he is working on at least 4 on the top.  all the signs are there- diaper rash, insane amounts of drool..  just waiting on the teeth. 

this has been a big month for ian as far as milestones!  ian did show us that he can crawl on his hands and knees- but still army crawls 99.9% of the time.  a few weeks ago i went to get him up from a nap and he was kneeling in his crib- so we lowered the mattress.  2 days after that, i went in and found him standing in his crib, so we lowered the mattress all the way.  now he's constantly standing in the crib, pulling up on furniture, will take "steps" if you're holding his hand, and tries to pull himself off the ground once on his feet.  i can't believe all this has happened in a just a few short weeks.  i know that cruising and standing and walking are right around the corner!  of course, this has brought lots of falls- poor kid seems to have bruises all the time now..

ian is still eating well, and eating more and more table foods.  we're moving towards more independent eating!  he is down to nursing only 3 times a day, has 1 bottle a day, and 3 meals a day.  we've introduced only a few more fruits and veggies- as there aren't many left (most of the ones that are have to wait until after he is 1 year).  i think the only thing we've introduced since is cantaloupe.  while we were at my mom & dad's we did jarred baby food for convenience, but he really didn't seem to care for a lot of it- i can't blame him- i tasted some of it - blech!  

we celebrated thanksgiving w\ dave's family the weekend before thanksgiving since dave's sister was going to be having a baby the week of thanksgiving.  then we headed to ft. wayne to have thanksgiving w\ dave's grandmother.  it was nice b\c we got to see a lot of dave's cousins.  i also did my first black friday- ian had no clue i was even gone! 

ian has gotten better about clapping- he just claps at random intervals and anytime you say "yay" plus he has started waving and saying "bye" and blowing kisses.  he also is now saying "uh oh" if he drops something (and he is dropping things all the time- mostly on purpose)...  he is changing so much- i just can't believe he'll be a year old!  ::sigh::

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  1. It's a baby! :)
    He's super cute!
    Oh and I love your striped top in the first picture!

  2. Go Ian! Sounds like he is doing great and eating well. Hard to believe he's almost 1


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