Thursday, February 24, 2011

please forgive me!

it's a little backwards, but ps.  darn you blogger- i thought i had published this one post last week, and it's sitting in my posts as a draft.  arghhhhhhhh.  i'll show you.

excuse me for my lack of posting lately!  we have been super busy and only to get busier!  this past weekend we enjoyed a 30th birthday party and a 1st birthday party- and that pretty much sums up how we will celebrate most of 2011.  everyone is either turning 30 or 1!  we had a blast leaving ian with the grandparents and heading into the city to dance and drink and celebrate with friends.  it was the best time i've had all year, and now i can't wait to plan a fun 30th celebration for dave & myself!

i've also been busy with work.  besides my out-of-the-house job that i work 2 evenings a week, I also work from home for my in-laws.  they own a counseling practice and i am my father-in-law's assistant.  i do all of the bill paying and important stuff like that- the beginning of the year is crazy- throw a 1 year old into the mix and it's just insanity.

i've also been busy working out.  dave & i vowed to work out this year, we have a membership through our local parks & rec department and we are busy getting ready to knock the big one off my 30 before thirty list (you won't find it on the list though....)  ;)

i promise to be better.  i don't know how some of you do it with jobs and babes.  i think i just have really poor time management skills... Pin It!

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