Monday, February 7, 2011

straight from the heart

valentine's day is in a week!  i love valentine's day a little too much.  it's safe to say that it's my favorite holiday- while for most people it's a day they wish just didn't exist.  i used to always go overboard for the big day- i've changed that a little since being married, but i still want sometime cute to wear for my dinner date with the husband.  modcloth's newest look book straight from the heart pretty much belongs in my closet- and confirms that my taste is a little twee...  oh well.  here are my faves!

all items from modcloth

1.  heart act to follow cardigan
2.  to the patisserie sweater
3.  traveling translator tote
4.  lace embrace top
5.  on the ball-et dress
6.  tweet on you dress
7.  flowers of romance dress
8.  seafoam of affection dress
9.  moments to remember dress
10.  eye in the sky heel
11.  flurry up top
12.  constellation rising top

your thoughts on valentine's day?  love it or hate it? 
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  1. I've always loved Valentine's Day even when I don't have a bf. I know it's overly-commercialized and sappy, blah, blah, blah, but I love the sweetness behind it - and the clothes! I love that cardi with heart pockets and those heels!!!!!

  2. i'm the same way- i've always loved vday in spite of itself- boyfriend or not. well, except for vday 2002- i was in college and think i cried all night... but i met my husband 24 hours later...


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