Tuesday, February 1, 2011

you know what's not fun?


ian has 3-4 teeth coming in (2 top teeth have already broken through)!  want to put a cherry on top of the teething experience? 

get sick (not you- that would make it worse- baby).

ian has rsv (he got it on his birthday- symptoms take 4-6 days to show).  a baby in our group apparently had gotten it and was at group that thursday- their symptoms didn't show until the weekend, which is when they got their diagnosis.  he started coughing last monday and that was accompanied by a runny nose and feeling warm (although thermometer shows no fever).   saturday morning he coughed so much while nursing that he threw up everything he had just drank (poor, wasted milk)that was enough for me, and we took him to the pediatrician (ever been on a saturday- holy s- when we arrived, there was 1 other child, but 5-6 came in- but when we left, there were 30 people in the waiting room!)  we saw our ped who seemed skeptical about whether he had rsv- and of course, ian hadn't coughed the entire time the doc was in the room.  i had to make something happen though- so i let ian drink water out of his sippy, and sure enough, the coughing began.  he did have the cough associated w\ rsv and 5 oz of weight loss.  right now, we just have to ride it out, as you  have to with most baby things.  that's that.  we're still sick.  we've missed a baby group outing, group itself and a swim class (that has been paid for- grr).  i'm not sure we'll make it out to anything this week either.  just hope my boy is better soon!

and on a final note.  we're supposed to have a blizzard.  projected 3-6" snow tonight (monday) with up to 20" starting on tuesday in the afternoon.  lovely.  can this southerner survive her first blizzard (ok, 2nd, i was around during the blizzard of '93) in the midwest.  photos to come, if i care to get out in it, or if it even happens.  i will probably be holed up with my margs either way!  people are making this out to be the snowpocalypse.  seriously. 

any tips for dealing with a sick witta guy (or girl)? Pin It!


  1. Oh geez, Mel. I'm so sorry. Maybe add Baileys to your cocoa? :) I have no clue what to do, but you'll definitely be in my thoughts & prayers. Hope that little guy gets better soon!

  2. Oh no, not fun! Baby-Lu had RSV when he was 2 months old and we had to lug home this big breathing machine and hook him up to it with liquid antibiotics every 4 hours for 7 days ... throught he night as well. Talk about miserable! I feel for you having a little sicky, hope he gets better and you keep your sanity!


  3. Poor baby! The two of you! I hope you're hanging in there and that the snow melts soon!


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