Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i resolve... april

not to make stupid resolutions this year that i will have forgotten about by... yesterday.

instead.  my "resolution" is to make a short list of attainable goals each month- and to share them with you.

i'm getting earlier with my posts... that's good.  let's review my goals for march.  i feel like i kicked some serious tail this month!
  • go to bed before 2 AM ---maybe i did this 3 times...
  • list clothes on smashion --- boo.  ya.  smashion is like ebay in that listing stuff takes for.  ev.  er.  it probably took me 4 hours or more to upload all of this stuff- and i don't plan on keeping it all up for months until it sales.  if it's not gone by a certain point- it's off to goodwill.  so, buy this stuff.   seriously- i want it out of my house.  shop
  • seriously, clean your house, it's a disaster. --- we tried to take on a "project" per weekend on top of making extra efforts to clean.  our 4 projects:  1.  dig out backyard jungle weeds for future garden.  2.  fold and hang 6 weeks months of laundry that we i had lying around.  3.  clean out from under our bed (how did that stuff even get there?!).  4.  organize, try on and pull clothes & list them on smashion.
  • finish something else on the 30/30 ---while i was unable to mark anything off the list, i did print more  pictures (#9) and started getting serious about date nights (#11).  ok, wait.  we did FINALLY pay off the hospital bills from having Ian (#14), but now we have hospital bills from the er visit.  i'm conflicted about whether or not this can be crossed off the list. 
  • read 2 books --- yes!  (although i just finished the 2nd last night).  i finished butterfield 8 and another book having to do w\ my 30/30.  it's a secret.
  • have 2 "date" nights with husband.  one where we stay at home and the other where we actually pretend like we have lives and we leave our house without our child (we will leave our child with someone, not alone if you were wondering).  --- we did have our at home date night.  we made a special dinner together and snuggled together for a movie.  we never got a chance to go out b\c dave's parents were on vacation during our free weekends.  we did have more than one at home date night. 
  • see to it that the first day of spring arrives in the midwest.  i curse you snow, i curse you with 1000 curses. --- even i can't make the seasons change and that groundhog is a filthy liar.  it snowed at least twice this month.  40 degrees is not spring.
  • win march madness (or my husband can win... what's yours is mine...) --- talk about the fail of the century.  i don't watch college bb, but i love march madness- this year's tournament was totally whack.  dave & i finished in a tie for 2nd to last place out of 24 brackets.  the pool was decided before we even got to the final four b\c everyone's teams were eliminated except for the winner who had 1 final four team.  sad.  i don't wanna talk about it.
and now for april!
  • finish 2 more books
  • finish 2 more 30/30 items.  
  • don't spend any extra money on crap this month.  approved items are:  tv with tax money (planned ahead), lunch this weekend w\ friends we haven't seen since october.  easter basket goodies for ian.  out of the house date.  trip to milwaukee to see the braves (tickets are $0.75).  all of this total (not including the tv should cost less than $100).  
  • 2 date nights.  1 at home.  1 out.
  • lose 2 lbs.  i didn't bother with this in march, but i'm coming back to it.  it's been 8 weeks now- the weight has got to start coming off.  i'm busting my butt.  
  • figure out how to spend/save the remaining tax money.  we could pay off ian's hospital bills in full, but would like to save some money as well.
  • cash in my bonds.  they're earning about $0.25 a year.  ridiculous.
we'll check back to see how i did in a few weeks!! Pin It!

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