Monday, April 11, 2011

perfect weekend

spring decided to give us a 2 day visit this weekend (don't worry, the temperatures will be back in the 50's with promises of snow to come).  it. was. amazing.  you know, a little something to prepare me for how incredible it's going to be when we're in georgia (knock on wood).

saturday, we had lunch with friends at chick-fil-a.  but before we left, someone practiced walking around with his push toy for a while..
so close!!

after chick-fil-a, we all headed over to our favorite ice cream shop!  i was so excited for ian to try ice cream for the first time.  we decided to go with banana since that's his favorite fruit!  he loved it!  he gobbled down his entire kiddie cup and cried for more!

when we got back home, he took a short nap, had dinner and then we loaded up in his wagon for a ride around the neighborhood (i forgot the camera)!

sunday was 85 degrees!  i was in heaven wearing a skirt and open toe shoes!  dave's hockey team had their championship game.  unfortunately, they lost in the championship for the 3rd straight session.  they played a really great game though.  
 go yams!

after the game, we hung out for a little while.  ian had a great time with his friend margaret!
look at those skinny little legs!

then we headed to grammy & grampy's house for steak, baked potato and veggies.  ian looooves steak.  after all this, he was a pretty tired little boy, so it was home and to bed.  we start our next swim class in the morning.  i can't wait.  he was really getting the hang of things by the end of the last class, so i know he'll really be enjoying it this time around!  

how was your weekend?!

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  1. sounds so great, mcmel. nothing like spring after a neverending winter! i totally understand!

    we also had a great weekend here in alabama. gorgeous -- even hot -- weather. we made pancakes, washed cars, played with our chickens, read, threw a baseball around, cleaned up my sewing room, and had more work done on our new deck. i also got to scheme with a fellow creative at church about art and decor for easter sunday. every thing we did was so very rewarding!


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