Wednesday, April 27, 2011

stop me if you've heard this one before...

i am so overwhelmed right now!

seriously, i don't know how some moms manage to do it and look so put together!  i haven't showered in 2 days and i'm still in my pj's...  yikes!

we just got back from our 2nd long weekend trip in a row (which, i wish i could say was a vacation).  we love our families dearly, but since they live so far from us, we don't get vacations- b\c the cost to see family is the cost of a vacation.  worth it to see family/friends, but i would like to say that we're going to take a vacation some day...  so our entire house looks like we were out of town...  my suitcase is still packed w\ my stuff (and ian's)... and i keep avoiding it- b\c if it's in a suitcase, then it's not all over my room.  our living room still has a couple bags that aren't completely emptied, and i need to do laundry- the story of my life.

our room also looks like a warehouse.  we are desperately trying to de-clutter, so we've been selling some things on ebay (b\c if i'm getting rid of it, i might as well try and make some money) and i've got boxes that are ready to ship, and boxes filled with stuff still awaiting payment, and boxes with stuff that is currently up for auction...  i have sold only 1 thing on smashion, but i've traded several things which doesn't help when you're supposed to be getting rid of stuff...  we are giving some stuff away however, so we've got to sort through that too.  it's amazing how many things you accumulate in your life...  aaaaaah. 

i'm also trying to sort things out from our car accident- waiting on insurance checks, trying to find out when i can get repairs, getting a rental car, buying a new car seat.  ai yi yi.

well, i've done all my office work, made a grocery list, gotten the car stuff taken care of, packed boxes and blogged.  it's a regular miracle...  i just need to shower and i might feel like a normal person...  dare i even say super mom?  i wish i could just clone myself- and then have my clones do the stuff i don't like doing, like cutting coupons and cleaning the house- folding my laundry and actually getting to the grocery store.  one day people, one day. 

what are your tricks for getting it all done?  certainly i can do all this stuff without staying up until 3 am.  i need tips, people! Pin It!


  1. Lately, I am hanging on by a thread. What MUST get done, usually gets done either before everyone else in the house is awake, during nap time or after the baby is in bed for the night. I think from the outside, I probably look like I'm managing. But I'm totally not. I've cried every day for the last week. As I write this, Emmie just started screaming because the dog would not let her chew on his toy. He needs to go out. And yes, I am in pj's as well. Hang in there! And know that you are not alone!

  2. Find a babysitter who is just experienced enough to watch Ian while you are at home doing other things! This is great for two reasons - 1. you can get someone in 8th grade now and lock them down for the next five years, and 2. they are still relatively inexpensive for a couple of hours a week. You get stuff done, Ian has fun, a 12 year old makes some (a little) money, and - most importantly - you feel like you got a lot accomplished!

  3. gahhhh I stopped to talk to a neighbor who was recently laid off and she said "I'm a career woman, I love my daughter but my house is a wreck and I NEVER get anything done" I'm a SAHM mom and NEVER get anything done.. I don't get how other mama's do it. I know other mama's babies have actual scheduled naps and go to bed at a regular time.. Olivia doesn't nap at the same time or for the same length of time from day to day.. some days I can get in a shower and maybe a few chores around the house.. but other days I sneak away for a minute (one I've breastfed her into lala land) and she's already up and ready to go... sighhh.. My poor husband comes home from work and winds up doing housework. He's better at it simply because the baby isn't interrupting him OR undoing each thing he's just done (the baby can unfold each piece of laundry in 12 seconds which took me 20 minutes to fold) dohhhhh I hope more mama's post! Maybe I'll post the same thing on diaperswappers and find out what other mama's say!

  4. Hey dear, I'm trying to find your email and I can't...but take a look at Monday's post when you get a chance! ASAP!

  5. this is the thread I asked people for tips.. I added the "make appts on time" for my own sanity because it seems the only appt I ever make on time is Olivia's dr appts because they ask you to be 15 minutes early or they skip your appt. I was always on time for everything (actually early) before Olivia was born and now I just don't seem to care unless I know someone is waiting on me, then I'm on time! lol!


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