Sunday, December 18, 2011

photo challenge: red

i don't usually do these kinds of things b\c 1.  i don't take very good pictures and 2.  ian refuses to be photographed.  however, today was different.  behold!

look at that little stinker.  not only is he marching around being a totes cutes patoots, but those overalls that he's wearing... used to be MINE (oh, the 80's).  unfortunately, the leather on the suspenders decided to give out by the end of the day, and they'll be unwearable again unless they're repaired, but they are about 30 years old!  i wish i had a picture of me wearing them for comparison, but i'll have to see if i can dig that up while at home.  regardless, this outfit was perfect for our breakfast with santa (he's still scared)...

The Paper Mama

ps.  when i went to preview this post the "you might also like" was showcasing "week 16: baby avocado" next to a picture of guacamole.... Pin It!

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