Friday, December 9, 2011

wish list friday: modcloth duds

1.  look on the bright cider tunic - i have a weakness for bright red, holiday themed sweaters, and this one does it without being ugly sweater party material.  looks warm too, and i need it- it's 26 today!
2.  lieutenant lovely cardigan - love the colors and button detail.  would be cute alone or over anything.
3.  new hire and higher dress - this dress looks slimming and classy.  can't go wrong with that.
4.  what's the peter plan top - adorable top.  i know i'd feel just like madeline!
5.  strawberry waffles dress - adorable dress that could be styled so many ways
6.  freedom of the dress - lovely dress- and it has sleeves!
7.  streetcar tour dress - a classy dress that comes in a variety of colors that's appropriate year-round!  yes!
8.  london collar-ing dress - love this sweet dress.  the color is a winner
9.  loving care dress - another sweet dress.  i think it could be hit or miss on me though!
10.  three square teals dress - knit retro-looking dress.  very cute
11. double your output top - stripes and lace.  i think so
12.  presidio pose dress - cute, but way out of my price range
13.  snow news is good news dress - perfect sweater dress for illinois weather
14.  radiant ruby dress - i'm in love with everything about this gorgeous red dress
15.  evergreen and gorgeous dress - love the color of this pretty maxi dress
16.  brunch date top - i really love this top, can't figure out why it was only available for about a month!

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