Tuesday, May 28, 2013

baby #2. month 8

how far along- 29-32 wks (may 1st-may 28)
due date- july 20th
weight gain- at my last ob appointment i was up 35 lbs.  since i started this pregnancy already up 10 lbs from my first, that means i officially weigh what i did the day i had ian.  major depress-fest. 
wedding rings-  my wedding ring and engagement ring are both off.  my hands don't look/feel bigger, but they obviously are.
symptoms- i don't know what set it off, but since the night my brother got married i have been suffering from terrible acid reflux.  it's just awful.  my feet are pretty swollen too- which also started when my brother got married.  during the car ride back i noticed i couldn't wear my shoes, and it's been that way ever since.  this weekend i had go to buy some size 9 flip flops from old navy.  yikes!  i refuse to be kim kardashian.   i officially have cankles.  it's awful.
cravings- really wanted a king's hawaiian roast beef from arby's last week.  
aversions- nothing.  probably past that point
am i showing-  it's fairly obvious
missing anything-  the fruity drinks of summer.  pants that fit.  walking normally.
sleep-  i. can't. stop. snoring.  poor dave.  i know he hates me.  it's absolutely terrible.  i'm waking MYSELF up.  it's disrupting everyone's sleep.  :(  poor dave had to sleep on the couch last night. 
innie or outie-  still depends on the time of day! 
movement- lots of movement.  hiccups, kicks, punches, rolls.  
doctor's visits-  i'm into my 2 week appointments, so i had 2 this month.  both were routine.  baby is measuring for my due date and heart rate is in the normal range.  i've also scheduled the remainder of my appointments.  scary!
boy or girl-  girl!
names-  nothing yet.
braxton hicks-  they've calmed down a little, although i'm starting to feel contractions more in my pelvis than belly.  ouch. 
gym-  still trying to get to the gym.  dave & i usually walk the track on monday & wednesday and i do zumba tuesday/thursday.  walking is harder b\c i feel like it induces contractions.  zumba is easier for me- although i'm really slow/uncoordinated!

this month in belly shots-

29 weeks
my brother's wedding day.  i felt like a cow.  boo.
  dress-  david's bridal

 30 weeks
dress:  prabal garung for target

 31 weeks
dress:  modcloth (via swap)!

 32 weeks
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