Thursday, August 20, 2009

have i complained about work yet?

oh yes, it's time. so I was the proud recipient of a job at Target, because no one wants a pregnant nanny, or a pregnant anything for that matter I guess (although that is illegal, it happens). so i am delighted to "help you find something" at Target, and even more delighted to help myself to a 10% discount as long as I write a check or pay cash.

so as a cashier I have to check people out, but I work at SuperTarget, which is basically like working at a grocery store b\c most people buy groceries there. i don't understand people. if they are buying 5 12-packs of coke, they think they need to put all 5 on the belt, and then I have to lift all 5. they put their 24-pack waters on the belt, they put their 40-lb dog food on the belt. I feel it's pretty obvious that I'm pregnant, but people must be oblivious. I usually just scan the items and ask if they mind lifting "because I can't." I am not allowed to lift anything over 15 lbs according to Dr. Uma. Everyone probably just thinks I'm a wimp.

Now, Dr. Uma said I could stand, but I read that lots of standing can lead to premature labor, and lots of other things I'm already worried about. I took the liberty of telling my co-workers I needed to sit b\c I can't stand for long periods of time. Geez, I know friends who sit at a desk all day and are exhausted, I think they can give me a chair. So, I got a stool. It has no back support, and is hardly conducive to cashiering, but I do get to sit once every hour+ for about 30 seconds... It's not so bad if i work a short shift, but anything over 4 hours gives me raging back and foot pain. i'm definitely consulting with the dr. regarding this.

also. I put an open schedule b\c i wanted the job, and they like that better, of course. i didn't want to work Sunday's, but I told them I would in the interview. I also told them that I would prefer days b\c I have a baby on the way, and a husband, and I married him b\c I like spending time with him. I told them I would work at night, but not every night. Someone there obviously didn't get the memo. I now see my precious husband for only 2 hours a day. I know i'm very lucky to get that b\c I have a friend who is expecting and her husband is overseas, but I currently live w\ my husband and would like to see him more. I'm going to see how long they keep me on this schedule, and try not to complain too much. If I could've found a regular 9-5 upon arriving this probably wouldn't even be an issue!

I do have tomorrow off, so I will actually be here when my husband returns from work, and not the other way around! Looking forward to that! Just praying that my work schedule will change b\c I want to spend all the time I can with him these next 5 months! Pin It!

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