Monday, August 17, 2009

no signs of relief

morning sickness is apparently never going to way. at least it seems that way to me. it's endless. at first I thought it would be gone by week 12- the end of the first trimester, nope. then a lot of people said they felt better by week 14- not me. then my Dr. said I should be feeling better by week 16- wrong. Although i haven't been physically ill in about a week, the nausea is awful still. I haven't felt well since waking up this morning, and my pill obviously hasn't had time to take affect. Here I have to be at work in about 90 minutes, and I feel like death. I had a similar problem at work on Saturday, where I worked only a short shift, but the last 2 hours were absolute torture.

morning sickness makes no sense. sometimes i have days, even a week where i've felt wonderful, but there are other times where every day seems to be a struggle. i am on my last refill of my 2nd prescription of zofran, 9 pills left, and I go back to the Dr. on Monday. Here i'm hoping that Dr. Uma will have some insight to why I still feel like death at nearly 5 months in!

In more delightful news we have only 2 weeks until we find out what flavor baby we are having. See poll to share your thoughts.

In even worse news we hit a roadblock with our house. Even though we filled out all necessary paperwork for the AHA on July 23, that our real estate agent says he dropped off, the city of Atlanta hasn't seen this paperwork and therefore we are not in the process of having our house approved. Here we thought that our tennant would be moving in during the next 2 weeks, and we now have to start all over. She has to go pick up her voucher all over again, which has to be filled out again, which has to be dropped off again, which has a waiting period of 35 days again, then a home inspection. It's a mess. So maybe by the end of September we will have someone living in our home. One can only hope. Pin It!

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