Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One week to go!

It is ALMOST here (finally)! Just one week until we know if we'll be seeing pink or blue! I think it's definitely going to make things a little more "real." When you finally start seriously talking about names, registering, and doing all the other things in preparation for baby's arrival! I just keep having these thoughts that baby isn't going to cooperate and I'm not going to get to know, and then I'm really going to be freaking out!

On the house front we may be closer to getting someone in! We actually were expecting that our tennant would be moving in this week, but the Atlanta Housing Authority had other plans for us. We received our tennants voucher and filled it out on July 23rd. We sent that back to our real estate agent, who transcribed the info, and dropped it off at the AHA. 3 weeks later (2 weeks ago) on the 14th, our tennant called us to see if we knew what was going on because she had called the AHA and they had no records of her voucher being turned in. I called the AHA and Dave called our agent in a panic- the AHA had no record, and the agent had turned in our forms. We had to start all over again (it's a 3-4 week process, at least) with our prospective tennant having to pick up a new voucher. We are currently waiting on the forms to be overnighted to us- which means they should be arriving today. We fill everything out, sign it, and then either return it to our agent or to the AHA to wait again. The process consists of a credit and background check on Dave (to make sure we own the house and aren't in foreclosure) and who knows what else. Then the AHA comes to inspect the house, and when it gets the ok, our tennant finally has a place to live. I haven't seen our house in over 2 months :( I assume it's still standing...

Once someone is in our house, and we are receiving rent for it, we can move toward finding our own place to live. I wish I could say we'd been able to save money during the 3 months I've lived up here, but with my not having a job until about a month ago, it really hurt more than helped us. We've paid our bills, and eliminated some of the debt (Dave's car! All we have left is our student loans- we have no credit card debt)! We've saved some money not having to pay for cable, phone or the net, but our storage unit made up for that! We are hoping to receive something from the insurance company on our storage unit, and we have to put some money back into our "tax acct" (we used this money to take taxes out of my nannying paychecks since I didn't pay taxes). I think i've set a reasonable goal for us to be moved out of here by December (sooner would be better), but December allows us to save a lot of money b\c renting a house or apartment here will be more than our mortgage. We just need everything to go smoothly this time! In 4 weeks we will hopefully have someone in our house, and that's what matters!

I now need to get ready for work- today starts my 7 day work week- yes, let's pick on the pregnant girl. Pin It!

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