Friday, February 5, 2010

delivery regrets

Ok, so if I didn't make it clear- I really enjoyed labor & delivery once it was all over with. It took me going through that to realize how awesome women really are- for me to realize how awesome I am! Of course, having my husband tell me 1000 times how awesome I was helped a little bit too. I truly believe that God built women for a purpose- and that unique purpose is to have little babies. I think I even understood where Michelle Duggar is coming from for about 30 seconds...

Anyway, enough tooting my own horn. So I have some things I regret about delivery, or I should say post delivery. I'm sure these things aren't a big deal, and there's no going back now, but it still makes me sad.

1. We didn't take a picture of baby right when he came out- in that first moment where he was laying on my chest, and I had forgotten where I was, who I was, and what year it was. He came out pretty fast since Dr. Uma had to use the vaccuum for delivery, and our first thought was not to grab the camera and start snapping away- although I wish we had thought about it. In fact, I think I snapped back to reality first once they took baby to be weighed and washed- all I remember saying was "camera, pictures."

2. There are no pictures of our family in the hospital. By family I mean Dave, Baby and myself. Everyone was so wrapped up in baby and taking pictures of themselves with baby- i think they forgot who baby belonged to. We had an opportunity for pictures with the company that took the in-hospital baby pictures- but I had just been in the hospital for over 24 hours and 16 hours of that was labor/delivery- i felt like hell, and I felt like I looked like hell. I told the girl no. Oops.

I guess those aren't big things-I know the pictures won't replace the very clear and at the same time very hazy memories of Baby's birth, and if those are my only regrets, I think I can say that things went perfectly! Pin It!

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