Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weeks 3 and 4- now with pictures!

yes, I am behind. baby will actually be 4 weeks tomorrow, which starts week 5, so i am way, way behind. i'm tired people.

plus we're behind on putting pictures up, so I don't have anything to put with this post! if you see this and there are no pictures, check back later b\c we have some really good ones from the last couple weeks!

things have been crazy around here. saturday we celebrated valentine's day. dave's friend chuck gave us tickets to see the thrashers (atlanta's hockey team) play the blackhawks (the local team). we had thai food, and headed to the game- the thrashers stink, so they lost (although they should've won, and they lost in a shoot out). back to the thai food- i have been craving it for quite some time, but we didn't know of a good one around here- dave found one however, and it was delicious. i also discovered that i could have drink without having to "pump & dump" (look at me, all speaking mom-ese), so i decided one drink would be ok. or not.

1. if you haven't drank in over 10 months, you should probably have something light- like a wine cooler. i however love margaritas, and i wanted one. i ordered one, and i was hammered half way through dinner and the drink wasn't even half gone. this reminds me of the time we went with our friends Jess and Jay to this yummy place (you should go if you live in Atlanta because i can't) and had margaritas (just one) while waiting on dinner. also, hammered half way through dinner. can you tell i'm a lightweight who doesn't drink very often...

2. apparently you can have a hangover before you even go to sleep. i had one by the time we left the restaurant. it stayed with me during the entire hockey game...

we had fun on our little date- i cried when we left Ian at my in laws, but it was nice to be just us, although we were ready to get back to him!

sunday was even crazier- Dave's gma is very sick, so we went to see her after Dave's hockey game (they won!)- it was a 2.5 hour drive down to Lincoln. we were exhausted, baby slept the entire time- it works out that way!

week 3 & 4 have been thrilling! Ian is showing more and more alertness during his wake time, he is holding his head up during tummy time, AND....

he smiled at us (i cried, imagine that)! he's been a very serious baby so far (i guess they all are), but when he finally smiled at us, it just melted my heart. he smiled at Dave and me separately, so at least we know he likes both of us...

he has finally outgrown his preemie clothes, but we are still in newborn clothes, and still being swallowed in some of them!

he's also giving me a little trouble at nap time. not wanting to go down to sleep so easily anymore. nights are ok, it's just daytime naps. this is just a phase...

next week is ian's one month appointment- i'm predicting a weight around 8 lbs. we'll see.

meeting great-grandma Eloise for the first time. this is the first of my 3 great-grandma's that i've met.

not enjoying being taken out of my warm bath!!

not so sure i like bathtime

this is what happens when daddy is around at picture time

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