Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 5

here i am with mommy. she feels like she looks like one of the girls on 16 and pregnant

here i am with daddy and his cool mug from uncle chris. very funny!

here i am smiling for my 1 month pictures that mommy & daddy took! isn't my sweater handsome?

We just wrapped up week 5, and things are pretty much still the same. Ian is currently screaming it out in his pack & play while i give him the 5 minutes of "calm down time" before i go reinsert the paci and we start this all over again. he's still having trouble with afternoon naps, so i am beginning to wonder if he's just a cat napper, or if this is just a phase. we'll see. but first, i must reinsert the paci because my dog is probably about to have a stroke. we didn't know this, but apparently he's the only one in this house who is allowed to cry...

ah, victory, but we'll see for how long. anyway, week 5. Ian becomes more and more alert as the days go by- all part of his not wanting to miss anything (i think he gets that from me). well, he was asleep, but dad came home and woke him up by clanging around. thanks dad.

also this week Ian has started to smile more often. i'm starting to think he actually may like the two of us! no laughs yet, but he's getting there as he smiles are bigger and more often!

Ian also turned a month old on Saturday, and came down with his first cold, courtesy of mommy (so much for those antibodies in breastmilk helping him to fight off colds)... that led Ian to his first time sleeping through the night! of course, it hasn't happened since then, but he has been putting up numbers of anywhere between 3-5 hours, which is really good. it means we've dropped at least 1 feeding at night, and we'll only be sleeping longer from there.

on tuesday, Ian had his 1 month check up. can i just say i'm good? i predicted Ian's weight exactly- 8 lbs, 4 oz. still a pretty small guy, but growing! 20.75 in. as well. 25% in each- so he's a well proportioned baby! next month we go for shots, but everything checked out! i knew it, he's perfect...

that pretty much leads us up to now- we're in the beginning of week 6. we'll see what it holds for us. mommy knows it holds her post-partum appointment, and she isn't looking forward to that, or being cleared to go back to work. darn you, America and your work-centric culture!

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  1. so sad little ian got a cold, but hooray for sleeping through the night. he's so cute! i love the world's best dad mug, too :)


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