Tuesday, September 28, 2010


is what my blog design has been as of late.  i've exhausted just about all the blogger designs i like, and i can't really find any free backgrounds that i love.  do people pay to have a blog design created for them?  would it be worth it?  i'm definitely not enjoying anything i'm picking from blogger. 

my time in atlanta is going by fast, but has been enjoyable.  too bad we miss daddy like crazy!  i'm looking forward to being back & having a nice family weekend with him, but alas, our friend is getting married on friday, and 2 of my friends from college (dave's study abroad friends- ie: the ones who set us up) are flying in for the wedding.  it's looking to be a busy 4 days as we spend time with him, and leave ian overnight for the first time (aaahh). 

speaking of which, 3 dresses have arrived at my mom & dad's and i am 0 for 3.  as expected.  the last 2 dresses are arriving tomorrow- and one of them is a size small, so you can already count that out from the way the other dresses are going.  seriously, i need to stop eating because i see where this is headed...

hope everyone is enjoying their week!! Pin It!

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  1. Yup I dislike most of the Blogger options but really don't want to pay to do this!

    Oh and





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