Thursday, September 23, 2010

have baby, will travel

today i take off for atlanta with ian.  it should be interesting.  we've done a lot of driving with him, but this will be the first flight.  here are some tips/information i've received regarding traveling with your infant.  we'll see how this compares to the reality after i've arrived at my final destination.

i will be flying american airlines to atlanta, and delta airlines back to chicago.  most of my information was taken from the american airlines website.  
mother's are apparently allowed to be really annoying with an overabundance of stuff.  according to american you are allowed a stroller, an infant seat (you can use the seat on the plane for your child w\o paying for a ticket only if there are empty seats at take off- otherwise, they have to sit in your lap). You can also have your carry on, personal item and an diaper bag for the baby.  if you buy a ticket for your child (they don't need one if they're under 2), they are also allowed a carry on and personal item.  while umbrella strollers are prefered, you can bring any size stroller, but airlines are not responsible for damages.  imagine that.  
formula, food and breastmilk are allowed (breastmilk is allowed whether you are flying with an infant or not)- although they may do a "paper" test with them- have you remove the lid and swirl the bottle so release vapors onto a paper above the bottle).  although i have heard of some places making your "sample" what you are carrying.  you just take them out when going through security as you would with the rest of your liquids. 
you can wear your baby while going through security as long as there isn't any metal on them.  thank goodness, because it's already enough of a pain having to take of my shoes and belt every time i fly. 
you MUST go to the ticket counter to check in. I have saved myself a little trouble by already contacting both airlines and notified them that i am traveling with an infant- they asked for his full name and age. You MUST BRING THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATE. you may not have to show it, but some airlines do ask. the baby may need a boarding pass. with the birth certificate, they are checking to see if the infant is under 2 (quite obvious in our case). 
my plan is to take the stroller and leave the carseat (my parents have one from a friend). I will probably wheel ian through and keep him in the stroller so that he'll have time to play, and so i can feed him.  when it's time to board, then i will put him in the moby and gate check the stroller. i believe traveling with an infant grants you priority boarding (they should also grant priority boarding to pregnant women, but don't get me started).

my friend says ear popping tends to be worse on landing rather than take-off- a pacifier, sippy cup, or just your good ol' boob tends to be the best remedy. luckily, i can discreetly nurse ian while inside the moby.  my friend also gives a light dose of tylenol before take-off so that it may relieve any pain caused by the popping.

My hope is to fit all of our stuff in the suitcase (i am bringing his cloth diapers- and that's my worry), put my stuff in a backpack (maybe a book) and then carry his diaper bag. of course, holding him, i may not need a backpack, so i may carry his diapers that way.

I am going to my parents house, but we are visiting some family in nashville after i get there, and will be staying in a hotel. the hampton inn has pretty nice cribs- (we had to use one labor day wknd when my husband's gma died and we also stayed @ a hampton). both of these hamptons happen to be brand-news, so the cribs should be nice enough. i just bring MY own sheets for it. Note- our crib sheet wouldn't fit, we had to use the pack n play sheet. the hotel also has high chairs in their dining area, but  we also have a "portable" high chair.

You may or may not be able to have your spouse or another family member accompany you to the gate. i won't know this until check in.  luckily for me, when I leave atlanta, my brother is flying to denver at the same time. although we are in different terminals, i will have him to help me at least get into the airport. when husband picks me up, he will probably be picking up our friends who are in town for the wedding.  there will be plenty of help.

most planes have a changing table in the bathroom- for long flights, or if your baby needs a quick change.  just be sure to ask which bathroom it's in- my friend katie, who has flown multiple times with her son says he HATES it b\c the bathroom is REALLY loud. I don't know what's worse though- because changing them in the airport bathroom means you have to take ALL your luggage with you. ugh.  i haven't decided whether i want to carry on everything or not.  i think it's a crime to charge $15+ to check a bag.  highway robbery.  
so, hopefully the trip will go smoothly for the two of us!  i will definitely update you on the joys of traveling with your wee one, once we're on the ground!

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  1. Best of luck with the baby traveling! If you get a free moment while in Atlanta, let me know! :)

  2. Wow, birth certificate?? That's a little intense! I've traveled with my daughter (who's now 7 months) on tons of planes and never needed to 1. check in at the airport, and 2. bring a birth certificate. Oh well, I guess better be safe than sorry! I've traveled by myself with her several times, and it's really not that bad! Getting through security is the hardest part, but just put him in a carrier so you'll have your hands free. People are really nice and helpful! Good luck!

  3. Wow, that is nuts! We r going to utah for a day trip in a few weeks. My hubby works @ southwest so hopefully it will be easy ans we wont need the birth certificate, i havent even gotten it yet. :)


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